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Mine to Hold: A Dark Mafia Romance by Sara Fields

Baby girl. The man whispering those words in my ear isn’t just a powerful mob boss. He’s the brute who stripped me bare, whipped me with his belt, and claimed my virgin body roughly and shamefully in front of his men as I screamed and begged and came for him until I collapsed in his arms. I should hate it ...

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Beautiful Seduction: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

He saved my life. Then he claimed me as his. In my late-night hunt for the perfect pastry, I never expected to be the victim of a brutal attack… or for a brooding, blue-eyed stranger to become my savior, tending to my wounds while easing my fears. The electricity exploded between us, turning into a night of incredible passion. Only ...

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The Captain’s Little Girl by Pepper North

Though Captain Mark Cunningham has wanted beautiful waitress Cricket Wilson to be his little girl for years, he’s old enough to be her father and he’s always told himself he isn’t right for her. But when the battle-hardened special forces officer barely makes it home alive from a dangerous assignment, he decides it is time to do what he should ...

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Daddy Knows Best: An Age Gap Romance by Dinah McLeod

When Tanner Kavanagh pulled me over, I hoped maybe I could talk my way out of getting a ticket. I ended up talking my way into a bare bottom spanking at the police station instead. But if I thought having my backside thoroughly reddened by the man I’ve had a crush on for years was the most embarrassing thing that ...

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Brutal Royal: A Mafia Bully Romance by Tessa Morgan

He can use me as shamefully as he pleases… and he knows it. Owen Dalton is a brute who thinks that no matter how roughly he manhandles me, when he pins me to the wall and rips my panties off he’ll always find me soaking wet and ready for him. But the worst part isn’t that he’s a bully. It’s ...

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Rough and Dirty: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone

They’re rough, they’re dirty, and they’re going to give me exactly what I need. Wrecking my cheating ex’s truck with a bat might have made me feel better… if the one I went after had actually belonged to him, instead of to the burly roughneck currently taking off his belt. Now I’m bent over in a parking lot with my ...

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Taking Their Maiden by Demi Lane

She was meant to be kept pure. Then she was taken for breeding. When she was carried off, Talia was an innocent virgin, a maiden sheltered from the rough appetites of men for all of her twenty-one years. But Kavari warriors do not ask, they take. No matter how prettily she blushes, she will be stripped bare, spanked soundly for ...

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Captive of the Night: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Amaryllis Lanza

Fate brought me to him, but it was he who captured my heart. When I fell asleep, I didn’t expect to awaken in a dark, forbidden mansion, and I definitely didn’t anticipate being rescued from a storm by a stern, smoking hot vampire. But here I am, my wet nightgown tossed aside, my naked body flushed despite the cold, and ...

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Corrupted Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

He wouldn’t take my money. He wanted my innocence instead. When Nikolai Romanov came looking for my brother, I emptied my savings hoping I could pay off his debt. But I didn’t have even close to enough, so the bastard decided to take me instead. I didn’t expect a Russian mafia boss like him to be gentle with me… and ...

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Beautiful Sinner: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

Our families made the arrangement. He made me his. When I first screamed his name in shameful surrender, Sevastian Kozlov was the enemy, the heir of a rival family who had just finished spanking me into submission after I dared to defy him. Though he’d already claimed my body by the time he claimed me as his bride, no matter ...

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