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Renee Rose’s Reddington Scandal Wows on Amazon!

The Reddington Scandal by Renee Rose Featured DetailedRenee Rose has done it again! Once again, she has take Amazon’s Top 100 Regency Romance Lists and it doesn’t even look like it’s through climbing! It’s still getting more and more popular, and no wonder–it’s a deliciously scandalous story filled with hot scenes and embarrassing spankings. In my opinion–it’s everything a regency novel should be. Don’t miss this story, and don’t miss the excellent reader’s reviews that have been spilling in!

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Read what folks are already saying about The Reddington Scandal!

★★★★★  (Katherine Deane)  “Historical Romance at it’s Best!”

Holy cow! I have made it no secret that I am a huge Renee rose fan! I love her stories, and the characters the she brings to life. It’s so easy to escape into the world that she creates, because, she just does it so well!

I love historical novels and no one writes them as well as Renee Rose! She writes the ambience so well from the dialect, to the exquisite layers of clothing, and even the façade of propriety kept behind closed doors. Not to mention the spankings. Oh yes, I love the spankings, the acceptable punishment for naughty young women! It’s so much fun to escape into this world and Renee Rose creates it beautifully!

The Reddington Scandal is the sequel to The Westerfield Affair. It can be read as a stand-alone book also, though there are mention of characters from the previous book.

What I read blew my mind!

She created such a depth in these characters that I was able to immerse myself into their world, loving every moment!

★★★★★  (Booklover1960)  “The Reddington Affair”

I really enjoyed “The Reddington Scandal”. It was nice to see a hero(Lord Fenton) that will listens to his wife. Teddy seems to understand Phoebe and is willing to make changes, so that they can be happy. I also liked that he is willing to give her time, but doesn’t put up with putting herself in danger. Phoebe is scarred and so can’t trust right away and keeps changing her mind. It is an interesting romantic journey and I truly enjoyed it.

★★★★★  (loveskitten)  “Wonderful!!!”

Loved this book! Sexy and sweet, great, realistic characters and spanking to boot. What more could you want in a book? Renee Rose is at her best in this wonderful, fun historical!

★★★★★  (_SH)  “A Great Historical Romance!”

I absolutely adore a historical romance and this book hit all the right marks for me! There is a feisty heroine, who truly comes into her own through this story, who at times made me laugh and at times made me cry, her hero is not someone you would expect but he steps up in a big way, there is a despicable villain who, very happily for me, receives his due and there is romance, love, sex and spanking and it was a joy to read!! The story is written with such detail you feel as if you are watching the story instead of reading it. I truly appreciate all of the historical accuracy, nothing drives me more crazy then a historical romance in which it is very apparent the author did no homework, I had no issues with this story however. A fantastic read and it was wonderful to see the characters from The Westerfield Affair return for a visit in this book. This is one I will definitely read again! Well done Ms. Rose!! I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

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