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His to Possess: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

It wasn’t temptation. It was instinct. Stone Keeler is a six-foot-four hunk who could win any girl’s heart and then make her scream in bed, but as he claimed my quivering body for the first time the look in his eyes was terrifying. It was dark and savage, as if at any moment he might lose control completely and take ...

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Watch Me, Daddy: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Sara Fields

She wasn’t mine to take. I took her anyway. When I threw Irina Morozov over my shoulder and carried her off, it was to rescue her from a brutal bastard who didn’t deserve her… but I could smell her arousal as she kicked and fought. She would have been wet and ready for me that night, but I didn’t take ...

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The Underboss: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

He claimed my innocence three years ago. Now he’s determined to take all of me. When Francesco Arturo helped me escape an unwanted arranged marriage three years ago, I didn’t know he was the underboss of the most powerful mafia organization in New York. I was just an eighteen-year-old virgin on the run, and he was the handsome savior mesmerizing ...

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Sweet Intensity: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake

She was too young for a man my age. Too pure and untouched. But that didn’t stop me. The moment she dared to steal from me, she became mine. As the billionaire owner of Chicago’s most elite gambling club and a powerful Russian mafia boss, a naïve, innocent girl like her was a temptation I couldn’t resist claiming for myself. ...

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Trained as His Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Samantha Madisen

She will be bred, but first she must be trained. The moment Captain Sten Torian stepped off his ship, Quaia knew the fearsomely handsome Vokl warrior would be preparing her for mating in a very different way than tradition dictates. After a humiliating public examination, she finds herself being led through the corridors of his ship naked, wet, and blushing, ...

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The Daddy She Needs by Kelly Dawson

Jason Oliver once broke Catherine Richardson’s heart to chase his Olympic dreams, but when her life falls apart her first love doesn’t just sympathize, he makes it clear that things are going to change. From now on, she’ll be taking better care of herself or he’ll be taking her over his knee. Though a single stinging swat over her jeans ...

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Captured Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

What he wants, he takes. What he takes, he keeps. When Mattia DeLuca paid my father handsomely for the right to claim me as his bride, it didn’t matter that I wanted nothing to do with my own Cosa Nostra family, let alone someone else’s. Long before he put a ring on my finger, my own screams of climax told ...

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Feral King by Sara Fields

The dragon king told me to stay away from him. I didn’t listen. When the king of this realm saw me bathing in a stream, he did his best to warn me. Keep my distance or the curse upon him would set his blood on fire and he would ravage me brutally. I didn’t, and he did. But he did ...

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Compelled Obedience: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

He’s everything I hate… and everything I need. Grant Wilde is as arrogant as he is rich and powerful, and if I didn’t need his help so desperately I’d tell him exactly where he ought to shove his money, his exclusive club, and his cocky smirk. But I do need his help, and it will come at a price…   ...

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Vicious Intentions: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

There are no rules for men like them. They just take what they want. Cain, Hunter, and Cristiano were heirs to some of the richest and most powerful families in the world, men who might as well have been kings. Ten years ago they caught me eavesdropping, and when they were done setting my bare ass on fire with a ...

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