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Rockland: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

The code of the family makes her mine to protect, but I will make her mine in every way.
I moved across the world to escape my need for her.
Then my brother’s death left her a widow.
I gave her time to grieve, but now I will take what is mine.

I didn’t belong to him. He claimed me anyway.
He had no right to strip me, scold me, and spank me like a naughty little girl.
There shouldn’t be a wet spot on the couch where he bent me over the arm and belted me.
But there is… and we both know that when he makes me his, I’ll be screaming his name.



Publisher’s Note: Rockland is a stand-alone sequel to Bronson and Carter. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author:  Shanna Handel

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 60,300 words


I whisper, “What place is that?” My bare breasts stand at attention, wanting, waiting.

His gaze searches mine. “Submission.”

The word from his lips sends a thrill though me, a tremble dances down my spine. Breathlessly I ask, “And how does one get to this place of… submission?”

“I’ll show you.” He takes my hand and leads me around the back of the couch to the front. There’s imprints from my hands in the soft leather. He sits down. His thighs spread apart. He gives me a reprimanding look that sends shivery pulses down my back. His hand grasps mine and in one tug, he pulls my naked body over his lap. The fabric of his clothing is rough against the skin of my belly. I rest my upper body on the couch, folding my hands beneath my head. Trying to make myself comfortable. But every nerve in my body seems to be on high alert.

He says, “We’d do well to begin our time together with me teaching you a lesson in respect.”

Oh, yes, sir, please teach me a lesson! My pussy, still throbbing from his attention, gushes, eager for more pleasure.

But then, he’s spanking me. And it’s nothing like I expected. His hand is falling right, then left, right then left, in the same spot on alternate cheeks each time. It’s a sharp, hard slap. Expertly placed on the center of my jiggling cheeks. He’s spanking me over and over. It’s so much faster, harder than the belting, the pain comes quickly. He’s saying, “You’re going to be a good girl. And do what you’re told. Or you’ll be finding yourself in this position daily. And there will be no more panties around here. I want your bottom bare beneath your clothes every minute of the day as a reminder to behave.”

The sharp smacks rain down and it’s so painful, I want to block his hand with mine. But I know better than to reach back, protect myself. My hands curl in tight fists. Press against my cheeks. My face scrunching up as I try not to cry out. I can’t even contemplate the command he’s given me of no panties anymore—I’m too focused on my aching bottom.

His tempo accelerates. My ass is absolutely on fire. I can’t believe how much pain I’m in! I’ve never been spanked like this. Not even the first time when Rockland administered it. My legs start to kick, my hips wiggling, trying to escape his punishing hand. I can no longer hold in my cries and I shout, “Rockland, stop spanking me! I’ll be good! I promise I’ll be good.”

He swings his leg around, locking my legs to his and rendering them useless.

He says, “No kicking, Tessie. Take your punishment like a lady.”

I squirm. I whine, “What did I even do? Surely I’ve not been bad enough to deserve this.” My fingers wrap around the edge of the cushion, squeezing as if to alleviate the sting in my ass.

He keeps spanking as he speaks. “You most certainly have. You’ve not been taking care of yourself. Then, when I came here to do the job you haven’t, you’ve been nothing but sassy and difficult with me. This spanking is one you’ll not forget—one that will set the tone of what you can expect during my stay with you.”

His spanks stop for a moment. I sigh in relief. But then I sense his palm hovering over my poor, throbbing ass. A smack comes down, then more after that. But this time, each hearty smack is punctuated by a word. “I will be the head of this household.”

He knows these are the words I need to hear. He knows that the punishment, combined with his strict, yet caring words are what it will take to earn me.

My heart cries with relief. He’s giving me what I’ve needed for so long.

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