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Protecting His Pet by Measha Stone

After her brother’s life of crime is brought to a sudden end, twenty-two-year-old Kara Jennings fears she may be the next target of the men who killed him. It comes as a shock, however, when she is taken captive by a mysterious man who promises to keep her safe but quickly demonstrates that he will not hesitate to punish her in any way he sees fit if she disobeys him.

Devin Stinger is certain there is something important that Kara is refusing to share with him—something related to her brother’s death—and he is fully prepared to be as firm as necessary to get her to tell him the truth, even if that means stripping her bare, spanking her soundly, and keeping her caged like a pet.

Despite her shame at being made to kneel naked at her captor’s feet, eat from his hand, and surrender her body to him completely, Devin’s dominance leaves Kara helplessly aroused and yearning for him to master her even more thoroughly. When he brings her to the edge of an intense climax only to leave her desperate and wanting, her need for him to claim her properly compels Kara to confess the secret her brother shared with her before his death. But will that information help Devin protect his beautiful pet or will it ultimately put her in greater danger?

Publisher’s Note: Protecting His Pet is a stand-alone book which is the first entry in the Owned and Protected series. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, extensive pet play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 70,800 words


His jaw clenched, but he didn’t say anything else. Instead he left the cage and walked over to the wall, the one with all the dreaded implements hanging. He tapped his chin, as though the deliberating was really taking a toll on him, then plucked a thick leather strap from its hook. It looked a little less deadly than the razor strap, and she let out a breath.

“You’ve got some coming to you already, so I would think real hard before you disobey me again. Get up and turn around. If you follow orders now, you’ll only get what you’ve got coming, a belting to your ass. If you disobey again, you’ll take a fucking as well.”

“You’d force me again?” she shot at him, wishing she could hurt him.

“Force?” He tilted his head. “There was no force, but you think it would be easier if there had been. I see the shame in your eyes, pet. There shouldn’t be, it was good, what we did out there. You took your whipping well, and you had a good fuck to cleanse your system. No shame there to be had. But if you don’t listen, if you keep resisting the rules here, you’ll take a hard fucking—used like a little whore, like my pet.” All levity left his expression and his jaw tightened. “Get. Up. And. Turn around.”

“My ass is fine,” she whispered, feeling the tears already burning her eyes. “I’m fine.”

“That was your chance.” He walked over to her and gripped her arm, yanking her to her feet. His nose touched hers, the smell of his pizza lunch washed over her. “Turn around.” Before she could move to obey, he twisted her and pressed her against the bars. “Hold the bars,” he ordered, a little less fire in his voice.

She wrapped her fingers around the bars. Fingers were on her back, trailing downward toward her ass. He shifted behind her. His hands ran over the tender areas of her ass. “No bruising, that’s good. Still sore, I bet, will be hell of a lot more in a minute, but looks good.” He patted her ass softly. She breathed a sigh, thinking he was finished.

She should have known better. His hands were back on her, pulling her ass cheeks apart, wide. The stretch hurt, and she moved up onto her tiptoes. “Settle down. I’m just looking.” His thumb trailed over her tight pucker, a light touch that made her body react the same as if he’d touched her clit. She heard a popping sound from behind her, then felt his wet thumb back on her, pushing inward on her hole.

“Devin!” She tried to clench her ass cheeks together, but he replaced his grip on her, keeping her spread wide for his eyes.

“Relax. It wouldn’t hurt so much if you’d relax.”

Even if she wanted to, the idea of what was to come made her body tense too much. He sighed heavily then gave one hard push, and his thumb was inside. His thumb was inside her ass. It was too much. She started to wiggle, but he put a hard hand on her back, pressing her to the bars. “You ever been fucked here, pet?” He began to move his thumb in and out of her. Slow and methodical. The intense burn she felt on the initial thrust faded into a warmth that spread through her, to her clit.

“No.” Hot tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Hmm.” He pulled his thumb out and gave her ass a harsh slap. “Let’s get this over with. You need to eat something, but first you need to learn your lesson. Keep holding the bars, don’t let go, and don’t try to get away. You’re getting ten lashes, pet. Ten. And when I’m done, you’re going to thank me, and offer your pussy up for your fucking. Got it?”

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