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A Very Bad Girl: A Dark Mafia Romance by Maggie Carpenter

She’s been a very bad girl. Now she needs to be punished. Steph Grady has to be taught a lesson. She needs to learn the hard way that bad girls who spy on men like me don’t just get spanked. They get taken roughly and shamefully, with every climax more overwhelming than the one before. When I’m finished with her, ...

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Jax’s Little Girl by Pepper North

Jax Wescott isn’t the kind of man who ignores a woman in need of assistance, and when he witnesses Ember Stevens having a panic attack in a park he gently helps her through it. But it quickly becomes clear that Ember is in need of quite a bit more than just a hug and a pep talk. She needs a ...

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On His World: A Sci-Fi Romance by Poppy Flynn

After a terrible illness decimates the male population of her planet, Trielle is left with no choice but to visit the distant world of Zyntari to beg for their help in rebuilding her civilization. Upon her arrival the warrior chief Zorran agrees to aid Trielle, but he demands something in return. Her. Though Trielle is innocent in the ways of ...

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Firelord: A Dark Dragon Shifter Romance by Delta James

First he will punish her. Then he will breed her. An arrowhead forged in dragon fire should have killed the beast Caitlyn came to slay, but she missed. Perhaps her aim was poor… or perhaps her body knew its master and betrayed her. Either way, it doesn’t matter now. She is at her enemy’s mercy, and he is not going ...

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Her Shameful Arrangement by Emily Tilton

Nineteen-year-old Lily Orton thought she could game the system. All she had to do was string along a series of men, teasing them just enough to keep them sponsoring her before finally turning them down. But William Arnold didn’t play her game, and now Lily is over his knee with her panties down and tears running down her blushing cheeks ...

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Taken by Him: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

Four years ago I signed a contract. Today Dominik Staszek came to collect what is his. Me. He is not a gentle man, and he will not be a gentle husband. Not even on our wedding night. Not even my very first time. Before we even spoke our vows I felt the sting of his belt on my bare bottom, ...

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Theirs to Punish by Ivy Barrett

For Anna Corvina, preparing human females for breeding was just a job. Until today… Today she became the property of three Kobar warriors. It shouldn’t have been possible. She wasn’t even supposed to be entered in the lottery, but her sharp tongue got her in trouble with her stern, infuriatingly sexy alien boss and he apparently decided that a painful, ...

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Doctor Daddy by Morganna Williams

Wynn O’Malley has always wanted a dominant man in her life, but when she gets involved with someone dangerous she ends up bruised and distressed. Upon seeing her, Dr. Brady Anderson decides to take her into his care, but he can tell right away that she needs more than just a doctor. She needs a daddy, and he intends to ...

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