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Reckless: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Jaye Peaches

Leon Murati isn’t the kind of man who romances a woman gently. That’s why I’m riding in his limo with my bottom already bared for a spanking, and why there will be a wet spot on the leather seat even before he teaches me what happens to naughty girls who flirt with mob bosses.

He’s going to make me beg before he ravages me, and I’ll be screaming when I come for him, but it’s not the shameful things he’ll do to me in bed that have me worrying I’m in too deep.

It’s the fact that we both know I belong to him now… and probably forever.




Publisher’s Note: Reckless includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jaye Peaches

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 73,000 words


“It won’t fit,” she whispers. “It can’t fit.”

“It will. Take my word for it.” From the bedside table, I remove a bottle of lube. In front of her eyes, I smear it along the shaft. Then I dribble it down the furrow of her ass, between her two hot cheeks. She squirms.

“It’s cold.”

“Good. I’ll warm it up for you.”

I press the tip of my finger against her puckered hole, and it slips inside easily. I work it there for several minutes, then I stretch her to two fingers and bring my other hand into play. Between them, I pry her apart, and use her with my fingers, two or three from both hands, swapping them, confusing her. She mutters and writhes on the table, twisting this way and that.

“I’ll tie those legs into place,” I warn.

“No, please.”

I continue to torment her tight ass and add more lube to my fingers. Eventually, I bring four fingers into her asshole and rest them there. Against my better judgment, I relent and touch her clitoris.

Instantly, she comes, screaming loudly. I rub it harder, and her pleasure turns to pain. I feel the clenching around my hands, the cramping of her legs as she buckles.

“Good, you’re ready.”

“Ready?” she says tentatively.

I wander into the bathroom, wash my hands, and check my flushed face in the mirror. The girl has brought out the color in my cheeks. I’m hot, bothered, and desperate. I feel a strangeness in my belly, a sensation that is more than a yearning. I want to feel this eclipsing emotion beyond tonight. I have a shield around me, put in place to protect myself from thoughts like these. It’s why I have service maids in my bed, why I keep them bound, blindfolded, or gagged. I can’t afford to let this happen. Nothing must hinder my rise to the top. The chances of me finding the right woman to be my lover are so small. Look what happened to Yanis. Married, subdued, and relinquishing his power for his wife’s sake. I don’t get it.

“Idiot,” I mutter to myself. “Don’t fall for her.”

The reminder of my own rules jumps me into action. I return to the bedroom, approach her flexing asshole, aim my hard cock at the puckered center, and push forward. I sense her resistance waning; she will succumb to me. I keep nudging, stretching her tight entrance. I want her so much but finding the right way, I realize, matters to me more than I thought I would care.

I pull her gently to her feet. “On the bed, pile some pillows under your hips.”

She nods and murmurs a thank you. She lies there, bottom up, knees apart, her spanked ass still ready for me, the lube leaking out. I raise my body over hers, angle my cock at the puckering, and spear her with one easy move. She gives so easily, I’m surprised, and delighted. Down I sink, lower and lower, until my balls touch her ass cheeks, and squeeze between them.

She exhales, a long gasp, and I know she’s been holding her breath too much.

“Keep breathing.”

She pants, and I fuck that marvelous ass of hers. I calm her with words, things I never say to girls who obey me.

“That’s good, Katrina. Such a good girl, taking my big cock in your tiny ass.”