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A Cold Hard Collection: Twenty-Five Dark Mafia Romance Short Stories by K.L. Hiers – Sample

Chapter One

It had only been a few weeks since Jimmy’s father had walked out of prison as a free man, and the days were flying by in a blissful blur. David had gotten his own apartment and found a job working part-time at the prison as a records coordinator. Cold was still promising him a new prisoner advocate’s position, but that was going to take time.

David didn’t mind waiting. Even from his current clerical position, he was finding ways to help out the prisoners and volunteered most of his free time there. Once he figured out his new smart phone, he texted and called Jimmy daily, and he seemed to be settling into his new life well.

Jimmy stayed busy getting his application ready to return to school, and thanks to Cold’s generous pockets, his tuition was completely paid for. Cold had eliminated all of his prior debt as well, and Jimmy would be starting with a clean slate. The spring semester would not begin until January, so he had plenty of time to relax before going back.

He was still planning to sing at Cold’s club a few times a week, but he knew soon he would have to give it up entirely. He wouldn’t be able to be a full-time student and a late-night performer if he wanted to maintain a decent GPA.

Trying to prepare and rehearse for new sets was too time-consuming. He wouldn’t be able to afford spending hours in rehearsal and trying to figure out fresh ideas for future sets. He had to keep changing up the act so patrons wouldn’t get tired of hearing the same music. While he would admittedly miss the thrill of the spotlight, being a lawyer was his true passion.

Jimmy was in the master bedroom looking up songs to inspire his next show while Cold was busy downstairs in a meeting with the Gentlemen. His mindless scrolling was broken when he saw a video that had been recommended to him because of his recent search history. He read the title and immediately felt his face flush a deep shade of red.

It was an instructional guide on how to deep throat during a blowjob without gagging.

Embarrassed but irresistibly curious, he clicked the video.

Jimmy had definitely been doing some research into bedroom affairs lately, and the website’s recommendation was not unfounded. The more time Jimmy and Cold spent in the bedroom together, the more Jimmy wanted to be a better partner for him.

Cold knew so much about sex, and Jimmy found himself ignorant by comparison. Especially when it came to the unique nature of their sexual relationship, Jimmy was totally clueless. He always had to follow Cold’s lead, and he wanted to learn on his own, perhaps even surprise him.

There was so much out there to try, things he had never even thought of, and a few clicks soon opened up an entire world of possibilities. He had even started a wish list on a shopping website and had begun to amass an impressive collection of toys, lingerie, and other exciting bedroom accessories that he would love to own one of these days. The tutorial he was watching didn’t inspire any new ideas for purchases, but it really made him want to suck Cold’s cock.

Jimmy had spent probably hours with Cold’s massive dick in his mouth, and he had taken him all the way down many times. But he’d always eventually gagged and choked, and he wanted Cold to finally and truly fuck his throat without any obstacles.

After watching the video, he went to the bathroom to desensitize the back of his throat with the end of his toothbrush as it had advised. He was already half hard just thinking about being able to successfully deep throat Cold, and he didn’t even notice anyone had come in.

“What are you doing?” Cold asked from the doorway, quirking a very confused eyebrow.

“O-oh! Well!” Jimmy nearly dropped his toothbrush and fumbled to put it back in its holder next to Cold’s. “That is a good question. What am I doing? What am I doing? I am, uh, well…”

Cold leaned against the door frame, patiently waiting for Jimmy’s explanation.

Jimmy had never felt so embarrassed, and he couldn’t believe he was actually going to say this out loud. “I may have been practicing.”

“Practicing?” Cold echoed.

“Yes, okay! I was practicing!” Jimmy was beyond flustered now, pushing his hands through his hair with a groan.

“Practicing what?”

“I was looking up stuff about deep throating, okay?” Jimmy finally spat. “The video I saw said you could work on your gag reflex by practicing with a toothbrush. It’s something I’ve been trying to get better at and, well, I didn’t know what else to do!”

Cold’s expression was flat for a few moments, and then he smiled from ear to ear. “Well, why didn’t you just say so?”

“Because you literally caught me with a toothbrush down my throat?”

“Jimmy,” Cold scolded, “you know that you could have just asked me.”

“I wanted to surprise you,” Jimmy replied sullenly. “I want to learn how to do all of this cool sexy stuff! I mean, wow, you know everything about sex ever, and I don’t! I have never even thought about half the crazy things we do!”

Beckoning him over with a finger, Cold gently placed his hand on the back of Jimmy’s neck. “My experience is at your disposal. Anything that you’d like to know about my unconventional bedroom preferences is yours for the asking.”

“Even if it’s really kinky?” Jimmy asked, his eyes closing at the familiar warmth of Cold’s hand against his skin.

“Yes,” Cold replied. “Especially if it’s really kinky.”

“So, you could teach me how to deep throat?”

“Of course,” Cold said with a sly little smile. “Is this something you’d like to ‘practice’ right now?”

“Oh, God, yes.”

“I believe this is going to be the first of many lessons,” Cold mused. “I have so much that I can teach you, and I fully intend to be very active in your education. Anything that captivates that lovely imagination of yours, I want you to bring to me so that we can explore it together.”

“Anything?” Jimmy repeated shyly, thinking of his naughty wish list. “Anything at all?”

“Anything,” Cold confirmed. “I promise that I will never shame you or refuse you unless it’s something that would cause direct harm to you or myself.”

“No, right. Yeah, totally. Got it. That makes total sense.” Jimmy fidgeted. “So, uh, about the practicing? Still down to do that? Like, now?”

“Of course,” Cold said. “Safe word, Mr. Poe?”

“Ice,” Jimmy replied, his eyes closing as he felt the submissive fog begin to slip over him. He could do this. Cold always took such good care of him, and Jimmy had no doubts that he would be an excellent teacher.

“Now, I want you to undress and go get in bed. Lie on your back and let your head hang off the edge of the mattress.” Cold smirked. “Do you understand, Mr. Poe?”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy said immediately. “I understand.”


While Jimmy quickly stripped down by the bed, Cold walked over to join him and unbuckled his belt to free his cock.

Jimmy got into position, and he was now close enough to smell the musk of Cold’s loins and a breath away from tasting him. He was eager to get going, and he hungrily gazed up at Cold’s giant cock with a soft whine.

“Open up wide, Mr. Poe,” Cold ordered, tracing his thumb over Jimmy’s top lip. “Let’s see what a quick study you are.”

Jimmy’s mouth parted, and his body relaxed completely.

“When I thrust all the way in,” Cold was saying, “my cock will fill your throat. When I pull back out, breathe in through your nose. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good boy,” Cold said, rolling his hips forward and sinking his cock into Jimmy’s waiting mouth. He only allowed a few inches inside, sighing as Jimmy sucked him effortlessly.

This part was easy. Jimmy hummed and swiped his tongue around the head of Cold’s dick, saliva already starting to collect in the roof of his mouth. He swallowed it down while he could and waited for Cold to give him more.

Cold allowed Jimmy time to adjust and let his drool lubricate his shaft. He began to push a little deeper, leaning over the bed and resting his hands on either side of Jimmy’s hips on the mattress.

“You may touch, Mr. Poe,” Cold said, his voice breathy and content as his hips slowly rocked against Jimmy’s face.

Both of Jimmy’s hands snapped up to grab Cold’s butt so fast that the gangster actually laughed.

Jimmy would have smiled if he could have, and he kneaded the full flesh of his lover’s ass. He was desperate to take it all, and he tried to pull Cold closer.

Cold was as patient as ever, ignoring Jimmy’s pawing and moving at his own pace. His cock was advancing deeper, inch by agonizing inch. “Almost there, Mr. Poe. You’re doing so well. Remember to breathe.”

Jimmy squeezed Cold’s butt in response, his eyes watering when he felt the head of his cock slide right down his throat. A quick second of pressure and it was gone, Cold having pulled back out quickly. Jimmy sucked air in through his nose, and he was ready to take the next thrust.

Over and over, Cold’s cock pushed deep, and Jimmy waited for him to withdraw to breathe. A beautiful rhythm began to develop, and Jimmy’s chest was absolutely bursting with pride. Slick and sure, Cold’s cock was pressing all the way down his throat, and Jimmy hadn’t gagged once.

“You’re doing so very well,” Cold said, and Jimmy was over the moon to hear him so tense. There was a growl in his voice now, sighing deeply, “My beautiful boy…”

Jimmy squeezed Cold’s butt again, desperate to taste his load. His head was starting to feel light from hanging off the bed, and his cheeks were scorching hot. His eyes fluttered when Cold finally responded the way he wanted him to and began to slam his cock with much more force than before.

“Touch yourself, Mr. Poe,” Cold growled ferociously, picking up speed. “You may come after I do, but only after me!”

His jaw aching from being held open so long, Jimmy wanted to moan. It was getting harder to breathe, and the time in between thrusts only allowed for quick sniffs of precious oxygen. He grabbed his own cock, wet with pre-cum and throbbing to the same tune of the blood pounding away in his head.

For a brief moment, everything was in perfect harmony: Cold’s thick cock burrowing deep inside his throat, the drumming of Jimmy’s blood up in his temples, and the desperate jerk of his hand on himself. Even the light smack of Cold’s balls in his face was moving in time with the magical tune. It was hypnotic, the sweetest beat he’d ever heard, and its thrum was synced with every frantic breath he could take.

“You’re gonna swallow it all down,” Cold commanded. “You’ll swallow every last drop of my cum right down your hot little throat.”

Jimmy snorted, spit running down his face, trying to prepare himself for the load about to fill up his mouth. But no, it didn’t come anywhere near his mouth. It was all shot straight down his throat, his whole body shuddering as he struggled to take it. The perfect rhythm went far off course, derailing into an explosive frenzy of sound and mind-wrecking sensation.

The feeling of Cold busting like this reminded Jimmy of gulping down warm tea, able to feel the heat soothing his aching throat and catching the faintest taste of cum on the back of his tongue. His head was pounding so hard he barely heard the command to climax, wheezing as Cold withdrew his cock and he could breathe through his mouth once more.

“Come for me, Mr. Poe,” Cold commanded again, velvety and firm. “Right fucking now.”

Jimmy barely finished his next stroke before his balls tightened up, and he feverishly came all over himself. He was sobbing from the sweet release, his face a mess of tears and spit, crying out as the final tremors of his orgasm made the base of his spine seize up.

Cold dropped to his knees beside the bed, and he gently pushed Jimmy back up into the pillows. “There you go, my beautiful Jimmy. My beautiful, perfect boy.”

The rush of blood pouring back into his skull made Jimmy’s vision blur, and he was totally limp as Cold began to wipe off his face. He was smiling dumbly, his jaw and throat screaming in protest from the abuse, but he felt completely satisfied down to the marrow of his bones.

He’d done it. He’d deep-throated that huge cock, he’d loved every second of it, and he hadn’t even choked once. He beamed proudly at Cold as he slipped into bed beside him.

“You were wonderful,” Cold said, continuing to pet and touch Jimmy’s face, peppering his cheeks with soft kisses.

“Thank you,” Jimmy mumbled, hating how scratchy his voice sounded. “It was good?”

“Perfect,” Cold confirmed. “I’ll have Jerry bring you some hot chocolate to help with your throat. I know you must be sore.”

“Mini-marshmallows?” Jimmy croaked hopefully.

“Absolutely,” Cold chuckled. “Consider this a very successful lesson, Mr. Poe. You’re a very fast learner.” His icy eyes shone with mischief and danger, saying slyly, “Mmmm, I can’t wait to see what I get to teach you next.”

“Mmhm,” Jimmy hummed in agreement. “Neither can I.”

Chapter Two

A few more days passed before they had the chance for another lesson. Jimmy slept in after a long night at the club and spent the afternoon filling out forms and sending off more emails. Cold was off doing what it was gangsters did during the day, leaving him alone with Jerry in case he needed anything.

With one final click, Jimmy’s application for law school was complete. Once it was approved, all that was left would be to register for classes and buy his textbooks. He closed his laptop with a relieved sigh, glancing up when he heard familiar footsteps approaching from the lounge.

It was Cold.

“Hey,” Jimmy greeted. “You’re home!”

“Mmm, yes,” Cold replied, unbuttoning his jacket and approaching the bed to kiss Jimmy’s brow. “How was your day?”

“Good! Everything’s ready for school!” Jimmy put his laptop over on the bedside, and a ripple of lust coiled up in his loins. Although he had been busy working on forms for college, his internet browsing had not remained entirely innocent. “I thought maybe… uh…”


“Since you’re home and we have some time before dinner,” Jimmy began eagerly, “that maybe we’d have a new lesson?”

“Hmmm…” Cold looked thoughtful. “Perhaps.”

“Pretty please?” Jimmy asked with a sweet pout.

Something seemed to click in Cold’s mind, and he smiled slyly. “I bet you would sound so pretty begging me… wouldn’t you?”

“Is that a question or a statement?” Jimmy asked, a little confused.

“Strip, Mr. Poe,” Cold ordered, “and we’ll soon see.”

Jimmy was getting very good at removing his clothes in a timely manner, and he could undress himself now in mere seconds.

“On the bed. Face down.” Cold waited for Jimmy to comply before sitting down on the edge of the mattress next to him. He began to trace a finger right along Jimmy’s inner thigh, dipping up toward his ass.

Jimmy’s breath hitched, his cock hard and already aching to be touched. Cold was so very close to where he wanted him, but then he was pulling away all too soon. “Sir?”

“Patience,” Cold replied firmly. He started again, his hand moving up between Jimmy’s legs and stroking his taint, sliding between his cheeks in a teasing wave. He was taking his time, mapping out the lines of Jimmy’s legs and hips, and he was absolutely refusing to do much else.

Heart pounding, Jimmy tried to get comfortable. It was impossible with his damn dick throbbing against his stomach, and he gasped as Cold reached beneath him to pull it back between his legs.

Cold’s long fingers stroked the silky head, dancing down his shaft to squeeze his balls firmly. He gave them a little tug, seeming to enjoy the weight of them in his hand. He went back to petting Jimmy’s cock, but offered nothing in the way of friction that could provide any relief.

“Will you please touch me, sir?” Jimmy asked.

“No. Not yet. Not until I believe you are truly begging for me. Only then.”

Jimmy dropped his head down in defeat, frustrated. He didn’t understand what Cold was trying to teach him. All this was doing was driving him completely insane. Cold was teasing and petting him with only the barest hint of pressure, and he was dying for more.

Remaining calm as always, Cold seemed completely unaffected by the many sounds of frustration coming from Jimmy. He was smiling, soft and subtle, reaching up to give Jimmy’s balls another rough tug. He went on without any end in sight, teasing his cock and his ass, cupping his cheeks and his thighs, and nothing more than that.

“Please, sir,” Jimmy pleaded urgently as he curled his hands into tight fists. “Please touch me!”

“Not yet,” Cold warned, feathering his fingers lightly over Jimmy’s spine and up into his hair. “It hasn’t been long enough for you to really beg me, has it? I don’t think you’re truly desperate enough yet.”

“God,” Jimmy groaned, grinding his pounding cock against the mattress. His lean body was dotted with sweat now, and his muscles trembled with a deep yearning for relief. “Please… I need… fuck…”

Had it been hours already? Or was it only a few minutes? Jimmy couldn’t tell how long it had been. Cold had been playing with every inch of him, but still refused to give him more than the tips of his fingers anywhere on his body.

“Tell me what you need,” Cold pushed, his touch halting immediately. “Use your words. Remember that I’m only going to give you what you want if I think you truly deserve it, if you’ve begged me properly.”

“Fuck… sir,” Jimmy pouted, writhing against the sheets. “I need you to touch me. I need you so bad that it hurts. Fucking please!”

“Touch you where?” Cold asked casually, as if he was inquiring about the weather.

Jimmy whined, rolling his hips down and trying to string together enough words for an intelligible response. “Touch me,” he began shakily. “My ass, my cock, I want… I want to come, sir.”

“Mmm, I do very much enjoy your ass,” Cold said with a faint chuckle, his fingers trailing over Jimmy’s perky cheeks. “What would you like me to do?”

“Eat it,” Jimmy replied bluntly. “Fuck me with your tongue, your fingers, God, anything. A toy, your cock, fucking something! Please, sir!”

Cold hummed, politely declining, “Not yet.”

“I can’t take it!” Jimmy cried desperately. He reached up to tug at his hair, and he was immediately certain this was what going mad felt like. He was actually going insane.

All of the teasing was delicious torture, but he couldn’t stand another second.

“I need you to fucking touch me, for the love of fucking God!” Jimmy wailed, crying brokenly. “I’m losing my fucking mind! Fuck, please, pretty fucking please! Will you please fucking do something! For fuck’s sake! Now!”

“Why, Mr. Poe,” Cold answered coyly, surprised by Jimmy’s raised voice. “All you had to do was ask.”

Jimmy groaned in frustration, head flopping down, and he whimpered loudly when he felt Cold push his legs apart and kneel between them. He arched his hips up, panting heatedly, eager to finally feel his lover.

Cold’s nimble fingers squeezed Jimmy’s cheeks, and his thumbs slid slowly down his crack. He didn’t yet press in, not even close, massaging the tender skin around his hole.

Jimmy shivered, closing his eyes and focusing on the sensation of Cold’s fingers. His hands were so strong and smooth, pushing against Jimmy’s skin and squeezing his cheeks again.

Cold lowered his head, spreading him wide and kissing his taint, praising, “Mmm, such a pretty little hole you have, Mr. Poe.” He stuck out his tongue, making his way to Jimmy’s ass and up his crack in one long, slow swipe. “So very fucking pretty…”

Jimmy moaned, his toes clenching and unclenching, sighing gratefully, “Oh, yes… oh, my God…” After having been denied for so long, Cold’s touch was heavenly. Every pore of Jimmy’s flesh was ridiculously sensitive and tingling instantly.

He swore he could feel every individual taste bud on Cold’s tongue as it glided back over his hole, the tip of it focusing right in the center of his puckered opening and starting to push in. His entire body turned into putty, and he mewled as Cold’s tongue worked its way deeper still, Cold’s soft lips sucking a passionate kiss around his ass.

Cold’s hands kept rubbing his cheeks, massaging them and keeping them spread as he lavished his hole with all the precise and lush affections that his mouth could possibly provide.

Jimmy cried and gasped, a sudden heat beginning to rage between his legs, stuttering, “S-sir, I’m so close, I’m—!”

“Go on,” Cold grunted, his palm smacking Jimmy’s cheek, fingers digging into the round flesh of his ass. “Come for me, Mr. Poe!”

Jimmy moaned, rubbing his cock against the mattress and choking back a scream as he suddenly spilled his load all over the bed. Cold’s tongue stroked him through it, rubbing his hole, while Cold’s hands kneaded his ass as Jimmy rutted against the mattress.

“Fuuuu-uck!” Jimmy exclaimed when his shaking had eased, laughing giddily from the beautiful rush. He hummed, content, as Cold pulled away with a parting kiss placed on his hip.

“You were exquisite,” Cold sighed, mouthing his way up Jimmy’s back to snuggle up beside him.

“Mmm, thank you,” Jimmy chuckled, stretching out his legs and turning his head for a sweet kiss. He gazed adoringly at Cold. “You were freakin’ amazing.”

“See? A little bit of begging can be quite fulfilling,” Cold said with a smirk.

“That was definitely not a ‘little bit’! Come on!” Jimmy laughed.

“The point was to show you how fulfilling it can be to finally get what you want after being denied.”

“Tortured,” Jimmy corrected with a snicker.

“The thrill of begging is in the anticipation. The buildup, the suspense—”

“The torture!”

Cold finally laughed, shaking his head as he reminded, “We have a safe word for a reason.”

“I know,” Jimmy replied, “but you know…” He grinned shyly, confessing, “I really did like it.”

“Then I’ll consider this a very successful lesson. Mmm, would you like a drink before dinner?”

“Eh, depends.”

“On?” Cold blinked.

“Am I gonna have to beg for it?” Jimmy asked cheekily.

“Ha!” Cold cackled, smothering Jimmy’s lips with a deep kiss. “Mm, only if you want to.”

“Then, mmm, nope.”

“Fair enough.”

Chapter Three

The next lesson seemed fairly benign: making love in front of a mirror. Jimmy’s online research told him that it was an intense sexual experience and could be quite enjoyable for both partners. The visual aspect was supposed to be incredibly stimulating, akin to watching a homemade video without the potentially embarrassing evidence.

Plus, Cold had a full-length mirror that could be easily moved over to the bed so no additional equipment was necessary.

It was already nicer than what Jimmy had first imagined, having pictured seedy hotel rooms with mirrors up on the ceiling. They were in the safety and comfort of their own bedroom, and Jimmy couldn’t count how many times he had watched Cold getting ready in this same mirror every day.

He wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to look at it the same way after this.

“Don’t take your eyes off yourself for a moment,” Cold commanded, bending Jimmy over onto his hands and knees.

Jimmy nodded, taking a deep breath as he felt the hot head of Cold’s cock pressing up against his slick hole. He looked at himself in the mirror, his eyes dark with want and his face already bright red from all of the foreplay that had led up to this moment.

He was suddenly self-conscious. He thought he looked like a flustered little boy while Cold appeared every bit a sensual awesome god mounted behind him.

Cold’s body was so powerful and strong, the muscles of his stomach and shoulders flexing as he thrust inside with one tantalizing swing of his hips. His eyes were hooded with lust, glittering beautifully in the low light, and his wicked lips curled into a sly smirk that promised incoming mischief.

Jimmy groaned, and he stared in awe up at Cold in the reflection.

Cold’s hand popped Jimmy’s ass lightly, warning him, “Remember. Eyes on you, Mr. Poe.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy whined, redirecting his attention back to himself. He tried to relax and enjoy Cold’s cock pushing into him, but he hated how he looked.

His face was getting redder, and he could see the flush spreading down his chest. He was embarrassed, and his brows were scrunched up in obvious discomfort. He looked like an awkward, miserable lobster.

Jimmy tried controlling his expression, but he couldn’t calm himself down. He found that his body was immediately becoming tense, and Cold’s slams were soon uncomfortable. He closed his eyes in response to the pain, knowing instantly that Cold was going to notice, and he blushed further in shame.

“Mr. Poe,” Cold said, slowing down. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like how I look,” Jimmy confessed honestly, hanging his head. “This wasn’t a good idea.” He couldn’t help how his gaze wandered to the man behind him. “You’re so fucking sexy, and I’m… I just…”

The sharp crack of Cold’s hand across his ass reverted his gaze back to the mirror, Jimmy gasping as he was pressed flat against the mattress. He cried out when Cold’s strong fingers wove through his hair and jerked his head up.

“Look,” Cold commanded firmly.

Jimmy stared dumbly at himself, blushing and confused, his expression uncertain. He wiggled, gasping as Cold rolled his hips, pushing his cock all the way in. Jimmy still didn’t understand, and he asked helplessly, “What?”

“Look at how beautiful you are,” Cold said earnestly, kissing Jimmy’s cheek.

The sincerity and passion in Cold’s voice made Jimmy shiver and then moan.

“Let me show you,” Cold urged, his hips moving again, thrusting deep. “Let me show you how fucking beautiful you are to me.”

Moaning again, Jimmy spread his legs to open himself up to the intense angle. His eyes fluttered back at himself in the mirror. His cheeks were blotchy and dark, hair damp with sweat, but he realized that he was smiling.

Cold wrapped his arm around Jimmy’s shoulders, still hanging onto his hair. His grip was gentler now, and he nuzzled against his temple as he grinded down into him. “Look,” he breathed. “My gorgeous boy.”

Jimmy groaned, the sound passing over his lips without restraint. He dared to meet Cold’s eye in the mirror for a brief glimpse, and he was completely stunned by the devotion and heat burning in his gaze. He looked back at himself as he realized all of that passion was for him and only him.

Yes, Jimmy looked young, but he was happy, full of life and energy. He was an erotic nymph, completely lost in Cold’s divine embrace and the relentless pounding of his cock. Flushed and crying out with every slam, Jimmy finally understood what Cold was trying to show him.

He had never felt so beautiful.

“Fuck,” Jimmy sighed. “Yes…” His teeth dug down into his lip, and he groaned as he stared dreamily at the gorgeous sight of himself enslaved by Cold’s thrusting pelvis. “Yes, I see… fuck, I see now.”

Cold sighed, his breath hot and heavy in Jimmy’s ear, whispering, “You look so fucking pretty taking my cock…”

“God, yes, I fucking do,” Jimmy panted, his jaw slack even as his mouth curled into a grin. He was really starting to get into it now, and he couldn’t look away. He turned his head to get a better angle of his face, watching a bead of sweat drip slowly down his neck.

He could see the way the flesh of his ass cheeks bounced when Cold thrust into him, a quick ripple of skin from the force of his pounding. It was more thrilling than any pornographic video he had ever seen, and there was a secret part of him that wished he could record this.

Cold grunted, squeezing Jimmy close as the tempo of his hips became frantic, growling, “Grab your cock and watch yourself come, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy whined, snaking his hand down beneath himself to latch onto his dick as instructed. He started to tense, his brows furrowing up as he tried to focus in on that fleeting stream of pleasure. It flowed all through his body, from his toes to the back of his throat as he groaned, quick strokes creating an eruption of pleasure as he climaxed.

He screamed passionately as Cold’s furious slams carried him through it, his eyes wide at the vision of his face in the mirror. His lips were soft and wet, his lashes fluttering as his cock spilled all over his hand, and he was completely mesmerized.

Jimmy looked exhausted, sweaty, and absolutely bursting from his awesome orgasm. He was smiling from ear to ear, groaning again as Cold finished inside of him. Their bodies rutted together as the last few tremors of precious bliss washed over them both.

“Mmmm, Jimmy,” Cold sighed, husky and breathless. “Damn.”

Jimmy’s head flopped against the sheets, his heart thumping so hard he swore it was making his ribs vibrate. “Mmmmph…”

Cold leaned down to kiss his damp cheek and chuckled to himself. He pulled out with a soft grunt, nudging Jimmy’s hip. “Turn around. Up on your knees so you can see your ass in the mirror.”

“Oh, God,” Jimmy whimpered, realizing what Cold was going to show him.

“Oh, yes.”

Jimmy got up, leaning into Cold’s strong embrace to steady himself. He turned his back to the mirror and bent over, arching up his hips and looking over his shoulder at his reflection.

Cold’s hands slid down to spread Jimmy’s cheeks, humming appreciatively when they could both see his gaping hole. He slid a finger down over it and traced the stretched ring of muscle with a ravenous moan. “Look at you, Jimmy. So open, so wet for me…”

Jimmy clenched without meaning to, and he gasped when he saw a trickle of cum drip out of his hole. He could feel it running down his thigh, and he shivered. He couldn’t believe how open he was, fucked so loose that he was absolutely leaking. He buried his face against Cold’s broad shoulder, and he moaned as Cold’s long fingers continued to play in his ass.

Cold slid his thumbs in, gently stretching him back open and sliding around in his own cum.

“Fuck, I can feel it.” Jimmy rocked back on Cold’s probing fingers.

“Look,” Cold urged, kissing Jimmy’s hair and nudging at his cheek. “Look at how beautiful you are.”

Jimmy lifted up his head to watch Cold stretching his wet hole. It felt dirty and liberating all at once, and his cock flexed with new interest despite having just come. He couldn’t believe how turned on he was getting watching himself in the mirror, murmuring, “God, you’ve absolutely ruined me.”

“Only temporarily,” Cold chuckled.

Jimmy smiled, gasping suddenly as Cold plunged his fingers deep inside of him. It was too much, and he scrambled to brace himself against Cold’s chest. “Mmm, fuck!”

Cold pulled his fingers out, sucking them into his mouth with a content sigh. He turned Jimmy’s head to take his lips in a passionate kiss and share the taste with him. “My beautiful boy.”

“Yours.” Jimmy collapsed onto the bed, his limbs flailing outward.

Cold got up and returned with a cloth to clean Jimmy with, taking his time and leaving him spotless. Once he was satisfied, he began to move the mirror back to its rightful place next to the closet.

“Wait,” Jimmy said.

“What is it?”

“Could we maybe… leave the mirror here just a little longer?” Jimmy asked shyly. “At least for the rest of tonight?”

Cold laughed, leaning down to kiss Jimmy with a sly grin. “Absolutely.”

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