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Taken as His Pet by Sassa Daniels

Desperate to escape the stifling confines of Earth’s repressive society, Lucy Bainbridge has only one hope. She proposes a deal to a warrior of Taar-Breck, promising to serve as his pet in return for passage to his home planet, but when the huge, fiercely handsome alien immediately orders her to strip and kneel at his feet, Lucy wonders if she ...

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Millionaire Daddy by Piper Stone

Dominick Asbury is not just a handsome millionaire whose deep voice makes Jenna’s tummy flutter whenever they are together, nor is he merely the first man bold enough to strip her bare and spank her hard and thoroughly whenever she has been naughty. He is much more than that. He is her daddy. He is the one who punishes her ...

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In Need of Taming by Jessica-Rose Heath

Though Anna has spent years learning to get what she wants from men, the law has finally caught up with her, and now her only chance to escape a jail sentence for her con artistry is to find a husband as quickly as possible. There is a man who fits the bill perfectly, but he makes it clear that he ...

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Brute Brings Home a #1 Spot

Loki Renard‘s most recent release, Brute: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance, has claimed the #1 spot in the Gothic Romance category on Amazon, along with the #2 spot in Science Fiction Romance, a Top 5 spot in Action & Adventure Romance, and a Top 10 spot in Romantic Suspense! Congratulations, Loki!

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Brute: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard

He wants me, and he takes what he wants. I thought my scheme was foolproof, but the alien brute caught me. Now I’m going to pay. I will not just be punished. I will be owned. He is going to use me roughly, savagely, taking me in ways I didn’t think it would be possible for such an enormous beast ...

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The Duke and the Thief by Ashe Barker and Jaye Peaches

Though she works two jobs and earns enough to keep herself off the streets of Victorian-era London, twenty-one-year-old Eloise Smith has developed a naughty habit of stealing trinkets from those around her. When a gentleman who introduces himself as the Duke of Savoy takes an interest in Eloise, however, he decides to put a stop to her thieving with the ...

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