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Conquered by the Viking Raids Two #1 Spots

Ashe Barker’s book Conquered by the Viking is currently on sale for $0.99 and earlier this week it reached the Top 100 overall on Amazon and also claimed the #1 spots in the Viking Historical Romance and Scottish Historical Romance categories! Congratulations, Ashe!

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His Bride’s Shameful Training by Emily Tilton

Eighteen-year-old Leticia Stewart will soon be married to Sir Henry Vexin, the strict gentleman who has been her guardian since she came of age, but first she must be properly trained. Though Sir Henry’s plans for Leticia will often leave her blushing with shame, she will also frequently find herself quivering with need as her beautiful body is thoroughly and ...

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The Wolf Demands a #1 Spot

Maggie Ryan and Shanna Handel‘s book The Wolf’s Demand is currently on sale for $0.99, and it has claimed the #1 spot in the Gothic Romance category on Amazon, along with the #2 spot in Action & Adventure Romance Fiction, the #3 spot in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, and a Top 10 spot in Paranormal Romance! Congratulations, Maggie and Shanna!

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His Captive Kitten by Measha Stone

After her efforts to track down her missing mother nearly get her killed, twenty-seven-year-old Julie Sampson ends up on the run, hiding out in a cabin with police officer John Hamish. Though Julie is used to fending for herself, John demands her absolute obedience while she remains in his custody, and she quickly discovers that her gruff, infuriatingly sexy protector ...

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