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Primal Instinct: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

In the city he’s a billionaire. Out here in the wilderness he’s a beast.

Ruger Jameson can buy anything he wants, but that’s not the reason I’m his to use as he pleases.

He’s a former Army Ranger accustomed to having his orders followed, but that’s not why I obey him.

He saved my life after our plane crashed, but I’m not on my knees just to thank him properly.

I’m his because my body knows its master.

I do as I’m told because he blisters my bare backside every time I dare to do otherwise.

I’m at his feet because I belong to him and I plan to show it in the most shameful way possible.

Publisher’s Note: Primal Instinct includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 74,000 words


Ruger yanked me forward again until my ass was only halfway on the counter. As he brushed the tip of his finger from my clit to the crack of my ass, I slapped at anything and everything on the counter. Something flew off, clanging against the floor, pushing a laugh to the surface. He continued making guttural sounds, more like an animal would make in the wild. Every action he took was possessive, a stark reminder that he was very much in charge.

After he plunged several fingers inside my tight channel, I let out another scream. When he removed them, I whimpered, ready to beg him to continue. Then he slipped his cream-soaked fingers down to my asshole, rimming the forbidden hole several times.

“No. No!” I tensed, struggling to sit up.

“You aren’t going anywhere.”

His deep baritone swept over me like a volcano, the lava dripping into every cell. The second he breached my dark hole, slipping not one but two fingers inside, I thought I was going to lose it. Another wave of pain washed over me as he pushed deeper into a place no man had taken before, but I was strangely aroused by the experience.

He refused to stop, driving his fingers all the way inside, forcing my muscles to accept them. I lolled my head, trying to focus but finally closing my eyes as the different sensations continued to rise. I was thrown by the way the anguish turned into discomfort then into utter pleasure. When I heard mews coming from my mouth, a sloppy smile crossed my face. Maybe I really was a bad girl in disguise.

I was conscious that he’d risen to his feet, licking my parched lips as I opened my eyes to mere slits. He yanked off his shirt, allowing me to see just how fine his physique really was. I’d never seen a man so perfectly carved in my life, the muscles in his arms and his six-pack abs things of beauty.

Ruger slammed his hands on either side of me, capturing my mouth once again. He was forcing me to taste my juices, his tongue sweeping back and forth as he growled the entire time. I raked my nails down his chest, enjoying the way his skin seared the tips of my fingers. That seemed to excite him, turning the kiss into a passionate roar.

I was torn by how excited I was, grappling with the fact he was my captor, not my lover. But there was no denying the attraction we shared, the kind of desire that should set us both on fire.

He finally leaned back, a demonic look on his face. Then he yanked me from one counter, pushing my waist over another and kicking my legs wide open. “Stay right there.”

I pushed against the edge, throwing my head over my shoulder in an effort to see what he was doing. The man was searching through the drawers. For what? I was given my answer in a matter of seconds. He’d found a wooden spoon, the long handle thicker than most. Swallowing, I continued to quiver to my very core even though the sight of his naked torso made my mouth water.

“This will do nicely,” he huffed then pressed his hand on the small of my back. I certainly wasn’t prepared for the hard crack, the dense wood swatted against my still aching bottom.

“No. No!” I knew my cries were in vain.

A sly smile crossed his face as he brought it down a few more times, moving rapidly from one side to the other. I kicked out, curling one leg then the other, every sound I made garbled.

“No. Be a good girl and stay in position.” He was whispering in a husky tone, but the vibrations were just as intense as before.

I stared out at the wall only a few feet away, trying to rationalize the entire last twenty-four hours. There was no way I could. Nothing made any sense at this point. I was locked away in a cabin with some kind of crazed killer. And I was almost enjoying it.


He continued spanking me as if the first time had meant nothing. Then he slipped the handle between my legs, teasing me relentlessly by sliding it just past my swollen folds. I realized within seconds I was bucking my hips and arching my back. God help me, I was enjoying this.

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