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Questions, Changes, And Errors


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    Hello, when will the newsletter archive be updated to include the January 2020 newsletters? I am getting a connection error when I try to click on the links in the newsletter. I am still able to view links from your website.

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    Is SNP still open and running at this time ??

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    Just read The Alpha’s Promise.I really enjoyed the book. I can’t get link to bonus episode to load

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    I was reading Trained for Their Use by Ivy Barrett in your Newsletter, serialized version. However, the last part that I received was part 4, chapters 7 and 8. Will this book continue to be released in individual parts? If so, how can I access them?
    Thank you

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    Hello. Will Meredith O’Reilly publish more in the Prince’s Little Mate series? There were several cliffhangers in the books I would love to see resolved.

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