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Required Surrender: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

He placed the winning bid, but he didn’t own me. Or so I thought…

My first mistake was agreeing to participate in a charity auction. My second was believing I could walk away from the commanding billionaire with a brogue accent and dazzling green eyes.

It was supposed to be one date, but a man like Lachlan McKenzie plays by his own set of rules.

As the owner of Carnal Sins, DC’s exclusive kink club, his reputation is as dark and demanding as his desires, and before I knew it I ended up his to enjoy not for just one night but a full week.

I fought his control, but I knew I wouldn’t win… and in my heart I don’t think I even wanted to. Not after he called me his good girl, stripped me bare and spanked me with his belt, and then made me blush and beg and come so hard I forgot all about being his only for a few more days.

That didn’t matter anyway. We both know he’s keeping me forever.

Publisher’s Note: Required Surrender is a stand-alone novel which is the first entry in the Carnal Sins series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 86,500 words


He watched me intently, his face devoid of expression. I was sick inside, horrified that I’d given him so much control. When I had my panties in my hand, he took two long strides toward me, yanking the thin lace from my fingers.

Flashes of the fantasy skipped through my mind like several bottle rockets. I expected him to command me to open my mouth but when he pocketed them, I gritted my teeth.

“You’ll get them back when you leave my club tonight.” He immediately reached for his belt buckle.

My inability to take my eyes off what he was doing churned in my stomach. He was perhaps the most handsome yet irritating man I’d ever met. But a sick part of me wanted his praise for being… oh, my God. I’d left the real Lark in the club downstairs.

“Lean over my desk. You will learn obedience.”

He made the statement as if he’d be personally in charge of requiring that to happen. I did as he commanded, my legs shaking the entire time. As the seconds ticked by, the sound of him removing his belt through the tight loops filtering into my mind, I was certain I’d be sick. The apprehension was worse than waiting to hear if I’d passed the bar exam. The biggest reason why was that he was the one doling out the punishment.

Oh, God. How had I gotten myself into such a horrible mess in the first place?

Thank God his office didn’t look anything like the one in my dream or I wouldn’t be able to go through with this.

And I was never going to crawl to him on my knees. Not a chance on God’s little green earth.

After a few seconds, I realized that my butt was on display for anyone who walked into the office, which was also different than the dream.

By the time Lachlan approached, I was so anxious I was certain I was about to have a heart attack. When I jerked up, I immediately felt his hand pressed against the small of my back.

“Relax, Lark.”

Relax. Was he kidding me? How in God’s name could I relax when he had a thick piece of leather in his hand? I took gulping breaths, ready to admit just how far in over my head I was. Maybe if I begged he wouldn’t divulge my mortal sins. Or maybe he’d find a more horrific way to blackmail me.

This was bad. Oh, so very bad.

“You’ve never been disciplined before.” He said the words calmly, tenderly, as if he really cared about my answer.

“No.” If my teeth were gritted any more than they were, I’d break several during the wretched experience. When he tapped my bottom, I cringed. “No, sir.”

“That doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on you. This isn’t play time, Lark.”

Was there a difference?

He lifted the hem of my dress and a wave of embarrassment rushed up from the depths of my being, destroying my self-confidence. I’d never felt so vulnerable in my life, my ridiculous behavior the entire day completely out of character. When he brushed his fingers across my naked skin, I twisted my body, the shame killing me.

“Remain in position.”