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Persuasion: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

I want her. I always get what I want.

Her father stole something from the mob and they hired me to get it back, but that’s not the real reason Giliana Worthington is locked naked in a cage with her bottom well-used and sore.

I brought her here so I could take my time punishing her, mastering her, and ravaging her helpless, quivering body over and over again as she screams and moans and begs for more.

I didn’t take her as a hostage. I took her because she is mine.





Publisher’s Note: Persuasion includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 86,000 words


“Are you going to fuck me now?” she huffed defiantly.

“Yes, but only good girls get fucked in their pretty little pussies. Bad girls get fucked in the ass.”

She took several deep breaths, pushing up from the table, a single moan slipping past her pretty little lips.

My cock was throbbing, my balls tight as drums. Even my legs were shaking from the rush of adrenaline pumping into every cell and vein. I cupped her rounded bottom, my breath skipping from the way the heat of her skin felt in my hands. As I pulled her ass cheeks aside, I issued a husky growl. “Every hole belongs to me.” I pressed my cockhead against her puckered hole, pushing past her tender skin.

“Oh. Oh…” She tossed her head over her shoulder, gasping for air.

I slipped my cock inside an inch at a time, closing my eyes and savoring the tightness. I dug my fingers into her skin, breathing in her sweet essence and at that moment, vile and obscene things I desired to do to her filtered into my mind.

“Oh, God.” Her entire body shook as she arched her back, her muscles surrendering me like a beautiful flower.

I thrust into her again, the force slamming her against the edge of the table, my balls slapping against her wet pussy. Holding my stance, I leaned over, dragging my tongue down the length of her neck. The beast in me wanted nothing more than to sink my teeth into her. I was rattled at the thought, stars floating in front of my eyes. Pulling back, I brushed the tips of my fingers down her spine.

I wasn’t a romantic man, could never share a life with a single woman. I’d be no good for her, my barbaric needs far too intense for anyone to tolerate.

But here and now, she belonged to me. I’d bought Giliana whether she believed it or not. She would soon learn what it meant to cross a member of the Specialists or the Baranov organization.

She would also learn to satisfy my every need, submitting to me body and soul.

With every savage stroke of my shaft, I became more empowered, a crazed man in need of more. Every muscle tensed, beads of sweat forming across my forehead. I was lost to the moment, fucking her like a wild animal. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed in my ears, matching the hard beating of my heart.

I continued plunging in and out, my balls aching to the point of absolute pain.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Her soft mews and ragged whimpers only fueled my fire, boosting my brutal drive.

I threw my head back, my cock throbbing to the point I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. As the savage roar rushed up from my throat, I finally erupted, filling her dark little asshole with my seed.

I wanted to cage her, using her every opportunity I had. But first and foremost, she would be punished for her sins as well as her refusal to talk.

And she would learn her lesson one way or the other.

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