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Rough Daddy by Megan Michaels

When eighteen-year-old runaway Marli Brown chose a dilapidated, seemingly vacant bar to spend the night, she didn’t expect to be caught, and she definitely didn’t anticipate being scolded, stripped, and spanked by the stern, handsome Green Beret who just bought the place. But her arousal is dripping onto her thighs long before the last stroke of his belt lands on ...

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Her Cowboy, Her Daddy by Shanna Handel

When she takes a long vacation to visit her parents in the tiny town of Little Peak, Wyoming, Bridgette Smith is quickly left wondering if her sanity will last a day, let alone six weeks. But things get more interesting in a hurry when she’s dared to kiss a handsome cowboy at a local bar and the stern, sexy stranger ...

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Insatiable Ravishes a #1 Spot

Loki Renard‘s latest release, Insatiable: A Dark Romance, spent several days earlier this week in the #1 spot for the Gothic Romance category on Amazon, and it also holds the #2 spot in Science Fiction Romance and Top 10 spots in Action & Adventure Romance and Romantic  Suspense! Congratulations, Loki!

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Insatiable: A Dark Romance by Loki Renard

His need for me is insatiable. He’s going to take everything he wants. He once planned to romance me, but that man is gone, and the beast he became has only one purpose, one desire, one impulse: to tear my clothes off and ravish me over and over. With my naked body helpless in his rough, unbreakable grip, he’ll claim ...

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His Land, His Law by Libby Campbell

Since she inherited her parents’ home, Cara Eckford has used walks in the nearby woods as inspiration for her art, so she is shocked and upset upon finding that ‘No Trespassing’ signs have recently been put up on the property. But when she angrily confronts the land’s new owner, the infuriatingly sexy Luke McCrae, she merely earns herself a stern ...

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