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The Immortal’s Pet by Emily Tilton

When eighteen-year-old Emma Woodbine visits her next-door neighbor for the first time, she learns something which will change her world forever. It turns out that Daniel Magus is no ordinary man. He is an ancient, powerful immortal, and he has decided to make her his pet. Emma soon finds herself naked and on display, blushing crimson as Daniel commands her ...

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Punishing Lady Jane by Rosy Maylor

Lady Jane Roud is accustomed to her husband’s firm-handed discipline and dominance in the bedroom, but when he brings her to a gathering of like-minded men and women she flaunts her naughtiness and ends up making such a scene that both of them are banned from the group. Jane’s behavior earns her a thorough, humiliating spanking, but it will require ...

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Mastering the Fangirl by Ava Sinclair

Emma Fowler didn’t expect a reply after she sent an anonymous email to her favorite author letting him know how much his books have meant to her, but Alden Fisher surprised her. He didn’t just write back, he wanted to get to know her better. Fearful that a handsome, successful man like Alden could never be interested in a geeky ...

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Taking in Dani by Kara Kelley

Dani Torkaz has no room in her life for a romance with anyone, let alone with ‘God’s gift to women’ Adam Fiori, but everything changes when circumstances compel her to accept a job as a nanny to his two young children. Adam makes it clear that he will have no patience for rudeness, and it isn’t long before her sharp ...

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The Soldier’s Girl by Gracie Malling

Upon hearing an air raid siren while enjoying a night out in wartime London, Kathy Phipps does what she has grown accustomed to doing—she ignores it. To her surprise, however, she is promptly tossed over the shoulder of handsome American army officer Frank Davis and carried away from the dance hall moments before it is destroyed by the bombing. Once ...

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Her Daddy and Her Master by Katie Douglas

Only moments after first setting eyes on Laila, a desperate young woman fleeing from a backwater planet to avoid a forced marriage, Basil’s conscience drives him to offer her a place on his ship. Though his intervention draws the wrath of the powerful gangster who had sought to claim her, Laila’s innocence and beauty quickly capture Basil’s heart. Despite her ...

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Dangerous Interference by BJ Wane

After her sister goes missing, Alena Malloy travels to Blue Springs, Maine—her sister’s last known location—to track her down. As she begins her search, however, Alena’s efforts quickly bring her into conflict with Randy Janzen, the local sheriff, and Nash Osbourne, a Scotland Yard detective involved in the case due to its similarity with a recent disappearance in the UK. ...

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The Laird and the Sassenach Claims a Top 100 Spot

Ashe Barker‘s new book, The Laird and the Sassenach, has made the Top 100 for Amazon’s Scottish Historical Romance category! Congratulations Ashe! ★★★★★ Kindle Customer char @ “Awsome” on January 2, 2017 Blaire the laird of McGregor a nd Roslyn meat after her evil stepbrother kills Blair’s sister and slaughters the rest. He agrees it is not her fault. She agrees to be his mistress. ...

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The Laird and the Sassenach by Ashe Barker

After her half-brother attacks the kinsmen of Blair McGregor, Lady Roselyn of Etal is brought before the stern highland laird to answer for her reluctant, unwitting role in the crime. Once she has told her story, she throws herself at his mercy. Blair soon realizes that Roselyn is as much a victim of her half-brother as anyone, but his people’s ...

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The Marshal’s Woman by Jordan St. John

Deputy US Marshal Virgil Cotton has dealt with his share of sassy women, but when he is given the task of protecting Tansy Fletcher, the governor’s beautiful, headstrong niece, it quickly becomes clear that she is in desperate need of a firm hand applied to her bare backside. After she witnesses a murder by a ruthless crime boss in San ...

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