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The Doctor’s Girl by Emily Tilton

Nineteen-year-old Anna Cascardi thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she signed up for a subsidy through the New Modesty program… until she was instructed to visit Dr. Ivan Platonov for a very thorough, very intimate medical examination. Though she is shocked and defiant when she is ordered to strip for the handsome doctor’s inspection, her disobedience ...

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His Pretty Toy: A Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

The contract made me his for a night. He made me his forever. When you’re in as much debt as I am and a billionaire offers you the kind of money Trent Lavigne promised in return for spending a single night with him, you don’t turn him down. Not even when he makes you sign a contract you know will ...

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Mastered by the Viking King by Lily Harlem

As a mere peasant girl, Tove is surprised to learn that she is to be presented to King Njal as a potential bride. While she is soon blushing crimson as she is stripped bare and put on shameful display for the king, the real shock comes when she is chosen as his queen and then brought to the fearsome Viking ...

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Illicit Proposition: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

He doesn’t make offers. He makes demands. I should have known better. His proposition was shameful. So shameful I threw my drink in his face when I heard it. Then I saw the look in his eyes, and I knew I’d made a mistake. I fought as he bared me and begged as he spanked me, but it didn’t matter. ...

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Sam’s Little Girl by Pepper North

As she enjoys her cotton candy at the state fair the last thing twenty-two-year-old Hope Anderson expects is to end up riding the Ferris wheel with a handsome special ops soldier who calls her little girl, but Sam Memphis knows a woman in need of a daddy when he sees one. Hope soon learns the hard way that Sam meant ...

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His Little Lily by Aurie Jameson

Lily Foster has let the stress of her job consume her life to the point that she isn’t eating or sleeping properly, and her husband has decided it’s time to do something about it. From now on she’ll be calling him daddy, and not taking care of herself will mean being taken over his knee. Though Lily soon finds herself ...

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Caged and Tamed: A Dark Mafia Romance by Vonna Harper

First he’s going to make her talk. Then he’s going to make her his. Mia Hess knows more than she lets on about her brother’s mob connections, and Caleb Roth intends to get the truth even if it means locking her up naked in a cage with her well-punished bottom sore inside and out. But Caleb didn’t take Mia captive ...

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Rough Ride: A Cowboy Romance by Piper Stone

As I hear the leather slide through the loops of his pants, I know what comes next. Jake Travers is going to blister my backside. Then he’s going to ride me the way only a rodeo champion can. Plenty of men who thought they could put me in my place have learned the hard way that I was more than ...

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