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Pursued: A Dark Mafia Romance by Marlee Wray

He’s an enforcer. A monster who deals out punishment and retribution. And I’ve made him very angry…

I tried to keep it secret, but he knows what I did, and he’s not a man who forgives and forgets. I’m not sure what he’ll do to me when he comes for me, but it’s going to be rough and shameful.

She may be a virgin, but she’s far from innocent. She crossed me and now she’ll pay the price.

I’m huge. She’s tiny. Taking what I give her is going to hurt. But she’ll take it anyway, long and hard, until she screams my name. She has many lessons to learn, and the first is that she is mine.


Publisher’s Note: Pursued is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Rough Retribution series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Marlee Wray

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 51,400 words


He swats my ass and then squeezes it. “No?”


He lifts me and takes me to the bed. He lays me across his lap and then he lays down several spanks before raising the T shirt and exposing my ass.

I reach back for the sheet, but he pins my arm in the small of my back and spanks me several more times. The heat and sting cause a riot of sensations throughout my whole body. My nipples tighten, my breath grows short, and my pussy dampens.

“Tell me no again,” he says, rubbing my warm ass.


The corner of his mouth curves up. The almost playful swats are gone. He peppers my ass with firm blows.

“Oh, my God. Don’t,” I say, but my voice is breathy.

He squeezes me, his hand cooler now than my flesh. He rolls me onto my back and pushes my legs open. He lowers himself, licking between my legs.

“Being spanked is a rough you’ll learn to like,” he says, giving my pussy an open-mouthed kiss that makes me writhe. He crawls up the bed and pushes his thick cock slowly into me. When did he get hard?

God, he feels good. I arch my back.

I bite my lip. I’m sore from earlier, but it still feels amazing. He can strike something in my core that drives me wild. My pussy drips with desire.

An expression of dark pleasure passes over his face. “You like it that deep?”

I realize immediately that other girls must not enjoy the ache that comes from him banging against their cervixes. I do.

“Look how you spread your legs for me,” he says. He kisses me and his dark eyes are lit with lust and excitement. “I didn’t think anything could be better than the way you sucked my cock, but I was wrong.”

I’m tongue-tied for a moment, not used to crude talk that I find sexy and embarrassing at the same time. I close my eyes and concentrate on how good this feels.

He lowers himself onto me, putting an arm under me. His weight is both welcome and suffocating. He ruts harder. He’s so powerful, almost inhuman. My body is a willing sacrifice.

My pussy clamps down around him, clenching and unclenching.

“Fuck, Raven,” he growls, jerking hard and spilling his cum into me in warm jets.

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