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The Borrowed Bride by Jaye Peaches

Pressured by her family to wed a wealthy gentleman who doesn’t love her, eighteen-year-old Dara grows increasingly upset and confused by her husband’s refusal to consummate the marriage, and when he announces that he will be travelling abroad for three months she decides it is time for her to seek out her own happiness, starting with an extended visit to ...

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Prey Hunts Down a Top 10 Spot

Piper Stone‘s latest release, Prey: A Dark Mafia Romance, has made the Top 10 in Amazon’s Gothic Romance category along with the Top 20 in Action & Adventure Romance and the Top 50 in Romantic Suspense! Congratulations, Piper!

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Prey: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

She thinks she can handle a man like me. She’s wrong. Within moments of setting eyes on Sophia Waters, I was certain of two things. She was going to learn what happens to bad girls who cheat at cards, and I was going to be the one to teach her. But there was one thing I didn’t know as I ...

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Taken Captive: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray

When you make enemies of men like them, you pay the price. Zawri never wanted the infamous renegade who saved her sister’s life to end up in prison as a result of her lies, but her efforts to prevent her family’s complete disgrace sent him off to jail anyway. Now his crew has taken her captive, and they have plans ...

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Hammer Nails a Top 20 Spot

Loki Renard‘s latest release, Hammer: A Dark Romance, has taken a Top 20 spot in Amazon’s Gothic Romance category, along with a Top 50 spot in Action & Adventure Romance and a Top 100 spot in Military Romance! Congratulations, Loki!

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Hammer: A Dark Romance by Loki Renard

When a man like Hammer nails you, he nails you hard. Hammer. That’s what his old military buddies call him, and after a night with him I can see how he earned the nickname. He’s a trained killer turned MMA fighter, and everything he does in life, he does hard. In the ring, he hits hard. In bed, well… what ...

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