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The Marshal’s Woman by Jordan St. John

Deputy US Marshal Virgil Cotton has dealt with his share of sassy women, but when he is given the task of protecting Tansy Fletcher, the governor’s beautiful, headstrong niece, it quickly becomes clear that she is in desperate need of a firm hand applied to her bare backside. After she witnesses a murder by a ruthless crime boss in San ...

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A Concubine for the Trillionaire by Emily Tilton

When eighteen-year-old Alice Henning is taken from her college by an Institute trainer named Chris Sandoe, she soon finds herself naked and blushing with her bright-red, well-spanked bottom on display as she learns what it means to be properly mastered by a firm, dominant man. Alice will be no ordinary concubine, however. The Institute has given her to Eric Gadden, ...

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Emma’s Surrender by Amelia Smarts

When twenty-year-old Emma Brookstone arrives in the town of Bannack, Montana, she seeks out the local marshal, intending to enlist his help in uncovering the truth regarding her father’s murder two years earlier. Upon meeting the marshal, however, she is shocked and dismayed to discover that he is none other than the man who gunned her father down that fateful ...

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Claiming Their Princess Grabs Two Top 100 Spots!

Sue Lyndon‘s latest release, Claiming Their Princess, has reached the Top 100 in Amazon’s Fantasy Romance and Two-Hour Romance Short Reads categories. Congratulations, Sue! ★★★★★ Bookworm 555 @ “Loved this story” on December 17, 2016 I really loved this book (it is way better than the first book – Claiming Their Maiden). I love the concept of the Banded (twins – one ...

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The Vikings’ Thrall Raids a #2 Spot

Ava Sinclair‘s newest release, The Vikings’ Thrall, has grabbed the #2 spot in Amazon’s Viking Romance category and is also in the Top 100 of the Medieval Romance category! Congratulations, Ava! ★★★★★ Nicole H Vela @ “Nordic dream…” on December 22, 2016 From the pit of despair comes the tale of one woman’s trial and tribulations. Morgan’s survival came at a price. Having ...

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Rhett’s Revenge by Maggie Carpenter

Deputy Sheriff Rhett Cooper is heartbroken when Katherine Foster, the young lady he has been courting, falls prey to the scheming of a rich, dapper con man. Though he takes the impetuous girl over his knee and spanks her bare bottom soundly, his strict chastisement and stern warnings do not dissuade her, and she runs off to San Francisco in ...

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Claiming Their Princess by Sue Lyndon

Though she was born a princess, Laina’s life has been anything but a fairy tale. Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by one of the Banded Men, a race of huge, fearsome warriors often considered barbarians in the days before the collapse of human civilization. But with her aging adopted father nearing the end of his days, she ...

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The Vikings’ Thrall by Ava Sinclair

After Morgan MacCallum kills the son of an earl in defense of her home during a Viking raid, the Norsemen take her captive. She is claimed as a thrall by Bjorn and Erik, two huge, handsome warriors who leave no doubt that they plan to enjoy her beautiful body in any way they please. Bjorn and Erik quickly set out ...

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