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Guardian by Sara Fields

A beast must claim his mate. After watching over this world for millennia, a woman wandering in the woods should have been of no interest to me. But the moment I saw her bathing in a stream, only raw instinct mattered. I was able to keep my lust at bay for a little while… until the scent of her helpless ...

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Demanded Submission: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

He saved my life. Then he made me his. When he came to my aid after a head-on collision that seemed not to have been an accident, Jameson Stark offered me a ride, help with my car, and a job at the most exclusive club in town. He also bared me, spanked me until I knew better than to argue ...

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Alpha Daddy by Morganna Williams

He’s more than just her alpha. He’s her daddy. When he learns that his childhood friend is being held prisoner by a brute who has no right to call her his mate, Jackson Harris takes matters into his own hands and claims her for himself. But wresting control of her pack from the bastard who had no business leading it ...

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The Consigliere: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

I would have been off limits. But nothing is off limits to a man like him. As consigliere of New York’s most ruthless crime syndicate, Daniel Briggs rules with an iron fist. But here in Los Angeles, he’s just my big brother’s best friend, forbidden in every way. This stunningly handsome billionaire may be the most eligible bachelor on the ...

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The Beast’s Captive: A Dark Shifter Romance by Samantha Madisen

Aliens wanted me for breeding. A more fearsome beast took me for himself. When the government identified me as a suitable mate, they sent one of their best soldiers to capture me and deliver me to the Kerz aliens who buy human women for use as brides each year. What those corrupt bastards didn’t know is that Bazrok Jargan is ...

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Cruelest Vow: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

He was my forbidden fantasy. Then he came for me… D’Artagnan Conti was born into poverty, raised to be a soldier in my father’s savage regime. I grew up in luxury, longing to escape my family’s cruel machinations, and the young man with sapphire eyes and the voice of an angel became not just my forbidden crush but my everything. ...

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Ice King: A Dark Dragon Shifter Romance by Sara Fields

The dragon king swore he would never take a mate. Fate didn’t give him a choice. When I snuck out of the house on my twenty-first birthday, I didn’t expect to be struck by a bolt of lightning… or to wake up in a strange land and be saved from freezing to death by a dragon. Then the beast shifted ...

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The Billionaire’s Wayward Virgin by Emily Tilton

Though she is a nineteen-year-old virgin, Leah Rundin knows how to game the system and lead on wealthy men. But when billionaire Christian Guzman takes an interest in her and she tries to make a fool of him like the rest, she instead finds herself over his knee for a very real spanking. Soon Leah is naked, wet, and blushing, ...

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Required Surrender: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

He placed the winning bid, but he didn’t own me. Or so I thought… My first mistake was agreeing to participate in a charity auction. My second was believing I could walk away from the commanding billionaire with a brogue accent and dazzling green eyes. It was supposed to be one date, but a man like Lachlan McKenzie plays by ...

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Mastering Their Maiden by Demi Lane

They’re going to breed her, and they’re not going to be gentle. When she is caught sneaking into the forest, the Kavari who protect Aria’s village take it upon themselves to punish her with a very public spanking, but as she is carried off to their home to be more thoroughly mastered it is not her burning bottom which leaves ...

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