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Sternly Chastised by Morganna Williams

This collection includes twenty-five short stories, all of which feature stern, sexy men who are more than ready to deal firmly with a woman when she has been naughty. A long, hard spanking on the bare bottom will sometimes be sufficient to teach the appropriate lesson, but in some cases much more intimate, shameful punishments will be required. Author: Morganna Williams ...

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His Caged Kitty by Alta Hensley

I left Earth hoping for a new start on an unspoiled world, but what I found was a savage land where men command and women obey. Stolen from my transport before I could even reach my destination, I barely escaped with my life, and now the man who took it upon himself to protect me has claimed me as his ...

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A Gift for the King Conquers a #2 Spot

A Gift for the King, the first book in Sara Fields‘ best-selling Terranovum Brides trilogy, is currently on sale for $0.99, and yesterday it reached as high as the #2 spot in Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance category! Congratulations Sara!

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Their Naughty Human by Korey Mae Johnson

After she inadvertently discovers that the government has been maintaining contact with an alien race, twenty-four-year-old Chloe Jergens ends up being carried off by three huge, handsome aliens who intend to take her as their mate. Though the aliens quickly prove more gentlemanly than she might have expected, they make it very clear that disobedience will earn her a thorough, ...

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Sharing the Princess by Katie Douglas

After Princess Leandrina falls in love with a blacksmith named Ben, the couple take refuge in the kingdom of Queen Elspeth of Dovedale. Leandrina’s father offers a great reward to any man who brings her back home, but the knights who take up the quest quickly discover that the princess is quite ably protected by the stern, handsome blacksmith and ...

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Under House Arrest by Sassa Daniels

Deep in debt and desperate, Lindy Halliwell makes the foolish decision to steal an expensive piece of jewelry. When she is caught red-handed, however, Lindy is faced with a difficult choice. To avoid a criminal record, she will be required to spend the next few weeks under house arrest at the estate of Jackson Davies, the stern, handsome gentleman who ...

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The Dragon’s Pet Sets Two Top 100 Spots on Fire

Loki Renard’s latest release, The Dragon’s Pet, has reached the Top 100 in Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance and Fantasy and Futuristic Romance categories! Congratulations Loki! ★★★★★ Dyane @ “A fantastically creative dragon romance” on April 12, 2017 I love books by Loki Renard, and this one is exceptional. Aria is a military pilot whose callsign is Trouble, because she is always in trouble or ...

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Her Marine Rancher Rustles Up a Top 100 Spot

Dinah McLeod’s new book, Her Marine Rancher, spent the last few days in the Top 100 for Amazon’s Western Romance category! Congratulations Dinah! ★★★★★ rc18 @ “Sexy fun DD read” on April 11, 2017 Her Marine Rancher” was a fun read and a great example of why Dinah McLeod has been a favorite author of mine for quite a few years. Cassie and Robbie were ...

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Shared by the Doctors Examines Two Top 100 Spots

Samantha Madisen’s latest book, Shared by the Doctors, has taken Top 100 spots in Amazon’s Time Travel Romance and Victorian Historical Romance categories! Congratulations Samantha! ★★★★★ Sue B @ “Amy Wender has been trying to travel back in time, who would have thought a cup of coffee being spilt was the missing factor….” on April 12, 2017 Experimentation in time ...

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Shared by the Doctors by Samantha Madisen

Dr. Amy Wenders has spent years studying time travel, but it still comes as a shock when a mishap in her research facility sends her back to the Victorian era. To make matters worse, she arrives on the doorstep of Andrew Chambers and Richard Stevenson, two physicians who run a clinic devoted to the practice of corrective therapy for naughty ...

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