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Their Defiant Human Masters a Top 100 Spot

Ivy Barrett’s first book with Stormy Night, Their Defiant Human, has reached the Top 100 in Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance category! Congratulations Ivy! ★★★★★ Sam @ “This was a great book with many plot twists” on November 6, 2016 This was a great book with many plot twists. Andrea and her guys don’t start out on the same side but as their relationship ...

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Kept by the Commanders by Maria Monroe

Over the years since a series of catastrophic natural disasters left most of the Earth in ruins, those who survived have returned to a much more primitive way of life. In this harsh world, men fight to protect what remains of humanity while women care for their homes, bear children to rebuild civilization, and obey their husbands or face stern ...

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The Correction Academy by Samantha Madisen

After a revolution sweeps across the Earth and the rich and powerful are overthrown, Portia Casson is captured by the authorities of the new regime. After a shameful public spanking, she is whisked away by Dr. Daniel Damas and taken to the Correction Academy, a facility where the young women of the old upper class are taught their place in ...

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His Naughty Little Housewife by Katie Douglas

When Trent Wilson comes home from a long day of work and yet again finds the house a mess, dinner not ready, and his twenty-one-year-old fiancée Thea Daniels lazing about on the couch, he decides it is time to put his foot down. He informs his beautiful, naughty girl that for the next two weeks, she will live the life ...

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Libby Learns Her Lesson by Dinah McLeod

As the only child of the well-to-do mercantile owner in her small western town, twenty-three-year-old Libby Park has been indulged all her life, but the one thing her parents cannot seem to provide for her is a suitable husband. Libby is unimpressed by the tedious, self-important men from back East preferred by her parents, and it turns out to be ...

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Their Defiant Human by Ivy Barrett

After she refuses to share her unique gene repair research with the leaders of a war-ravaged planet, beautiful human scientist Andrea Raynier is suddenly taken captive by a bold, handsome alien warrior named Mal Ton. Fearing that her techniques could be used by the aliens to design biological weapons of terrifying power, Andrea vows never to cooperate with Mal Ton, ...

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Their Wayward Wives by Emily Tilton

When Marine Corps veteran John Lind and his twenty-two-year-old bride Cathy overhear their next-door neighbor Doug spanking his wife, Mindy, it quickly leads to conflict in their own relationship. Realizing that he has let Cathy get away with her snippy attitude and frequent defiance for far too long, John decides that it is well past time to bare her bottom, ...

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Reclaiming Sophie by Natasha Knight

Some secrets have to be kept. Some secrets are too shameful to tell. For years, Sophie has longed to give her husband not only her love but her submission as well, but fear of rejection has kept her from sharing the truth with him. Some desires can’t be denied, though, and when her need to submit drives her to seek ...

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