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Reclaiming Sophie by Natasha Knight

Reclaiming SophieSome secrets have to be kept.

Some secrets are too shameful to tell.

For years, Sophie has longed to give her husband not only her love but her submission as well, but fear of rejection has kept her from sharing the truth with him. Some desires can’t be denied, though, and when her need to submit drives her to seek out others like herself and learn more, Michael discovers her deception and she fears her marriage may be over.

Despite the anger and sadness which tear at his heart, Michael loves Sophie too much to give her up.

As Michael begins to understand what his wife is looking for, he takes on the role of the dominant yet loving husband she needs. Sophie begins to see him in a way she has never seen him before, and her desire for him seems to know no bounds. But is this just a second honeymoon of sorts, or will Sophie’s submission endure through the trials of everyday life?

Author’s Note: Reclaiming Sophie was previously published with the title Aching to Submit and is intended for mature readers. This steamy standalone romance tells the story of one couple’s sensual journey from a breaking marriage to a whole and fulfilling one. There is NO CHEATING.

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Author: Natasha Knight

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 45,100 Words


“On your hands and knees on the bed and suck my cock,” he said.

She climbed up eagerly and when he fisted a handful of her hair to guide her roughly, she moaned, a fresh trail of her arousal slick on her thighs. She lifted her ass higher as she brought her face to his lap, his hand managing the fucking of her mouth. She tasted him, the slick, salty dew and wanted him to come in her mouth, to make her swallow, to punish her again if she spilled even a single drop.

But he stopped and pulled her off with a groan.

“I need to be inside you tonight,” he said. “Show me your pussy. Turn around, get your ass in the air and your face on the bed, and show me your pussy.”

He’d never talked to her like this. No, that wasn’t true, he had. She’d just always been too embarrassed to encourage it.

She turned to offer herself to him, just as he’d ordered. She spread her legs wide and buried her face in the bed, squealing when he slapped her beaten, tender flesh, but only lifted higher when his cock penetrated her drenched pussy in one hard thrust. He fucked her hard, his hands on her still burning cheeks, spreading her open. When his thumb closed over her anus, she moaned into the bed, her orgasm so violent, so severe, that the pleasure matched the pain of the punishment she’d just taken. Her pussy clenched around his cock as his thumb pressed into her back hole and she could only gasp for breath as he stilled, filling her as he climaxed.

She heard only his ragged breath once he began to slowly pull out of her.

“Christ,” he said. “No, stay. I want to watch you a little longer.”

Sophie remained as she was, her face reddening as she heard him settle back, unwilling to meet his gaze. She felt embarrassed, but at the same time, reveled in her exposure, her vulnerability. Every emotion and thought warred with every other emotion and thought—even confusion with complete and utter understanding.

When she felt the leaking of his semen as it spilled out of her and slowly trailed down her thigh, she made a small sound, ashamed but also wanting exactly this. Needing this humiliation, this shame.

“Look at me,” he said. She turned her face slightly so she could see him out of one eye. He was leaning against the headboard, one arm overhead, completely relaxed. “You liked when I pushed my finger inside your ass, didn’t you?” he asked.

She could only stare for a moment as heat flushed her face red.

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