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Devil Dog: A Rough Romance by Delta James

They took his woman. He’s going to take her back. Dex is a brute who doesn’t hesitate to take his woman over his knee for the kind of spanking that leaves her sore, sobbing, and ready to be reminded of her place in a much more shameful way. Fortunately for Mallory, he’s also a US Marine Raider who knows how ...

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The Russian: A Dark Mafia Romance by Isabella Laase

First he’ll make her obey. Then he’ll make her his. Dr. Mia Anderson isn’t used to being ordered around, but when a powerful Russian mob boss grabs her off the street she is left with two choices: submit to his demands or be punished. Luka Petruskenkov needs medical attention for his injured cousin and he’s decided that Mia will be ...

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The Hunted Bride by Jaye Peaches

When the marriage prospects of nineteen-year-old Matilda Barre are all but ruined by scandal, the renowned mercenary Lord Gervais Baliol takes it upon himself to tame, correct, and wed the beautiful, feisty young lady. Not long after arriving at his castle, Matilda finds herself stripped bare for an intimate, humiliating examination followed by a thorough spanking over Gervais’ knee, but ...

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Dangerous Stranger: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

Mom always told me that getting into a car with a stranger was dangerous. She was right. I came to Spain hoping to start a new life away from dangerous men, but then I met Rafael Santiago. Now I’m not just caught up in the affairs of a mafia boss, I’m being forced into his car. When I saw something ...

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Rough Rockstar: A Bad Boy Romance by Maggie Carpenter

He plays hard and he plays rough. That’s just what she needs. Skye Lockhart wasn’t just another member of Lander Love’s band. She was the love of his life, and losing her broke his heart. Now she’s back, and this time things will be different. This time he’s not going to hide his rough side. This time she’ll scream his ...

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Pursued: A Dark Mafia Romance by Marlee Wray

Rachel He’s an enforcer. A monster who deals out punishment and retribution. And I’ve made him very angry… I tried to keep it secret, but he knows what I did, and he’s not a man who forgives and forgets. I’m not sure what he’ll do to me when he comes for me, but it’s going to be rough and shameful. ...

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The Institute Collection by Emily Tilton

The Institute Collection brings together all twelve scalding hot, deliciously naughty books of The Institute Series along with a bonus short story set in the same world. The collection includes: Bought and Trained An Extreme Marriage Breaking Abigail At Leo’s Command Controlling Caitlin Thoroughly Trained Begging to be Owned Reformed for the Senator Drastic Measures A Concubine for the Trillionaire ...

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Her Shameful Confession by Emily Tilton

Lindsay was warned what would happen if she touched the special place that belongs to daddy, but she was naughty. Now she will feel the sting of his belt on her bare bottom for the first time. Rick has been taking Lindsay over his knee since their romance began, but today his little girl will be getting more than just ...

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Claiming Their Pet by Rose St. Andrews

Though women are not supposed to be allowed on the outposts in the asteroid belt, Jodi has grown to like her life as a member of a ship salvaging crew, but then her father’s death threatens to derail it all. Not wanting to be sent home, Jodi keeps the news of his passing to herself, but when her deception is ...

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