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The Terranovum Brides Trilogy by Sara Fields

The Terranovum Brides Trilogy is a box set which consists of three best-selling sci-fi romance novels by Sara Fields, all featuring handsome, dominant aliens and the feisty human girls they claim and master. This trilogy includes the following books: A Gift for the King For an ordinary college student like Lana, the idea of being kidnapped from Earth by aliens ...

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The Firefighter’s Woman Rescues a Top 100 Spot

Loki Renard‘s newest release, The Firefighter’s Woman, spent some time earlier today on the Top 100 for Amazon’s Contemporary Romance category! Congratulations, Loki! ★★★★★ Laurel @ “Hot Adventure Romance by Loki Renard” on September 4, 2016 Whenever I see a new book by Loki Renard, I have to read it and I’ve never been disappointed. This is a fast paced page ...

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Her Alien Commander Holds a Top 100 Spot

Ashe Barker‘s latest release, Her Alien Commander, has made Amazon’s Top 100 for Science Fiction Romance! Congratulations, Ashe! ★★★★★ KKT @ “A Most Commanding Book!” on September 8, 2016 Normally not a fan of Sci-Fi romance, but Ashe Barker has changed my mind. Her descriptions of far future technology and other worlds are believable and fascinating. And that comes from a ...

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The Firefighter’s Woman by Loki Renard

After a tornado tears through her neighborhood in the middle of the night, twenty-one-year-old Sarah Simmons is determined to gather up her most precious belongings before leaving her badly damaged home. But the huge, handsome firefighter who arrives to rescue her makes it clear that the house could collapse at any moment, and when Sarah refuses to do as she ...

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Her Alien Commander by Ashe Barker

After leaving Earth on what she thought would be an adventure, Caria Montgomery quickly ends up in way over her head. Captured by hostile aliens, she faces the prospect of perishing on an isolated planet until she is rescued by Commander Phahlen Verdar and his crew. Phahlen is delighted to have a human female aboard his ship. In the years ...

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The Little Sleepover Is an Overnight Success!

Meredith O’Reilly‘s latest release, The Little Sleepover, has reached the Top 100 in Amazon’s 90-Minute Romance Short Reads category! Congratulations, Meredith!  ★★★★★ Spal58 @ “Two naughty girls on August 30, 2016 This was so good. A quick read and continues with characters I am familiar with. You should read “Little Samantha Choice” & “Learning to be Little Again” for a bit of ...

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The Highlander’s Mate by Jaye Peaches

When Claire Armitage’s fiancé, Captain Felix Hughes, informs her that he must interrupt their courtship to travel to his estate in Scotland on urgent business, she is distraught. Refusing to wait patiently for his return as he instructed, she instead journeys to the highlands on her own to join him, but upon her arrival she quickly discovers that he will ...

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The Little Sleepover by Meredith O’Reilly

When twenty-five-year-old Samantha Briggs invites her best friend and fellow little Juliana over for a sleepover, Juliana’s daddy drops her off at Samantha’s house with stern instructions to be a good girl and obey Samantha’s daddy. The evening is filled with coloring, cartoons, baking cookies, and giggling, and when it’s time for bed Samantha and Juliana decide they aren’t done ...

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Callie Corrals Two Top 100 Spots

Amelia Smarts‘ latest release, Corralling Callie, has reached Amazon’s Top 100 lists for the Western Romance and Two-Hour Romance Short Reads categories! Congratulations, Amelia! ★★★★★ Susannah Shannon @ “An Amelia Smarts book is always a treat. this …” on August 20, 2016 An Amelia Smarts book is always a treat. this one has it all! A winsome heroine struggling to overcome her abusive past…. ...

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