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Ruthlessly His: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley

She was an innocent bride. That didn’t stop me from taking her.

It was New York high society’s most anticipated wedding of the season, but I didn’t care. The groom’s family dared to challenge me, so I humiliated them in the most public way possible.

By claiming his bride for myself.

But I didn’t anticipate my reluctant new wife having so much fight and fire in her.

That’s why she’s pinned against the wall, her ass red from my punishing hand and her arousal dripping down her bare thighs as she comes with my fingers wrapped tightly around her throat.



Tearing off the gilded veneer of elite privilege exposes the sordid scandals, dark secrets, and taboo desires of New York’s jaded high society in this dark romance series from best friends and USAT Bestselling authors Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley.


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Author:  Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 72,900 words


“How dare you!” My words hissed from between my clenched teeth as I flattened my palms against the green felt and tried to force up my torso.

He placed a firm hand between my shoulder blades to keep me in place. “You are about to learn I will dare a great deal when it comes to you.”

The retort died on my lips as he landed a sharp, stinging slap on my right ass cheek.

I cried out, more from shock than pain. “Are you mad? Unhand me!”

Luc responded by peppering my ass several more times, building in intensity with each connection of his palm against my silk-clad bottom.

I curled my hands into fists,  pounding them on the billiards table. “Stop! It hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt,” he taunted. “It’s a punishment.”

I glared at him over my shoulder. “I’m not some little girl to be spanked over your knee!”

Fisting my hair, he leaned over me, his lips mere inches from mine. His gaze moved from my lips to my eyes.

My breath seized. Was he going to kiss me again? Did I want him to?

My toes curled inside my high heels as I clenched my inner thighs.

Everything about this was dark and twisted. It was as if the very air crackled with barely suppressed sexual violence, like the moment right before receiving a shock from an exposed wire. There was the spark. You knew the pain was coming. You could feel the rush of adrenaline as your body prepared for it. You knew there would be this sick rush of euphoria afterward, as if you just cheated death.

Then for some strange reason you couldn’t explain, you found yourself stretching your fingertip out again…to touch the wire…one more time.

I should be enraged. I should be screaming for the authorities, and yet there was something arousing about having him looming over me, his body weight pinning me down, his punishing hand on my skin. How the pain made my body come alive in ways I hadn’t felt before, my dull existence having tamped down all other forms of emotion.

Finally, he warned, “If you don’t want to be punished like a misbehaving little girl, then next time don’t behave like one.”

I narrowed my eyes. “I hate you.”

The corner of his mouth lifted. “Fortunately, love is not a prerequisite for a society marriage… or fucking.”