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Primal: A Dark Billionaire Why Choose Romance by Alta Hensley

First I claimed her like a beast. Now I’ll claim her as my bride.
When she dared to join the Hunt, what came next was more than just wild and savage.
It was primal.
As I tore off her gown and mounted her right there on the ground, I was certain of one thing.
She would be mine.

First he made me his. Now he’s going to share me.
As I screamed my surrender into the dirt and fallen leaves, I didn’t even know his name.
He didn’t tell me he would come for me again.
But instinct did.
And when he hunts me down this time, he won’t be doing it alone.



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Author: Alta Hensley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 73,700 words


He trails his hand up the inside of my right thigh, inching closer and closer to my throbbing pussy. I slightly close my legs, the last of my fading resistance.

Braken doesn’t like that. He grabs onto the meat of my thigh, forcing my legs apart, and gives my inner thigh a light slap for good measure. The sting of my skin makes me gasp, but I don’t tell him to stop. My body is throbbing for another smack to take my mind off the hazy lust clouding my judgment.

“Keep your legs open for me,” he demands, “or I’m going to spank this ass of yours until you can’t sit for days.”

His voice is right in my ear, vibrating straight down my core. When he doesn’t start moving again, I realize Braken is offering me an out. I can push him away, go home, and grab my vibrator to relieve this tension myself. Or I can stay, let him have me, and lose myself in hateful, spine-tingling pleasure.

The latter sounds so much fucking better.

I don’t answer but I open my legs as far as I can and keep him there. A smirk lights his face at my obedience, and I’m rewarded with his knuckles grazing my cloth-covered cunt.

That’s all he gives me, two knuckles running up and down until the fabric is wet with my essence. I try to lift my hips to meet his infuriating slow touch, but he smacks my thigh again, the sound ringing in his office.

“Princesses take what they’re given,” he growls. With the light from his office windows shining on his back, his already dark face is completely shadowed. He looks like a wolf ready to devour his prey, and it’s all thanks to me.

“I think you have the wrong idea about me,” I retort, but it’s breathless, wispy, lost in the way my chest heaves for more.

Braken smirks and grabs onto the elastic of my panties, snapping it against my flushed skin. I lift my hips without him even asking, and it only makes his smirk grow.

“Pretty sure I don’t.”

My comeback dies on my lips as soon as a firm hand cups my pussy beneath my panties. Braken massages two of his fingers up and down my slick folds, his hawk-like eyes watching my reactions. I try to swallow back my vocal pleasure. I don’t want him to realize how badly I want him to bend me over this desk and fuck me until my mind is blank. But as soon as he pulls my folds apart and sinks his middle finger into my pussy, I can’t stop the soft mewl that escapes.

His low chuckle both pisses me off and makes my core throb. His body traps me, keeping me firmly under his control. Braken leans forward, mouthing at my exposed collarbones as he slowly pumps his finger in and out. It’s agonizingly slow, but I don’t want him to stop, especially when his thumb gently grazes my throbbing clit with the most featherlight touch.

As hard as it is to do, I keep my hips still so he doesn’t stop. Braken rewards me with a light kiss to the column of my throat, his facial hair tickling my sensitive skin and drawing a soft moan from me. His middle finger speeds up and begins circling my clit in quick, practiced strokes with his thumb.

I’m already so wet, the sound of my slickness even louder than my heavy breaths.

Braken pushes a second finger into me and pushes me even further against the desktop.

It’s uncomfortable and awkward, but I don’t even care. I cling to the edge, giving in to the rising pleasure in my bones. He presses against my clit as he moves faster, curling his fingers as he finger-fucks me until I’m a gasping mess. I don’t want to give in to him, but that doesn’t stop him. Braken takes me anyway, biting at my neck until he leaves his mark, fingers working me to the brink.