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Punishing Lady Jane by Rosy Maylor

Lady Jane Roud is accustomed to her husband’s firm-handed discipline and dominance in the bedroom, but when he brings her to a gathering of like-minded men and women she flaunts her naughtiness and ends up making such a scene that both of them are banned from the group. Jane’s behavior earns her a thorough, humiliating spanking, but it will require quite a bit more than just a well-reddened bottom for the couple to be allowed to rejoin the highly exclusive club.

Wanting to undo the damage she has done, Jane sets out to convince the other members to change their minds, but proving her contrition will be no easy task. She will be required to submit completely to a master chosen by the group, who will both enjoy her body in any fashion he pleases and chastise her in ways more shameful than she can imagine. But when the club demands a painful, humiliating public punishment which will be harsher than anything she has experienced so far, will her husband put a stop to things or allow Jane to finish what she started?

Publisher’s Note: Punishing Lady Jane includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rosy Maylor

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 38,900 Words


His hand came to rest over the plug. “Time for the brush. Ask for it, Jane.”

“Please…” She arched against his hand.

“That’s it. Offer your hot little bottom to me. Ask for your punishment.”

A shudder of near painful arousal burned through her. It took a tremendous effort to say the words she knew he wanted to hear. “Please punish me with the hairbrush, my lord,” she stammered with clipped poise.

“Very good, Jane. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Tears sprang to her eyes. The angst visited upon her when he made her say such things was just as painful as the physical blows. The keen excitement she felt was tempered with confusion—surely there was something very wrong with her? And Dodson must hear it all.

He spanked her already very sore bottom with the brush again and again.

Her pleas and screams added to her torment—she felt she ought to fight to maintain some shred of dignity but from the outset she was yelping and before long she was pleading for mercy.

Eventually, he slowed. “What did I promise you if you took your punishment well, Jane?”

Each measured swat stung worse than the last, but it was nothing compared to her discomfort with the question. “You-you said you would let me…” Jane was torn. A lady must never speak of such things, even if she did them, even if she enjoyed them, speaking of them was the true sin. Still, she knew that was precisely the point. “…suck your cock, my lord.”

He didn’t let up. “And if you were bad?”

She felt dizzy with shameful arousal now. The first time he’d suggested she suck his cock she had kicked up a mighty fuss. Now it was one of her favourite activities. This other act he’d begun to fixate on though, was much more depraved. She couldn’t speak of it without help. She braced herself to be spanked hard for her reluctance.

He stopped swatting her and wiggled the plug instead. “I shall be happy either way, Jane. In fact, it’s past time for you to submit this tight little hole to my cock.”

“Oh, please!” She squeezed her eyes shut.

“I ought to start taking your bottom hole regularly. Then it will be easier for you speak about it.”

“No!” Jane tensed against the thrill her husband’s words inspired. “Please, please, I’ll say it.”

“What did I threaten to do if you were bad?” He resumed spanking her with the hard wooden brush.

“You said you would… Ow! Oh! That you would fuck my bottom.”

“Very good.” He let her have it then.

Jane pushed her bottom up to receive the remainder of her punishment with a moan that was half agony and half ecstasy. She was in a sweaty languid state between dreaming and waking when he finally stopped and pulled her up to sit on to his lap.

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