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Ranch Rules: A Cowboy Daddy Romance by Dinah McLeod

On this ranch, naughty girls get spanked.

Natalie has always pushed herself to the point of exhaustion, but things come to a head when the twenty-nine-year-old lawyer makes a mistake that costs her firm one of its most valuable clients. Her bosses arrange for Natalie to spend some time on a working ranch, hoping it will clear her mind, but upon her arrival she quickly discovers that this is no ordinary vacation destination.

This ranch has strict rules, and those rules are enforced by firm-handed cowboys like Thomas who will not hesitate to bare Natalie’s bottom and spank her very soundly for any disobedience.

Cowboys who make their women call them daddy.

Though being taken over a man’s knee like a naughty little girl leaves Natalie’s cheeks blushing and stained with tears, her quivering thighs are soon wet and glistening for an entirely different reason. It isn’t long before she is screaming her new daddy’s name as he claims her hard and thoroughly, but when her stay at the ranch ends will it mean saying goodbye to Thomas forever?

Publisher’s Note: Ranch Rules is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Old-Fashioned Cowboys series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Dinah McLeod

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 62,400 words


Thomas tapped the switch against her bare cheeks. “I want you to remember this switching,” he told her. “I hope it will keep you from getting another one.” And without waiting to see if she would answer, he brought the switch down sharply.

Her bottom ached and quivered with the stroke, and then there was another. She cried out. Another thwack burned across her cheeks, making her gasp from the pain. And then the wind whistled as yet another was delivered, this time lower, catching the meaty part where bottom and thigh came together.

“Ow!” she yelped. “Daddy, please!” she whimpered.

Two more swift strokes landed, making her drum her toes on the ground.

“I’m sorry! S-sorry, sir! Please! Please, stop!”

“I say when you’ve had enough, sweetheart.”

Another smack landed across her bottom, leaving a line of fire in its wake. Then another across her sit spot made her cry out.

“Please! Please, sir!”

But it didn’t matter how much she begged. He whipped that switch once, twice, three more times across her bottom. Natalie’s pleas gave way to wails and before she knew it she was crying, hot tears coursing down her face as her other set of cheeks ached and throbbed.

“Shh, shh.” He put his arms around her and turned her to face him, bringing her to his chest. Gratefully, she clung to him. His warmth comforted her as much as the feeling of his arms around her, his deep voice shushing her. “We’re done now. You were such a good girl.”

“Really?” she couldn’t resist asking. “You think so, even after you have to spank me so much?”

Thomas laughed softly. “Yes, really. You are a good girl, even if you don’t know it. But in the future, if you’re feeling sad, or scared, you need to talk to me. That’s what daddies are for. I want to be here for you. Understand?”

Natalie nodded. “Yes, sir. I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“You’re forgiven, little-bit.” And then before she could say another word he lifted her into his arms and carried her into the house. He closed the front door with a push of his foot and then they were headed into the bedroom. He set her down on top of the freshly made bed with extreme gentleness. “You remember what else I said out there?” His voice had become husky with desire.

Desire Natalie was certain was mirrored in her own face. “You wanted to get my spanking over with so… so you could show me how much you love me.”

“Ah, so you were listenin’. Well, I meant every word.” Thomas joined her on the bed and then his hand was between her legs, spreading her thighs. His fingers at her pussy made her breath hitch. “Mmm, you’re soaking wet, little girl. Don’t tell me you’re starting to enjoy your spankings.” He regarded her with a playfully stern frown.

“No,” she answered truthfully. “But I love the way it makes me feel close to you again.”

It must have been the right answer, because his fingers stroked her clit. Then, like the best gift, they were sliding inside of her.

Natalie threw her head back, gasping at the delight of it. When she reached for his cock she found it pressing hard to reach her through his jeans. She wanted nothing more than to feel it inside of her, but before she could stop him—or herself—she could feel her body tensing with the familiar, sweet ache that meant pleasure would soon flood her body. “No!” she cried out, but after only a few more thrusts of his fingers, her protest was overridden by cries of pleasure.

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