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The Captain’s Rules by Katy Swann

Though airline co-pilot Alex Forster has often wondered what it would feel like to be spanked by a firm-handed man, she never would have expected that man to be Captain Matt Jensen. When she pushes Matt too far during an outing with their flight crew, however, Alex soon finds herself over his knee with her cheeks blushing and her well-punished ...

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Owning Their Pet: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Marlee Wray

In this world, there are owners and there are pets. When twenty-year-old village girl Melsint is purchased for use as a pet by Lord Evston Calex, she soon discovers that she will be shared with his brother, Commander Rocurt Calex. Her strict new owners quickly make clear that they plan to take their beautiful, virgin pet hard and often and ...

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In Need of a Master by Emily Tilton

After faerie princess Celestia disobeys the laws of her realm, she is sent to the caverns beneath the earth to be punished by the witchkind who dwell there. She is stripped bare and soundly spanked, but before the worst of her chastisement begins Celestia flees to the world of men with the help of Deirdre Hamilton, a human girl who ...

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The Rancher’s Runaway Bride by Adrienne Blake

Twenty-year-old MacKenzie’s life has changed quite a bit since the day Jed Whistler took her over his knee and spanked her bare bottom soundly for stealing his wallet. The handsome, firm-handed Texan rancher is now her fiancé, and his loving guidance and strict correction have helped ensure that MacKenzie’s pick-pocketing days are over. But as she prepares for her upcoming ...

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Rules of the Wild by Jaye Elise and Jack Crosby

After her father’s gambling addiction finally catches up with him and his debts put her life in danger as well, Emy Forester is forced to go into hiding in Juneau, Alaska. Planning to start a new life, she finds a job at a local pub, and it is there that she first sets eyes on Tobias Wyatt. Tobias is unlike ...

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His Pet Princess Tames a Top 100 Spot

Loki Renard’s latest release, His Pet Princess, has reached the Top 100 in the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Loki! ★★★★★ madpuss @ “Loved it” on January 10, 2018 I really enjoyed this story, so much so I read it in one sitting. Maxim is a great alpha, dominant and stern but kind with it. Sabine is a spoilt ...

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Big Daddy by Ava Sinclair

Max Iver is not only rich, powerful, and ridiculously sexy, he is also my company’s newest client… and last night I got really, really drunk and shared my darkest secret with him. I told him I need a daddy, and now he’s going to give me what I need, whether I like it or not. He’s going to be my ...

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His Pet Princess by Loki Renard

When twenty-year-old Princess Sabine discovers that her father plans to marry her off to a cruel, heartless general, she flees through the world gate, and what she discovers on the other side is unlike anything she has ever seen. But Sabine is an outsider in this land of towering buildings, advanced technology, and vast multitudes of people, and she soon ...

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Making the Rules by Ashe Barker

When twenty-five-year-old forensic sociology student Lily Jamison travels to a small town in West Yorkshire to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young girl, she expects to be working alone. But then Ben Tyler offers his help, and before Lily knows it the handsome former Chicago police officer has taken charge and made it his business to keep her safe, ...

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Mated to the Barbarians Raids a Top 100 Spot

Samantha Madisen‘s latest release, Mated to the Barbarians, has reached the Top 100 in the Medieval Historical Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Samantha! ★★★★★ Mozzy @ “Two is definately better than one” on January 4, 2018 I just love reading this Authors books her story-lines and spankings always make great stories. Princess Helena is trying to do her best trying to ...

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