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The Viking’s Possession by Felicity Brandon

After she saves the life of Prince Anders, the Viking warrior who took her as his captive and tamed both her body and her heart, nineteen-year-old Princess Aurelie of Donrose knows that she can never return home again. She will belong to Anders forever, as his bride and his possession, destined to be used and enjoyed as thoroughly, shamefully, and ...

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His Bride’s Shameful Training by Emily Tilton

Eighteen-year-old Leticia Stewart will soon be married to Sir Henry Vexin, the strict gentleman who has been her guardian since she came of age, but first she must be properly trained. Though Sir Henry’s plans for Leticia will often leave her blushing with shame, she will also frequently find herself quivering with need as her beautiful body is thoroughly and ...

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His Captive Kitten by Measha Stone

After her efforts to track down her missing mother nearly get her killed, twenty-seven-year-old Julie Sampson ends up on the run, hiding out in a cabin with police officer John Hamish. Though Julie is used to fending for herself, John demands her absolute obedience while she remains in his custody, and she quickly discovers that her gruff, infuriatingly sexy protector ...

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Two Daddies for Olivia by Isabella Laase

The moment he sets eyes on Olivia Baldwin, small-town doctor Dan Garcia knows what she needs. Though the desperate, hungry girl was just caught in the act of stealing Lincoln Sullivan’s car, Dan convinces his friend not to get the law involved. Instead, he brings Olivia home with him, promising to help her get back on her feet but also ...

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Her Android Daddy by Rose St. Andrews

When robotics expert Bernadette McKellar succeeds in building a highly advanced android, the last thing she expects is for her immensely strong, ridiculously handsome creation to assume the role of her strict daddy, providing firm guidance and stern correction whether she likes it or not. Leo was not programmed take anyone over his knee, let alone the brilliant scientist who ...

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The Oak Street Method: Heather by Emily Tilton

After a scandalous incident with a boy in her dormitory a year ago, eighteen-year-old Heather Davis was taken into custody and brought to Oak Street to live with a strict mommy and daddy. Since then, she has learned the hard way that bad little girls get their bare bottoms soundly spanked. When she is caught with a naughty magazine and ...

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The Viking’s Captive by Lily Harlem

After her village is raided by Vikings and she is carried off and taken as a slave by one of the marauding Norseman, twenty-one-year-old Duna learns the hard way that her best attempts at defiance will merely earn her a painful, humiliating spanking. More shameful still is the inspection of her naked, helplessly aroused body which follows the strict chastisement. ...

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