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Prisoner: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Kallista Dane

He was sent to kill me. He took me as his mate instead.

The Federation wants me dead, so they sent a mercenary to hunt me down. But he didn’t kill me. When I fought him, he bared me and bound me. Then he took everything he wanted from me, and with one brutally intense climax after another he showed me how easily I could be mastered.

But the Federation does not forget and they do not forgive. Sparing my life cost him his freedom, and we are both their prisoners now. To protect me he must punish me harshly and claim me publicly, but as my naked, quivering body is used in the most shameful ways imaginable, I fear that my screams of pleasure will be even louder and more desperate than my pleas for mercy.

These walls will not hold us long, but in my heart I know I will always be his prisoner…

Publisher’s Note: Prisoner includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Kallista Dane

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 41,100 words


He reached between my legs with one hand, stroked my clit. “I am your master,” he declared, his voice raised loud enough to carry over the din. “You belong to me. Now beg me to fuck your ass.”

When I didn’t immediately respond, he gave me a stern smack. “Beg me!”

My pussy was still spasming from the vicious climax, my swollen clit throbbing as he stroked and squeezed it. His palm reignited the fire on my ass and suddenly I was back in Rigo’s lab, feeling the wild sensation of a long black nozzle invading my tight rear passage. Awakening a dark desperate hunger I’d never felt before.

“Gods, yes!” I screamed. “Please fuck me, Master. Fuck my ass!”

The crowd erupted with a roar so loud it shook the wooden platform. All I felt was my lover’s cock. Probing, stretching, invading me. I panicked, but instead of stopping, he dipped it into my dripping wet pussy, then went back, pushing past my virgin hole until the head slipped through the tight sphincter. Rubbing my clit the whole time.

No. It was too thick. Too hard. I tried to squirm away but his arm was around my waist, gripping me like a vise. Holding me still while he teased my swollen clit with the fingers of his other hand.

“You know you want this. You want to feel me inside your ass. Fucking you deep and hard. Open for your master,” he growled. “Now.”

I squirmed again. His cock slid in a little farther. Pain and pressure eased, and I instinctively rocked my hips back.

It was all he’d been waiting for. Kaal started riding me, grunting and swearing all the while. “Yeah, whore. That’s it. Take my cock up your ass. Take it all!”

He’d been masterful with me. Demanding obedience. And I discovered I loved it. But he’d never acted this way before. Treating me rough and dirty. Afterwards, I realized he’d done it for the crowd. Putting on a good show. But at the time, his filthy words woke the brazen slut in me. “Gods, you’re so big!” I screamed. “Yes, give it to me, Master. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard!”

Once I let go, the orgasm swept me away. I was frantic, drowning in lust. I shoved my hips back, taking him in deep, screaming all the while. Kaal slammed into me and exploded, his cock pulsing. With every hot spurt of cum, I clenched around him, setting off a fresh wave of convulsions inside my pussy and ass.

I sagged over the bench, shuddering. Kaal pulled out and gave my sore bottom one last stern whack before turning to the crowd and displaying his cock, still dripping with cum. They roared their approval.

Starn couldn’t bear to be upstaged. He strode to the center of the platform. “Untie her,” he ordered the guards.

They released my bonds but after all I’d been through I didn’t have the energy to get up. He motioned to his men and they lifted me off the bench and turned me around to face the crowd, holding me upright with my hair hanging down over my face in limp strands. Head bowed in exhaustion, drenched in sweat, cum trickling down my thighs.

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