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Reforming Rebecca by Emily Tilton

When eighteen-year-old Rebecca Adams spends the summer as the guest of a respected noblewoman, her promiscuity quickly becomes problematic for her host. In the hopes of avoiding an embarrassing public incident, the services of Dr. Reginald Brown are called upon, and the esteemed physician wastes no time in conducting an intimate, humiliating examination to determine the appropriate course of treatment for Rebecca’s wanton behavior.

Upon completion of his examination, Dr. Brown concludes that the headstrong girl is in urgent need of firm correction, and to Rebecca’s shock the man chosen for the task is James Oakes, an up-and-coming member of the household staff. In spite of her shame and indignation at being stripped bare and spanked soundly by a common footman, James’ stern dominance leaves Rebecca quivering with desire, and when he claims her hard and thoroughly it is better than anything she has experienced before. But will he prove up to the task of mastering her properly?

Publisher’s Note: Reforming Rebecca is the seventh book of the Victorian Correction series. The books of the Victorian Correction series are stand-alone works which can be read in any order. Reforming Rebecca includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 60,800 Words


He put the mirror back in his bag and fetched out the short leather strap he used on house calls to ensure young ladies’ obedience. Miss Adams gave another cry, this one louder than the one drawn from her by the first sight of the hand mirror.

“I would prefer not to have to use this, Miss Adams, but if necessary I can summon a footman to hold you in place while I bare your backside and teach you to mind me. Young ladies generally regret their refusal to do as I say when they have to begin their examinations with a whipped bottom.”

He had known of course that the mention of the footman would have a strong effect upon Miss Adams, and he had included it in his little discourse particularly in order to see how precisely that effect might show itself. Her startled eyes, her further backward step, and her hands thrust instinctively behind her as if to ward off bare-bottom discipline, all told him just what he needed to know—and also exactly what he had expected to find. The footman Oakes had made punishment by a firm masculine hand, and its erotic consequences, a very fraught matter for Miss Rebecca Adams. No further doubt could exist that she belonged to that broad class of women whom Dr. Brown’s research taught him to see as fit candidates for sexual training and pleasurable use by a natural man.

“Shall I ring?” he asked more gently. “Or will you do as I have asked, and have your examination?”

Miss Adams’ brow furrowed deeply, and for a moment she remained irresolute and motionless, her hands behind her still clutching the bottom spanked by James Oakes the previous day and quite probably remembering that unusual punishment of an aristocrat by a servant with great vividness. Then, softly, she said, “I will… I will… lie down.”

She did not immediately bestir herself to do so, however, and the crease in her brow grew deeper. Dr. Brown knew with fair exactitude what the girl underwent, and how to assist her: he turned to his bag and returned the strap there, then rummaged for the speculum, without yet bringing that article into the light. From the corner of his eye, he saw Miss Adams begin to climb onto the bed, her modesty having ebbed a little, the doctor knew, when she saw his attention diverted from her nearly naked form. Even in that ebbing, of course, Miss Rebecca Adams would learn a good deal more about the inescapability of shame’s power over her—above all because when Dr. Brown turned back to her, holding the speculum and ready to lift her chemise’s hem above her waist, she would experience a very great deal of that power all in a rush.

He waited until she had laid herself on her back, his hands still inside the bag. Then he said, looking at her posture with a critical eye, “Move yourself a little further down, if you please, Miss Adams. Then, as I said, raise your knees and spread them as wide as you can, so that I may easily access your vagina and anus.”

Miss Adams’ lips drew into a tight line, and her brow continued to show the distress occasioned by the emotions the doctor knew so well how to raise in a young woman’s breast. She obeyed, though, so that her chemise hung like a scarcely adequate veil, barely covering her spread knees.

Now Dr. Brown removed the speculum, and held it in his right hand, with the hand mirror in his left. He extended the mirror toward Miss Adams, who regarded it rather as one might a poisonous adder. The lovely girl’s eyes darted from the silvered mirror to the metal speculum, apprehension growing there with each passing second.

“Take the mirror, if you please, Miss Adams,” he said.

“Wh-what is that, Doctor?” she asked imploringly, her eyes fixed on the article in his right hand, rather than the mirror in his left.

“That is my speculum, Miss Adams. I will use it to examine the inside of your vagina and anus.”


“I am sure you have never been examined this way before, Miss Adams, but my methods are up to date, and necessary for your well-being. Take the mirror, now, or I shall have to fetch my strap after all.”

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