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Trained for Their Use Grabs a Top 100 Spot

Ivy Barrett‘s newest book, Trained for Their Use, has made the Top 100 for the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Ivy! ★★★★★ Dyane @ “So hot I couldn’t put it down” on November 19, 2017 As far as I am concerned, Ivy Barrett is one of the top writers in this sci-if romance genre. The character descriptions are ...

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The Virgin’s Dilemma by Rosy Maylor

Though she does her best to survive on the meager work she can find painting sets at the theater and carving ice sculptures for the decadent events held at the club of the notorious Mistress Caro, twenty-two-year-old Teresa Trioli remains deeply in debt and her situation grows more desperate by the day. There is a man who could save her, ...

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Trained for Their Use by Ivy Barrett

On Earth, Amanda Powell is as good as dead. With her father in way too deep with a ruthless cartel, it is only a matter of time until his enemies come after her. If she wants to stay alive, she has only one choice. She must get off the planet by any means necessary, no matter the price. In desperation, ...

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Her Old-Fashioned Husbands Wed a Top 100 Spot

Emily Tilton’s newest book, Her Old-Fashioned Husbands, has made the Top 100 for the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Emily! ★★★★★ Donna L @ “Unique Story” on November 15, 2017 This is a interesting story-line for a book, how does the human race evolve after the change. Sarah Fiftyfive is fascinated with the past where men were head ...

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His to Corrupt by Ava Sinclair

I’ve always been the shy one among my friends. The responsible one. The good girl. But that was before I met Jackson Rider, the tattooed, motorcycle-riding ex-con who saved my life and demanded a date with me as payment. Jackson wants to make a good girl go bad, even if it’s for just one night. But one night isn’t enough. ...

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Her Old-Fashioned Husbands by Emily Tilton

As an eighteen-year-old living in a world where technology has allowed for near-immortality and eternal youth, Sarah is used to being seen as a child by those around her, but what really makes her unique is not her age. What sets Sarah apart is the fact that, despite the institution of marriage having been abandoned millennia ago, she cannot help ...

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The Dragon Lord’s Pet Commands Two Top 100 Spots

Loki Renard’s latest release, The Dragon Lord’s Pet, has made the Top 100 in both the Science Fiction Romance and Fantasy Romance categories on Amazon! Congratulations, Loki! Dyane @ “Creative and sexy” on November 6, 2017 Another amazing book in Loki Renard’s dragon fantasy world! Although this book could be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the previous ...

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Lassoing Lilly Ropes a Top 100 Spot

Isabella Laase’s newest book, Lassoing Lilly, has made the Top 100 for the Western Romance category on Amazon! Congratulations, Isabella! ★★★★★ samsfavorites @ “No disappointment in Cloudcroft book three!” on November 5, 2017 Lilly finds a fun bratty side after years as a powerful business woman. She fit perfectly with Bella and Sophia and extra perfectly with Linc. It’s a stand ...

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His Feisty Human Captures a Top 5 Spot

His Feisty Human, the second book in Ivy Barrett‘s Captives of Stilox series, is currently on sale for $0.99.  Today it reached the Top 5 in the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon as well as the Top 10 in Paranormal Romance.  On Kobo it claimed the #2 spot in the Erotica category and made the Top 25 for the Romance category. ...

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