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Reining In a Top 100 Spot

top100_reininginrileyClaire Britain‘s first novel with Stormy Night, Reining in Riley, has spent the last several days on Amazon’s Top 100 list for the Lesbian Erotica category! Congratulations, Claire!

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★★★★★ Amazon Customer @ “This book was wonderful from the starting page to the last page and …” on  November 16, 2015
This book was wonderful from the starting page to the last page and leaving me wanting more. All the characters were engaging but Riley’s character was developed with personality and sarcasm. The plot was definitely believable with so many well written obstacles and adventures. Gaining control of such a “Free Spirit” like Riley leads to steamy, hot, sexual situations throughout the book as their love for each other intensifies. The author described the characters unique personalities to a “T”.

★★★★★ Amazon Customer @”More please” on November 17, 2015
I enjoyed this novel immensely. The characters were witty and funny especially Riley. There were some great steamy erotic scenes combined with a tender love story. The author left me wanting more of Riley’s antics so I hope there’s another book coming!

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