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Rough Ride: A Cowboy Romance by Piper Stone

As I hear the leather slide through the loops of his pants, I know what comes next. Jake Travers is going to blister my backside. Then he’s going to ride me the way only a rodeo champion can.

Plenty of men who thought they could put me in my place have learned the hard way that I was more than they could handle, and when Jake showed up I was sure he would be no different.

I was wrong.

When I pushed him, he bared and spanked me in front of a bar full of people.

I should have let it go at that, but I couldn’t.

That’s why he’s taking off his belt…

Publisher’s Note: Rough Ride includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 77,000 words


“What the hell are you doing?” I demanded.

He stood to my side, allowing me to watch as he unbuckled his belt, the look on his face even more savage than it had been the night before. “I’m giving you another spanking for punching and slapping me, generally being rude and cursing. Maybe a thick strap of leather will do the trick. Finally.”

“You just did.”

“That was nothing, sweetheart.”

I opened my mouth at least three times to retort, but all that came out was a ragged breath of garbled shit. Finally, I was able to mutter a few words and they disgusted me.

“I’ll be good.”

Right. I was going to grab a knife and cut out his heart.

“Yup. You’re going to learn one way or the other.” Jake took his time sliding the leather through his belt loops, exhaling when he’d finished the job. Then he folded the strap, smacking it against his palm. “This will do nicely. I think twenty is a good start, don’t you? Now, be that good little girl and try and hold in your screams. I want to reserve those for when I fuck you and you beg me for more.”

The man was an absolute pig. He was horrible. He was mean. He was… I closed my eyes, still squirming. I’d never felt so stupid or vulnerable in my life. But I wasn’t going to beg the man for anything.


“Keep in position or I might have to start over,” he said then growled, sending another shower of shivers down the back of my legs.

I sucked in my breath, determined to remain as quiet as a mouse. When I heard the whooshing sound, I almost smiled. There was almost no pain after he brought the belt down across both ass cheeks, only a slight sting. I shifted my hips, exhaling in an exaggerated manner just to piss him off.

Then he smacked me again.

And again.

Still nothing.

Until the bastard followed with a volley of six in a row. The pain was blinding, sending me all the way onto my toes, the bedraggled moan something I couldn’t avoid. The wooden spoon had been nothing in comparison to this. As the sound filled the air, he grunted like some animal then had the audacity to rub the rough pads of his fingers across my heated and already aching skin.

“I like the way you wear my marks. Maybe I should keep you this way.”

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