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Auction House: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

I was meant to be auctioned. He took me for himself instead. When I went undercover to investigate a series of murders with links to Steele Franklin’s auction house operation, I expected to be sold for the humiliating use of one of his fellow billionaires. But he wanted me for himself. No contract. No agreed upon terms. No say in ...

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Shared by the Gentlemen: A Victorian Romance by Aurie Jameson

Not long after arriving at their newly inherited estate, Leon and Emil Bennet are surprised to discover eighteen-year-old Eliza Hill living in an old carriage nearby. Deciding that they must take matters into their own hands, the two gentlemen offer the headstrong orphan a place to stay, and her defiant refusal to accompany them is quickly dealt with by means ...

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Savage Brute: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

Fate didn’t make me his. Instinct did. It wasn’t his mafia birthright that made Dax Dupree a monster. Years behind bars and a brutal war with a rival organization made him hard as steel, but the beast he can barely control was always there, and without a mate to mark and claim it would soon take hold of him completely. ...

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Veiled Treasure: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

I’m his now, and he’s not going to be gentle with me. When my brothers tried to arrange a marriage for me back in New York, I ran away to Boston. Making it on my own at eighteen wasn’t easy, but for two years I managed to keep my freedom. Until Gregor Romanov came looking for me. I didn’t know ...

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Begging to Be Broken by Emily Tilton

Tatyana Grishin hates the Institute. The idea of women like her being stripped bare, spanked until they learn obedience, and then used for the enjoyment of powerful men isn’t just wrong, it’s disgusting. If only thoughts of being taken there against her will didn’t leave her soaking wet… When a secretive organization gives her the chance to infiltrate and hopefully ...

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Guardian: A Rough Shifter Romance By Sara Fields

Maybe I would have claimed her more gently if she didn’t beg for it… but probably not. After watching over this world for millennia, a girl wandering in the woods should have been of no interest to me. But the moment I saw her bathing in a stream, I knew Emma was mine. I kept myself from throwing her over ...

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Daddy’s Ranch: A Cowboy Daddy Romance by Dinah McLeod

First he took me in hand. Then he took me back to his ranch. When my friends convinced me to sneak into a bar I knew it wouldn’t go as planned, but I didn’t expect to end up with my bottom bare over the knee of a firm-handed cowboy, let alone for that same infuriatingly sexy brute to make me ...

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Conquering Their Maiden By Demi Lane

She is not just theirs to share. She is theirs to breed. As the daughter of an elder, Daya never expected to be given as tribute to the Kavari who protect her people… that is until she was stripped bare to be examined by the huge, handsome warriors. Her defiance during their intimate inspection earns her a humiliating spanking, and ...

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Wild Beast: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard

I tried to claim his world. He claimed me instead. I was only supposed to be stuck on this planet long enough for my partners to get the necessary paperwork done to make it officially ours. I didn’t know it already belonged to something else… Now that wild beast plans to punish and ravage my virgin body as a lesson ...

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