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Broken by the Alien: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Loki Renard

Her planet belongs to him. Her body will too. I’ve been a slave since Earth was conquered, but today a powerful Rathkari commander has singled me out. He’s brought me aboard his ship and made sure I’m bathed and pampered. Now this huge, fearsomely sexy alien warrior plans to do absolutely anything he wants with me. I hate him and ...

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Her Gilded Dragon: A Norse Warrior Romance by Susannah Shannon

After she is forced to flee her kingdom with the aid of a loyal general, Princess Hanne of Vastra begins a long, arduous journey to the frozen lands far to the north, where she will be married to Jonis the Gilded, the famed warrior who defends the great fortress of Pinnacle Keep. Though Hanne is intimidated by his fearsome reputation, ...

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Tamed by the Wolf by Jinx Neale

After she is viciously attacked and driven from her pack by a hateful, vindictive female wolf, Clara Sorenson moves to upstate New York to start over. But as she settles in to her new life and her new pack, Clara encounters a brand-new problem. That problem is named Brock Hunter. Though he is ruggedly handsome, ridiculously sexy, and more than ...

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The Highlander’s Prize by Tabitha Rayne

When Harriet Taylor travels from London to Aberdeen, Scotland, she’s hoping to get some juicy details for an article on Archie MacDonald, the Highland Games champion with a bad boy reputation. But after Harriet invades his privacy one time too many, Archie decides to teach the beautiful, feisty reporter a lesson with the aid of his firm hand applied to ...

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Claimed for Their Use Masters Two Top 50 Spots

Ivy Barrett’s recent release, Claimed for Their Use, has made the Top 50 in Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance and Action and Adventure Romance categories! Congratulations, Ivy! ★★★★★ D Browning @ “Great Series” on April 3, 2018 Claimed for Their Use is Book 2 in the Ventori Masters series. Held captive by a brutal drug cartel and facing an uncertain fate, the ...

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Protected by the Scotsman Brings Home Two Top 20 Spots

Katie Douglas’ new book, Protected by the Scotsman, has made the Top 20 in the 20th Century Historical Romance and Scottish Historical Romance categories on Amazon! Congratulations, Katie! ★★★★★ Clara @ “Fun love story” on March 31, 2018 Katie Douglas writes a lot of interesting stuff. This book is an historical romance, but instead of going back to the Victorian period or ...

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The Wolf’s Demand Hunts Down Four Top 100 Spots

Maggie Ryan and Shanna Handel‘s recent release, The Wolf’s Demand, has made the Top 100 lists for Amazon’s Gothic Romance, Action and Adventure Romance, Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance, and Fantasy Romance categories! Congratulations, Maggie and Shanna! ★★★★★ Dee @ “Wonderful story to save a family and marriage” on March 31, 2018 This story is about family values (it’s not ...

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Protected by the Scotsman by Katie Douglas

The last thing twenty-four-year-old Bobbie Huntingon-Smythe wants is to get married and settle down, so she is none too pleased when her wealthy parents send soldier-turned-bodyguard Sean McClintock to bring her home from her latest archeological expedition. To make matters worse, when Bobbie refuses to come with him willingly Sean merely takes her over his knee for a painful, embarrassing ...

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Claimed for Their Use by Ivy Barrett

Held captive by a brutal drug cartel and facing an uncertain fate, the last thing Jessica Saint Claud expects is to be rescued by two huge, fiercely handsome alien warriors, but the real shock comes when the two Ventori commanders make it clear that she now belongs to them. They will use their beautiful little human as thoroughly as they ...

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The Wolf’s Demand by Maggie Ryan and Shanna Handel

When twenty-four-year-old Cassandra Ambrosia foolishly puts her husband’s love for her to the test, the last thing she expects is for him to strip her bare, spank her until she is sore and sobbing, and then master her beautiful body more shamefully than she would have thought possible. Deo Ambrosia has been gentle. He has kept the fearsome, primal beast ...

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