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The Alpha’s Stubborn Mate by Stella Blanche

When her hometown is rapidly and unexpectedly taken over by a mysterious, powerful group of strangers, Sydney isn’t sure how to react. But after the huge, breathtakingly handsome man who is clearly in charge threatens to spank her if she dares to disobey, it isn’t long before she puts his warning to the test and promptly ends up with her ...

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Tamed by Them Both by Rose St. Andrews

When she finds her fiancé’s time machine and begins taking it on trips to the past for her own amusement, Tara soon learns the hard way that in the old days men were quite a bit firmer than in her own era, and her bottom pays the price for her misadventures on more than one occasion. Tara quickly ends up ...

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The Master by Ashe Barker and Katy Swann

After her long-time taekwondo instructor passes away suddenly, Jodie Price is certain her dreams of Olympic glory have been dashed, and she is thrilled when bold, handsome coach Dylan Atkins offers his help. But Dylan’s training regimen will be more rigorous than anything Jodie has experienced before, and she quickly discovers that he is a firm believer in strict discipline. ...

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Taken by the Alien by Adrienne Blake

When waitress Kate Bennett was first taken captive by aliens, she was less than excited at the thought of being bared, spanked, and thoroughly dominated by the enormous, muscle-bound warrior Kandana. But the sexy brute’s mastery of her body soon proved quite a bit more pleasurable than she expected… Then just when she was starting to hope he might stick ...

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His Innocent Bride by Kryssie Fortune

Going about her mundane life in a small fishing village, Alethea never dreamed she would end up with a man like the Earl of Deanswood, yet when she caught the handsome gentleman’s eye he wasted no time in making her his wife. Unbeknownst to Alethea, however, her conniving mother has convinced Deanswood that she has no interest in the marital ...

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Marked and Mated: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James

She ran from her mate. Now she must be punished. Darby Callan doesn’t want a mate, but it isn’t up to her. Her old pack has been disbanded, and when the powerful, handsome alpha of a well-established pack makes it clear that she belongs to him, her instincts reveal the truth of his words despite her furious protests and attempts ...

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The Oak Street Method: Renee by Emily Tilton

After a year spent living on the streets as a runaway in hiding from the government, eighteen-year-old orphan Renee Dalton is finally caught and sent to Oak Street. Over the coming months, the beautiful, headstrong young lady learns the hard way that willful, disobedient little girls get their bare bottoms very soundly spanked over daddy’s knee whenever they have been ...

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