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Safe In His Arms Makes Gets into Amazon’s Top 10!

Safe In His Arms by Renee Rose (Accomplishment Post)

Renee Rose is on fire! Not only has she made the Top 100 Lists on Amazon for Romantic Mystery & Suspense and Military Romance, but within the military romance category, Renee’s Safe in His Arms has made it to #4 so far! So, Stormy Night Publications has another Top 10 story on our hands!

Renee Rose is also on the Top 100 Authors’ Listings for Amazon’s Romantic Suspense category!

Congratulations, Renee! We’re so proud of your basket full of achievements on this fantastic romance!

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See what some others have said about it so far!

★★★★★ (Patty Devlin) “Couldn’t Put It Down”

I’m not at all surprised to love this book. Renee Rose never lets me down.

Zac knows exactly what Becca needs and takes care of her whole-heartedly. Becca takes many trips over his lap with him showing her he was in charge and willing to fill all of her spanking fantasies.

Things stay pretty hot and her bottom isn’t the only thing feeling the heat. Tension mounts between the couple when Zac’s boss wants him not to work so closely with Becca and Parker. But his absence leaves room for the enemy to to creep in, or was the enemy someone on the inside all along?

Does it surprise you that Renee would turn out a fast paced, action packed, contemporary spanking story after her fantastic regencies and historicals?

No, it doesn’t surprise me either. What can’t the woman do, and what will she do next?

★★★★★ (SH) “My… Oh My… Oh My!!!”

I started reading this book today and did not leave my couch until I was finished!! Renee hit it out of the park with this book! It has elements that I really enjoy in a good story, great plot, believable characters, suspense, drama, danger, love, romance, sex and spanking. Zac is pure alpha male and I loved, even given his occupation, that he had a vulnerable side to him as well. Becca has some sass and spirit and is a caring, protective single mother to her son Parker. Her life gets turned upside down when Zac returns and you could feel her love for him and her uncertainty if more would or could develop between them. This is very well written and the emotion/conflict jumps off the page at you. I loved everything about this book and it is one I will definitely read again! If you have not read any of Renee Rose’s books before, start with this one then go buy the rest. You won’t be disappointed!! I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

★★★★★ (Natasha Knight) “Spankings and Spies – Yum”

I think I’ve called Renee Rose the queen of spanking romance before but I’m going to repeat myself today. Safe in His Arms was completely different than the last two I read by her (The Westerfield Affair and The Devil of Whiskey Row) in that it was a contemporary romance. It opened hot and fast – as expected from Renee Rose – I think we were spanking within a few pages – which I always appreciate…especially when there’s a story to go with it! And what a story!! A spy – who doesn’t find that hot?? – and he spanks among other things… So much action in this book but also so much emotion. I think it’s hard to write a contemporary romance where there is a child involved or a single parent and Becca was that single parent and having that child in the story only made it more robust. Loved it, learned something new but I won’t tell that in my review…

★★★★★ (L. Colson) “Couldn’t Put It Down!”

Renee Rose has another winner with Safe in His Arms…I couldn’t put it down!!! This book has everything I love…action, great plot and dialogue, characters that I fell in love with, romance, and a protective hero who will do anything to keep his woman and child safe. I was hooked from start to finish and I didn’t want it to end! I want a Zac in my life!!!

★★★★★ (Han van Meegeren) “Thought I wouldn’t like it. Should have known better

i was a bit wary when i started reading this book. I do not have much adoration for fathers who abandon their child. I have not much adoration for spies. I have not much adoration for guys that beat their women into submission, just because they can, and then run like hell. No, I really thought I would not like this book very much. The guy was judged, and found guilty before I read a single word in the book. And the name of the author is not always a guarantee. I remember books of Mr. Grisham, Ms. Jacqueline Carey. Great writers, but too many books in too little time makes bad books.

I should have known better. The single mum is a single mum we all know. She is working her ass off to make a living, raises a child by herself. We all know mums like that. This one has asthma and is submissive by nature. That makes her very human. And suddenly there he is, the bad guy. Taking charge like I know he would, and she letting him. Because she is what she is. “You cannot love a man you do not know, you cannot love a man you do not trust”. Good girl.

And then something unexpected happened. Ms. Rose made this superspy figure all human. There is this beautiful moment when the spy-guy realizes that the girl puts a whole lot of trust in him: “Becca was the first person who trusted him, who made him want desperately to be worthy of her gift”. Now that is not superman, it is a guy of flesh and blood. So against all odds I started liking this guy. And Rebecca was adorable in the first place.

So. This is a book that wipes away your biased opinions, whether they are about superspys or the need to submit. You should do yourself a favour and read it.


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