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Questions, Changes, And Errors


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    Hello. Will Meredith O’Reilly publish more in the Prince’s Little Mate series? There were several cliffhangers in the books I would love to see resolved.

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    I haven’t received the newsletter since Sept. 21, but when I go to subscribe again it says I’m already subscribed. I have you in my contacts, and created a rule to move anything from you to my inbox, so I just haven’t received anything. I’m sure there must have been some newsletters in that time, including the one with the last installment of the free serial for September. I was luckily able to find week 3 in my deleted folder and use that to change it to week 4 so I didn’t miss the ending. Please look into this issue. I also noticed someone else had posted about not having received the newsletter in over a month on the “Frenzy” page, so I’m not the only one this is happening to.

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