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The Commander’s Pet Puts a Top 100 Spot on a Leash

Samantha Madisen‘s latest release, The Commander’s Pet, has reached the Top 100 for Amazon’s Two-Hour Romance Short Reads category! Congratulations, Samantha! ★★★★★ Steph @ “Steamy Read! “on February 16, 2017 Alana is an innocent young woman whose life change when she is offered to an alien commander named Galath. Galath is powerful, dominant and has big expectation for his new human ...

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The Commander’s Pet by Samantha Madisen

Nineteen-year-old Alana hates her life on her uncle’s merchant spaceship, and she is used to his lack of concern for her happiness, but she is nonetheless quite shocked when he agrees to offer her as a gift to Galath, a powerful alien commander who plans to make her his pet. Moments after she is brought aboard Galath’s ship, Alana is ...

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Protecting Paige by Maggie Carpenter

Many women would jump at the chance to spend a few days at a tropical resort with handsome movie producer Cole Barrington, but public relations specialist Paige Brooks has already been burned by him once, and she has no intention of falling for his charms a second time. Unfortunately, Paige unexpectedly ends up tasked with ensuring that Cole’s trip to ...

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Taken by the Alphas by Loki Renard

After an unexpected snowstorm buries her campsite, twenty-five-year-old wildlife researcher Addie Spencer is left scrambling for survival in a remote valley in the Alaskan wilderness. Exhausted and desperate, she takes shelter in a cave, only to witness a series of events so unbelievable that she promptly writes them off as a dream. Addie awakens in the home of a man ...

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His Blushing Rose by Emily Tilton

When she comes of age, it is made clear to beautiful, innocent orphan Rose Hale that she will soon be required to surrender her innocence to the esteemed gentleman Julius Summersby, a suitor personally selected by her guardian. Though she is initially delighted to be courted by such a powerful, handsome man, it isn’t long before Rose is shocked to ...

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Wedded to the Warriors Brings Home a Top 100 Spot

Sara Fields‘ latest release, Wedded to the Warriors, has grabbed a spot on the Top 100 for Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance category! Congratulations Sara! ★★★★★ Bookworm555 @ “Enjoyable read.” on February 9, 2017 I received Claimed by the Savages (the original title) from Stormy Night Publications and voluntarily reviewed this book. The only thing that changed was the name of the race of aliens ...

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The President’s Little Sweetheart Elected to a Top 100 Spot

Shelly Douglas’ new book, The President’s Little Sweetheart, has taken a spot in the Top 100 for Amazon’s 20th Century Historical Romance category! Congratulations Shelly! ★★★★★ CChase @ “Awesome book” on February 5, 2017 The President’s Little Sweetheart is great story, Not just a average age play, A age play with a twist, A suspense of who do you trust to have your ...

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Theirs: Found and Claimed by Ashe Barker

When they board a derelict spacecraft in search of valuable scrap metal, the last thing Luca and Sylvan expect is to stumble upon a beautiful, naked woman in need of medical assistance. Despite her protests, they bring her back to their ship, treat her illness, and take it upon themselves to look after her. After she contracted the virus that ...

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The Captain’s Lady by Chula Stone

After her father passes away, twenty-two-year-old Grace Marplesdon finds herself in a predicament. He has left her an inheritance in the form of a hunting lodge, but his will states that the lodge must serve as her dowry and she has no interest in finding a husband. To resolve the situation, her good friend Captain Roderick Weaver suggests a marriage ...

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