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Rough Warrior: A Viking Romance by Maggie Carpenter

He carried her off. Now he will make her his.

When Ailith’s village is raided by Vikings, it is the huge, fearsome warrior Ulrick who takes her as his prize. She does her best to fight him off, but a humiliating public display of her forced submission leaves her blushing crimson, and when her new master claims and ravages her for the first time Ailith begins to understand what it means to belong to a rough brute like him.

She is his property, his to use as savagely and shamefully as he pleases, and he is not going to be gentle with her. But even with her well-spanked bottom sore from a painful, embarrassing reminder of her place, Ailith cannot deny her body’s response to Ulrick’s stern dominance, and her need for him grows stronger each day.

Suddenly thrown into a battle for control of his clan, the appearance of a wealthy stranger from a far off land, and the hunt for lost gold coins, Ailith and her Viking conqueror must help each other if they are to survive.

But when she is offered her freedom, will she take it?

Publisher’s Note: Rough Warrior includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Maggie Carpenter

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 66,600 words


Nervously picking up the long, thin rod and handing it to him, though she didn’t speak, she looked at him with pleading in her eyes.

“Quickly,” he barked. “We must return to the beach and sail back to the other cove.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied, removing the rope and lifting the loose garment over her head.

Dropping it in the sand, she walked hurriedly to the round boulder a few feet away and bent over. Though the smooth rock was comfortable, and the surface cool against her skin, it did little to calm her nerves.

“Take this,” he commanded, handing her the stick.

She let out a breath of relief, but her respite was short-lived.

“Reach back and deliver your punishment. If I don’t think you’re doing it hard enough I’ll take over. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

Though shocked by his command, she flailed the stick backwards, but she hit the top of her thighs by mistake. Crying out in pain, she lifted the rod and sought out her bottom, but when she lightly tapped to find out where it would land, the stick touched the same sensitive spot. Moving it up, she found it awkward, then realized she could probably just flick the rod using her wrist.

The result stunned her.

“Ooh, Master—it hurts so much.”

“Don’t you dare stop.”

Managing to shift the stick a little higher, she snapped it again, stamping her foot as she let out a yelp. Not wanting to anger him, she continued, trying to find a fresh target area with each blow. Sometimes she did, other times she didn’t, but she continued the painful punishment until he grasped her wrist and took the nasty tool from her hand.

“You won’t do anything so foolish again, will you, Ailith?”

“No, Master,” she whimpered breathlessly.

“There is more to your chastisement, but it will be painful in a different way. You need to understand your place. Before our paths crossed you did whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted to. Those days are over. I explained this earlier, but as clever as you are, you obviously still have much to learn, not the least of which is humility. Place your hands on your striped cheeks and pull them apart, and Ailith, don’t make me ask a second time.”

A tremble of horror rippled through her body, but she knew she’d be worse off if she didn’t follow his lewd instruction. Squeezing her eyes shut and taking a deep breath, she placed her palms on her stinging behind and spread herself.

“This virgin hole,” he muttered, pushing his finger inside her, “will accept my big, hard cock.”

“Master,” she bleated, her face burning with shame and humiliation, “please, will you—”

“If you’re going to ask me for something,” he said gruffly, interrupting her as he shoved his thick finger in and out, “make sure it’s a request I want to hear.”

She wanted to beg him not to do any such thing, and to take his hand away and never put it there again, but she took his warning to heart.

“Well, what is it? Will I what?”

“Ooh, Master, please, will you—uh—be gentle with me when it happens?”

“That will depend on you,” he replied, exploring her pussy with his other hand. “If you cooperate it will be easier on you, but look how your body responds to my discipline. You’re slick and open. You want my stiff manhood, don’t you, Ailith?”

“I do, Master,” she quivered, surprised how much she yearned for him in spite of the punishment and his decadent attention.

“This will be your reward,” he grunted, placing himself at her entrance. “I will fuck you and allow you to have the pleasure at the end, but your punishment will continue. My finger will remain in this back hole. When you scream out your joy you’ll be reminded I’m your master, and every part of your body belongs to me.”

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