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His Caged Princess: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray

She was born a princess, but he will make her his pet. When she runs away to avoid being married off to potential allies of the king, Princess Brandese is tracked down by Evston Calex, but the handsome, sternly sexy lord does not bring the wayward girl back immediately. By the time the blushing princess is returned to the palace, ...

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His to Protect by Shelly Douglas

She was supposed to be off-limits. He took her anyway. Most men wouldn’t even dare to look at the stepdaughter of a powerful mob boss, but if Anthony DiPasquale followed the rules he wouldn’t be in Italy on the run from the feds in the first place. When his interest in Jennie Salerno puts the beautiful nineteen-year-old in danger, however, ...

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Trained by the Alien by Maggie Carpenter

First he took her. Now he will train her. When aliens raid Earth’s first colony on Mars, scientist Abby Walker is taken captive. Upon waking up aboard an unfamiliar spacecraft, she is informed by an alarmingly handsome male named Zaroff that he will be training her to serve the alien ruler. She will be taught all the ways her body ...

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Shared and Punished by Emily Tilton

As far as Judith Grant knows, her hacking of a rival company’s network is her secret, and when she is invited on a trip to a resort in the Caribbean the twenty-three-year-old software engineer has no idea that she is being lured there to be thoroughly interrogated and shamefully punished. The Praetorian Guard does not appreciate interference with corporations they ...

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Daddy’s Virgin Takes Home a #1 Spot

Megan Michaels‘ new book, Daddy’s Virgin, has reached the #1 spot in Amazon’s Medical Romance New Releases category along with the #2 spot in the overall Medical Romance category, the Top 10 in Gothic Romance, and the Top 20 in Science Fiction Romance! Congratulations, Megan!

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