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Properly Punished by Morganna Williams

Properly PunishedDon’t miss this collection of twenty-two short stories, each featuring a firm-handed man who knows exactly how to deal with a misbehaving woman. Sometimes a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking will suffice, while other times more thorough, humiliating punishments will be needed, but no matter what the naughty girl in question will be left with her cheeks blushing, her backside blazing, and her body burning with desire.






Publisher’s Note: Properly Punished is a collection of short stories which include spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that these stories have been previously published on the author’s blog.

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Author: Morganna Williams

eBook Price: $2.99

Length: 35,100 Words


Her eyes moved to the ginger plug in his hand. Lily was very familiar with its stinging effect, but she’d never had it in during a spanking before, and she whimpered softly.

“Bedroom now.” He pointed his finger, totally ignoring the beseeching look in her eyes. “Now, Lily.”

The implacability in his tone sent her scurrying toward the bedroom with him close on her heels. She walked to the side of the bed and looked up at him; he just raised his brow expectantly.

Lily sighed and pulled her pants and panties completely off before bending over the end of the bed.

He was behind her almost instantly. “Spread your legs.”

She buried her face in the bedding and moved her legs shoulder width apart as his hand spread her bottom cheeks open and she felt the cool tip of the root pressing against her ass determinedly.

“Deep breath, now let it out,” he told her and as she exhaled, the ginger pushed all the way inside, making her gasp and go up on her toes.

He began firmly working it in and out of her bottom, much to her dismay. He increased his speed, taking her ass harder and harder with the ginger. “Ooohooo… ooooh,” Lily cried as the burning began to fill the tender tissues of her ass.

“Do you like how this feels?” he asked.

“Noooo,” she whined.

“No, sir,” he corrected.

“No, sir!” Lily yelled after a particularly hard thrust.

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