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The Alpha’s Captive by Loki Renard

Hannah Wuster has always been fascinated by the mysterious diary left by her great, great aunt before she disappeared over a hundred years ago, and at the age of nineteen she sets out for the remote corner of England where her distant relative was last seen. Upon reaching her destination, Hannah is overwhelmed by the rugged beauty and primal power ...

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Hunted and Caught by Samantha Madisen

Despite owing some big debts to some powerful and dangerous people, Rena has always managed to stay one step ahead of everyone who comes after her, but her luck finally runs out when her ship breaks down and bounty hunter Jonas Riks catches up to her. Her attempt to resist capture merely earns Rena a painful, embarrassing spanking, and her ...

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The Stolen Bride by Jaye Peaches

Eighteen-year-old Nadia loathes the dreary routine of life in a convent, and though sneaking out risks earning her a firm chastisement with the prioresses’ birch, that is a small price to pay for a taste of freedom. When her father gives her a chance to leave the convent behind forever if she weds Lord Arnaud, the Baron of Uxley, she ...

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Taken and Trained by Vonna Harper

When attorney Lacey Stapleton decides the time has come to put aside her fears and fulfill her long-held desire to surrender herself to the control of a man who will not hesitate to dominate her, she contacts a company which specializes in providing submissive women with exactly what they need. Lacey signs the necessary paperwork, but when a man employed ...

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The Highwayman’s Lady by Ashe Barker

After the death of her mother, twenty-year-old Imogen Bennett faces the prospect of being coerced into marriage by a scheming relative, but fate intervenes when a masked highwayman accosts her on the road. Desperate to escape the unwanted wedding, Imogen pleads with the mysterious, handsome rogue to rescue her. Alistair Graham is a proud Scotsman who rebelled against British rule, ...

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Her Master at Last by BJ Wane

Over the years since she first met Jack Sinclair, Morgan Tomlinson has developed quite a crush on him. As a girl she swore she would marry him one day, and as a twenty-seven-year-old woman with her life seemingly spiraling out of control she rushes to him for comfort. When she ends up stranded at his mountain retreat during a snowstorm, ...

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Taking His Human Bride by Kelly Dawson

Less than a day after two gruff military officers detain her and escort her to a government facility, Melissa Malone finds herself leaving the planet on a newly-built spacecraft heading for one of the moons of Jupiter. Unknown to most of the world, an asteroid is hurtling toward Earth and, due to her unrivaled computer skills, Melissa is one of ...

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A Wife’s Correction by Emily Tilton

After an abrupt change in the planet Harmonia’s government, laws are put into place which alarm twenty-eight-year-old attorney Martha Allen Ames. From now on, every husband will have the right and the responsibility to correct his wife when her behavior warrants it and to teach her to submit to him completely. Though Martha holds out hope that her own husband, ...

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His Rebellious Mate by Morganna Williams

Nineteen-year-old Maggie Treenan, the youngest daughter of a human mother and a Ramelian commander, is certain that her brothers’ best friend, Jackson Marks, is destined to be her mate. Unfortunately for Maggie, however, Jackson sees her as nothing more than a sweet but silly girl, and when she throws herself at him to convince him otherwise she only manages to ...

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The Secret School for Little Girls by Rose St. Andrews

For years Lord George McShane has used his ancestral home, an ancient castle along the British coast, to host a secret school for littles. Behind the castle’s walls, adult women can feel safe and welcome among other littles who long for a daddy to love them, care for them, and punish them when they are naughty. The girls of the ...

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