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Sacred Vow: A Dark Mafia Romance by Measha Stone

Seven years ago I vowed to keep her safe. Today I vowed to make her mine.

After my best friend was killed, I put his little sister on a plane and told her to stay away from Chicago because it was the only way I could protect her. But now she’s come back anyway.

That’s why she’s bound to my bed, naked and wet with her ass still marked from my belt.

And why she’ll be marrying me whether she likes it or not.

I will keep her safe, and I will make her mine.

This is my sacred vow.



Publisher’s Note: Sacred Vow is a stand-alone romance which is the first book of the Sacred Obsession series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 52,800 words


A whimper escapes as he stands behind me, grasping my hips. The feel of the leather against my skin drives fear through my body. This isn’t going to be a spanking. This is going to be a full-on lashing.

Tears threaten, but I take a steadying breath. I will not cry. Not for him. He will not get that satisfaction from me.

His warm hand slides around my hip to my stomach, where he trails fire down my skin as he lowers his touch between my legs. I try to squeeze them together, but it is too late. He’s reached my wetness.

“I haven’t even started, and already your body reacts.” He raises his touch to my stomach and pulls me back, sticking my ass out more for him.

“Obviously, my body doesn’t realize what a monster you are.” His comment has me on the defense. He’s about to use his belt on my bare ass; my mind isn’t portraying the situation correctly to my body.

“I think you like this. You want me to punish you. The very idea of it wets your pussy. I think you want me to touch you even more.” His words are like silk wrapping around my body.

“I will never want you to do anything to me.” I’m shocked my brain is functioning enough to form the lie.

“Hmmm, I think you’re lying more to yourself than me right now, so I’ll let it go.” He moves his hand to the small of my back. Scrunching up my t-shirt in his fist, he pulls it up and away from my ass.

The belt crashes down on me as I take my next breath, and I round my back, pulling my ass in toward the post, away from him. He uses the t-shirt to yank me back into place, bringing the burning leather back down across my cheeks.

“Fuck! Andrei!” I scream. “It hurts!”

“Good.” He sounds pleased.

“Please!” I cry out as the belt continues to fall over my ass, searing white heat into my skin.

“Please what?” He runs his hand over my left ass check, caressing it downward, then digging his nails into my flesh and dragging them upward toward my back. I hiss as the new sharpness of it reaches my brain and rise up to my toes as if I can somehow evade his punishing hand.

“Andrei.” I breathe out his name when he releases me. “No more.” I shake my head while pressing my head to the beam I’m still bound to. “Please, no more.”

“I mean what I say, Isolde. If you disobey me, you’ll pay the consequences. Every time.” The leather lashes at me again and the tears I’m holding fall past my lids, steamrolling down my cheeks.

“I don’t want this.” I suck in a shaky breath. I can’t pretend that I didn’t fantasize about him, about this sort of thing. Being held down, overpowered by him, by his dominance; the fantasy wormed its way into my alone time more than it should have. I always knew he had this streak in him.

Before, I was too young to understand what it meant. I only knew he was dangerous and that he took no shit from anyone. But I understand now. And this isn’t a fantasy.

But my pussy is soaked with arousal, and my body craves his touch.

This is wrong. All of this is wrong.

“I don’t want you.” It’s such a lie.

The belt falls to the floor at my feet. “I’m going to show you what a liar you really are.”