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Prize: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields

I was for sale, but he didn’t buy me. He just took me.

Exiled from Earth by a tyrannical government, I was meant to be sold for use on a distant world. But Vane doesn’t buy things. When he wants something, he takes it, and I was no different.

This alien brute didn’t just strip me, punish me, and claim me with his whole crew watching. He broke me, making me beg for mercy and then for far more shameful things. Perhaps he would’ve been gentle if I hadn’t defied him in front of his men, but I doubt it. He’s not the gentle type.

When he carried me aboard his ship naked, blushing, and sore, I thought I would be no more than a trophy to be shown off or a plaything to amuse him until he tired of me, but I was wrong.

He took me as a prize, but he’s keeping me as his mate.

Publisher’s Note: Prize includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 64,400 words


“Back on your knees, little girl. You’re going to clean off every last drop of your cum from my cock. Then you’re going to tell me just how well you learned your lesson about who is your true master, with my cock still in your mouth,” he ordered, and a shiver raced down my spine at his brutal treatment of me.

I wavered back and forth as I caught my breath. A steadying hand embraced my shoulder, and I couldn’t help myself as I leaned into it. His fingers were warm, soft yet rough and incredibly soothing in that moment.

Tears still streamed down my face, and a shameful mixture of his seed and my own arousal seeped from my pussy onto my thighs and down to the floor beneath me. There was little doubt in my mind that there would be a wet puddle left behind when he finally through with me, but I realized that it didn’t matter.

Vane had needed to punish me, and this had been the result. I knew better than to push him now.

He’d won. He’d broken me. And I had liked it. Every fucking second of it. I liked how much it hurt. How much it had turned me on. And how very wet just thinking about it made me now.

I was his now. I felt this deep in my soul.

Slowly, I lifted my chin and opened my lips, showing him that I had learned a great deal from this very public display. He smiled gently and I wondered quietly if he was proud of my acquiescence, of my blatant submission to him as I knelt before him, naked, wet, and incredibly well used. His hips tipped forward and his cock once again grazed my tongue.

I was so sore. Every inch of my body hurt from the back of my throat to my aching pussy. Still, I put everything in me into sucking his cock clean because that’s what he was asking of me.

The sweet taste of my own wetness washed across my tongue. It had a very different flavor from his, like peaches and pears dipped in sugary frosting. I shivered with my shame as I licked him, thoroughly enjoying the taste of myself mixed with his.

I twirled my tongue around his length, ensuring that I didn’t miss a single inch. I suckled my lips tightly around him, using my mouth to cleanse his thick flesh as thoroughly as I possibly could. When I was convinced that I had licked every last drop of my wetness and his from his cock, I leaned backwards and lifted his shaft so that I could suckle the rest of him. Next, I focused on the finger-like protrusions at the base of his cock with my tongue and I blushed as I thought about them tickling the sensitive little clit between my thighs.

When I was finished, he pressed his shaft back in between my lips and I opened for him as he slid inside my mouth. He stilled and stared down at me, waiting expectantly for what I already knew he wanted me to do.

He wanted me to speak, with his cock pressed in deep against the back of my throat. I shivered and pressed my lips firmly around his length, before I relaxed and began to talk.

“I’m very sorry, sir. I’ve learned my lesson about being defiant with my master,” I said boldly, the muffled wet sounds so incredibly shameful to my ears. I shivered with embarrassment as he pumped his hips ever so slowly, dragging his thick length up and down my tongue and he purred softly.

He gazed down at me and I was sure it was a look of pride that time. I suckled his cock and began to beg.

“Beg me for permission to speak once again without a cock in your mouth. Truly show me that you’ve been taught what happens to sassy little girls with sassy little mouths,” he demanded firmly. My pussy clenched tightly at his words and I felt my nipples pulse with sensation.

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