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Ravaged Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

He didn’t come for me just to make me scream his name. He came to make me his. When Luka Romanov burst into the bar where I work to take care of some mafia business, I was still an innocent virgin. I woke up the next morning sore, spent, and feeling much less innocent. He tracked me down to punish ...

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Dark Predator: A Mafia Stalker Romance by Piper Stone

She thinks I’m seducing her, but this isn’t romance. It’s something much more shameful. Eden tried to leave the mafia behind, but someone far more dangerous has set his sights on her. Me. She was meant to be my revenge against an old enemy, but I decided to make her mine instead. She’ll moan as my belt lashes her quivering ...

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Take Me, Daddy: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance by Sara Fields

He knows what I need even when I’m too shy to ask for it. That’s why I call him daddy. Kieran Murphy is an Irish mob boss and one of the most powerful men in Boston, and when he walks me home people step aside out of respect for him. He could have any woman he wants. So why does ...

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Debt of Sacrifice: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

One look at her photograph convinced me to take the mission… and to take her for myself. When she witnessed a murder, it put Greer McDuff on a brutal cartel’s radar… and on mine. As a former Navy SEAL now serving with the elite Eagle Force, my assignment is to protect her by any means necessary. If that requires a ...

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Her Marriage Lessons by Emily Tilton

Though the idea of a bare bottom spanking over her husband’s knee is horrifying for new bride Mandy Williams, the thought of being taken firmly in hand is also terribly, shamefully arousing. So arousing that she agreed to spend a week trying out life in Rocky Falls, a small town where men aren’t afraid to take off their belts when ...

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Vicious Games: A Dark Romance by Zoe Blake

She’s finally under my complete control, and yet it’s not enough. I hold her body captive, but not her heart. She has no money. Nowhere to go. No one to turn to for help. But she knows I took everything from her to make her mine, so she fights me at every turn. This began as a game, but she ...

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The Wolf’s Possession: A Dark Shifter Romance by Amaryllis Lanza

It wasn’t his badge that brought me to heel. It was his mark. Being taken over the knee of the town sheriff with my panties pulled down for a sound spanking would have been shameful enough on its own, but Robert McKenzie isn’t just the local lawman. He’s a wolf shifter… and he’s my mate. Or at least he will ...

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A Shameful Examination by Parker Fox

When she made an appointment at her company’s medical clinic, Amy Stephenson was hoping that a little bit of harmless flirting would get her sent home with a note excusing her from work. Then the doctor took her temperature the embarrassing way, and things only got more shameful from there… Much, much more shameful. Now she’s bent over the exam ...

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Mine to Take: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields

He’s not just going to take me. He’s going to tame me. After escaping both my father’s plans to marry me off and the Russian mafia, I woke up this morning thinking I was a free woman… until I saw the man sipping coffee in my hotel room. He’s a billionaire as powerful as any mob boss, yet even as ...

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Dark Stranger: A Mafia Stalker Romance by Piper Stone

On a dark, rainy night, I received a phone call. I shouldn’t have answered it… but I did. The things he says he’ll do to me are far from sweet, this man I know only by his voice. They’re so filthy I blush crimson just hearing them… and yet still I answer, my panties always soaked the moment the phone ...

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