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A Gift for the Commander by Sara Fields – Sample

A Gift for the Commander“See to it that she is bathed and prepared for examination. We must assess whether she is a healthy female, both inside and out. And then we will prepare her for auction. I am to be informed about her progress every step of the way. I have a feeling that Olivia and I will know each other rather intimately before she is brought up for sale.”

His words echoing in her head, Olivia trembled with desire, along with something else she could only identify as fear. The moment Wes had walked into the cell with her, she had felt his presence deep in her bones, almost like her body was calling for him in some strange way. She had been in that cell for days and had managed to avoid everyone, until he had arrived. Curiosity getting the best of her, she had torn her eyes from the dirty ground to look up at him, only to find that he had been watching her too. Her throat suddenly dry, her tongue had felt like cotton and swallowing had become immensely difficult. That single second of eye contact had seemed like ages, until he had begun to speak.

A jerk of her arm broke her out of her inner turmoil and back to the present. Four Erassan men held each of her limbs, controlling her so that she could no longer fight. She couldn’t move her arms or legs even a millimeter. A sense of panic began to brew deep inside her, and she took a deep breath in order to control it.

Wes still stood in front of her, and she allowed her eyes to focus and settle on his. A strange calm settled over her as he stared back, and she knew he had begun to use his alien abilities. Knowing it was one of the powers that Erassan males were blessed with, she felt her body relax and the fight within her simmered away into nothing.

Icy blue eyes stared back at her, the color the same shade of blue as the sky. The blond spiked hair atop his head looked intentionally messy, framing his face in such a sensual way that it made Olivia’s heart quicken. His square jaw was set in a grim, no-nonsense manner, and light touches of facial hair trimmed his face.

Licking her lips in admiration, she identified the instinctual passionate response to him within her. Her pulse accelerated, and she suddenly felt very warm. Her thighs quivered with need at just the sight of him. As he watched her, he confidently cocked up an eyebrow, and she gasped at her body’s visceral reaction to him. She couldn’t be attracted to this alien man, could she?

“Bring her to the bathing room,” he said, his voice brusque to her ears. She felt her body begin to move without her shifting a muscle or her feet touching the floor. The Erassan men carried her out of the jail cell and into a nearby hallway. She noticed the aliens ushering a larger group of human women forward with her. It seemed like only seconds before they reached a larger room, decorated in beautiful cream-colored tile. It reminded her of a Roman-style bathhouse with quite a few modern twists. Looking around, she saw human aides stationed at multiple deep jetted tubs. The other human females who were taken from the cell with her were ushered to the waiting attendants. Expecting to be released by the Erassans and bathed by one of those women, she whipped her head to the side when Wes’ voice sounded to her right.

“Put her down here. I will bathe her.”

“What? You wouldn’t dare!” she challenged, suddenly angry that he would think that it was okay for him to touch her in that manner.

He sauntered in front of her and grabbed her chin, his strength causing her to whimper from its force. She stared back at him and saw his jaw clench. The hands holding her tightened their grip and a smirk glimmered at the edges of his lips.

“Let her go.”

Suddenly her feet touched the floor and she was free. Rubbing her arms to erase the feeling of the Erassans’ touch, she stood awkwardly alone in front of Wes as he held her in place with but a few fingers, still underneath her chin. She knew she could run, yet those digits touching her skin were more powerful than she expected, commanding her to obey him. Instead, she simply breathed and waited to see what he would do next.

“What do you want from me?”

“I want you to get naked,” he said firmly.

Opening her eyes wide in surprise, she gasped at his boldness.


“I can make you. I can freeze you in place with my mind and rip the clothes from your body until you’re standing there, bare to my view. But if I have to do it that way, I’m going to sit down and put you over my knee for a lesson in obedience first. Is that clear?”

“Then do it. I’m not going to strip for you bastards,” she replied, her defiance clear. She shook her head, and his fingers released her. Arching her back and crossing her arms over her chest, she stood strong in front of him. Feeling the Erassans behind her move in closer, she stiffened, half expecting hands to grab her limbs any second in order to keep her still and pliant for Wes’ demands. Instead, he held his hand up and she felt nothing. No hands clenched around her arms, no one grabbed her hair. Nothing happened.

“Olivia, have you ever been spanked before?” A strange look of curiosity came over Wes’ expression as he lifted his chin in inquiry.

Silently, she shook her head, giving him the answer he was looking for. Suddenly, a nervous feeling came over her. Had she made the right decision? He wouldn’t really do that to her, would he? It wouldn’t hurt, right?

The moment she saw him smile—actually, smirk would be the better term—she knew she’d made the wrong decision. Her stomach dropped to the floor as a dominant look came over his face. She saw his back straighten as he stepped toward her, his hands flexing at his sides. His power overwhelmed her and she couldn’t move, his mental abilities shutting down her capacity to control her own body. Wes was in complete control of her, but for some reason, she didn’t hate it. In fact, her core thrummed, and she felt moisture begin to pool in between her legs.

Time seemed to slow as he came to a stop before her, his fingers lifting to trail down the length of her chin, igniting her flesh with his touch. A line of fire shot straight down, deep into her core. If she could have squeezed her thighs together, she would have. Instead, her breathing became steady pants as his touch inched down her throat, slowly making his way to her collarbone. Strangely, she had never felt more alive than she did at that very moment.

She should hate him, as she detested all men who had the nerve to touch her after everything she had been through. Their touch had been selfish, cruel even, but there was something different about the man standing in front of her. In his eyes there was a warmth, a kindness simmering underneath his stern features and something that told her that she could trust him, despite everything that told her she shouldn’t.

Without pause, Wes grabbed the collar of her grimy shirt with both hands and, before she knew it, he had torn it straight down the front. She gasped in shock as he fingered her bra next, and then watched helplessly as he decimated it seconds later. Her chest heaving, she could do nothing as he pushed the fabric up and over her shoulders, so that she stood completely topless before him.

For a long moment, he simply stared at her, his eyes flicking from her gaze to her breasts, back and forth so that she knew he could see all of her. Appreciation lingered in his stare. His palms brushed against the hard peaks of her nipples, causing her breath to catch in her throat.

Slower still, his hands drifted to the waistband of her dirty jeans. Taking his time, he unbuttoned them, and she heard the hum of her zipper as he pulled the slider tab down its teeth. Taking a hold of her pants, he pushed the fabric down and over the curve of her hips, his fingertips grazing across her quickly heating skin. Every scant touch of his rough callused digits against her flesh caused her heart to come alive and her body to heat to an impossible level.

Before she knew it, she was standing before him in nothing but a pair of skimpy white lace-edged panties. He moved closer to her still, his hands claiming ownership of both sides of her hips. Her chest heaved with nervous breaths as her stomach started to turn with apprehension. Maybe she shouldn’t have challenged him after all.

“Please, don’t,” she begged, as he fingered the lace trim of her underwear.

“Naughty girls who disobey me end up with a red bottom,” he said gently. “And you challenged me, Olivia. Because of that, you’re about to get spanked, and I will promise you, your little backside will be bare and dancing under my punishing palm very soon. Is that clear?”

“Whatever,” she answered dismissively, trying to sound fierce and defiant. Her body quivered at his threat, and she could already feel moisture forming in her panties at the thought of him taking her in hand. Her legs trembled with weakness, and she could sense her pussy beginning to throb with what she could only classify as desire.

“‘Yes, sir’ is the correct answer. Unless you would rather call me master.”

“I’d rather call you nothing,” she quickly replied, narrowing her eyes at the suggestion of calling him something more. Her pussy clenched, and her lips tightened with a shred of rebelliousness.

Unfortunately for her, his smile grew impossibly larger, his eyes darkening at her challenge. He took her hand in his and led her calmly over to a nearby straight-backed chair. Sitting down, he pulled her in between his legs, holding her hips in place so she had nowhere to escape. He had complete control of her and she knew it.

“Olivia, look around the room.”

Her eyes drifted from his to take in all the people in the room. Girls all around the chamber were staring back at her with wide eyes as attendants washed and shampooed them. Multiple Erassan men and women stood around the perimeter, watching the exchange between her and Wes. She gulped suddenly, before tearing her eyes away from the scene and back to the man who was pulling her toward him, closer so that she could feel the heat radiating off of his body. His male scent assaulted her senses.

“Everyone in this room is about to witness your very first spanking. I’m going to make you kick and scream and regret your choice to defy me, and I’m going to enjoy every single second of it. And,” he paused before looking her up and down, “I expect that you will be one sorry little lady before I’m through with you.”

Olivia could do nothing but stare back at him, her stomach suddenly in her throat. Wes gripped the lace of her panties and slowly slid them down her thighs until they pooled around her feet. Her insides somersaulted as she stood completely naked before him. A soft whimper escaped her throat as an icy chill caressed the space in between her legs, clearly moist with pleasure. The smell of her aroused sex filled the air around them.

“Step out of your underwear.”

Begrudgingly following his command, she lifted one foot and then the other. Kneading her hands together, she closed her eyes as he observed her bare pussy, his palms edging toward the tops of her thighs and his thumbs coming dangerously close to touching her sensitive folds.

She could practically feel the sexual tension slicing through the air between them. It was palpable. Meeting his eyes one final time, she gasped as he pushed her down over his left thigh, his other leg swinging around and effectively binding her in place. One of his hands snaked through her hair at the nape of her neck before swiftly closing around a handful of her blond wavy locks. He pulled backward so that her neck arched back, pressing her down precariously into the hard muscle beneath her.

The nerves at the back of her head prickled with a foreign type of pain. No one had ever done anything like that to her. The pain melded into a piercing form of pleasure, ripping through her body and making her hotter than ever before.

His other hand rested on her bottom, and there was little she could do to suppress the moan that escaped from her throat. She knew that every single person around them had probably heard that moan, and she felt her face flush hotly in response.

“My, my, I think my kitten is enjoying herself. Is she not?”

Olivia felt her face flush with embarrassment, and she did everything she could in order to not moan out loud again as Wes trailed his fingertips across the fleshy curve of her bottom. There was something about his simple touch that ignited her insides with fire like never before. She shouldn’t want this; her body shouldn’t be reacting with such wild desire. The longer she lay face down over his thighs, her arousal pooling between her legs, the more she could no longer deny the effect that Wes was having on her. No matter what was about to happen, she wanted him desperately.

“Please,” she begged, her voice quivering with urgent need. Her thighs flexed against the hardness of his. In response, his grip on her hair tightened, arching her toward him, and his other hand left her bottom. It returned with a resounding crack, the sound echoing off the tile around her.

“How do you address me, Olivia?” he asked, his voice cool and calm. He placed his palm back down on her throbbing right cheek, the sting from the smack just beginning to take a hold of her.

“Oh!” she cried out in surprise. “Please don’t spank me!”

“It’s a little late for that now, isn’t it. Instead, you’re over my knee, about to get your bottom thrashed like a naughty little girl.”

“Please, sir,” she cried out pitifully.

Wes spoke no more. His hand left the close proximity of her skin before coming back down again to clap against her left bottom cheek. He began to spank her with urgency, his pace building increasingly harder the longer she lay naked over his thighs. She tried to kick, tried to escape his solid hold, but to no avail. She was a grown woman, naked, and receiving a spanking over a man’s knee for the first time in her life. This seriously couldn’t be happening.

Smack! Smack!

The sounds of his palm peppering her naughty backside filled the room, and it took only scant seconds for the painful sting to register in her head. She tried to twist her body, attempted to arch her back in order to escape his punishing blows, but to no avail. He tightened his grip on the bulk of her hair, causing her to yelp in surprise as he yanked her head back even further yet. Her stomach pressed down on his thigh, and she could feel his hardness push up against her hip.

Over and over, Wes spanked her bottom, alternating from left to right, covering the entire expanse of her flesh. There was no escape. She had no choice but to accept what he chose to give her, and before long, she felt tears begin to prickle at the edges of her eyes.

The moment that Wes began to spank her upper thighs, catching the curve where hard muscle met the curve of her buttocks, her barriers broke and she began to cry in earnest. Even as the first tear glided down her cheek, her body still warmed to his stern touch. Electricity buzzed through her, settling deep in her core, causing her pussy to clench uncontrollably with her desire.

Her bottom burning from his firm punishment, she whined as she could feel her body betraying her, wanting him, needing him with such force that it almost added to the pain of her spanking. Squeezing her eyes shut, she keened out loud, knowing her juices were beginning to coat the insides of her thighs, and there was no way he couldn’t have noticed.

His spanks slowed, each one smacking her sorry backside with such force that it pressed her hips closer to him. Her body limp, she no longer tried to fight him, and his hold on her blond locks began to loosen until, at long last, his hand drifted across her naked shoulders. Her senses under assault, she hardly noticed that he had stopped spanking her, and instead had begun to caress her scalded skin. The tiny hairs on her skin rose and a chill raced down her spine.

His fingers kneaded her bottom cheeks, reviving the ache and soreness that had been there just seconds before. A soft sigh escaped her lips, her mind no longer recognizing what was pain and what was pleasure. She felt like a coil that was about to snap at any second, the tension inside her wound up so tight that she could hardly breathe.

One of his hands trailed down the length of her spine, the other edged closer to the place between her legs. She should want to fight him, to stop him from touching her there, but she couldn’t remember how and didn’t want to, especially in her current condition. As soon as his fiery touch grazed against her lower folds, she moaned loudly and her thighs spread open wider.

She shouldn’t be reacting like this! She had just been spanked, for god’s sake! Instead, she was acting like a common tavern wench, spreading her legs in such a lewd and wanton manner that she should be ashamed of herself. She felt his touch begin to move, and she lost track of her train of thought. Two of his fingers now rubbed up and down her wet slit, and much as she tried, she couldn’t help arching her hips closer to his touch.

“My, my, isn’t my pretty kitten excited by her spanking,” Wes leaned down and whispered into her ear.

“I’m not your kitten,” she said, her voice hoarse with unmet need.

“For now, you remind me of a sweet, but feisty little kitten. And my dear… I have other ways of punishing you that will leave you begging and screaming for mercy. Before I’m through with you today, you’re going to submit to me without question. Got it, kitten?”

“Yes,” she answered breathily, a tremor quaking through her limbs.

“You will not come without permission. If you do, I will start your spanking over, and this time, I will use my belt to teach you to obey.”

“You’re going to do what?” she gasped, not believing his words.

Without another sound, his fingers, which had stilled on her upper thighs, moved back toward the secret place in between her legs. This time his fingertips had a purpose, and firmly glided across her wet lips, slickened by her arousal. They settled on her clit, which was already throbbing with such excitement that she could hardly stay still.

He began to circle her pulsating bud, and she cried out at the shock of pleasure that ignited her system. Her hips bucked at the intensity of it, and before long, she was grinding against his thigh in a frantic hope of finding release.

She didn’t want this, or did she? The only thing she could think about was hurtling over the edge in the world of pleasure, needed it, and craved it even. The thought of coming apart while over his thighs, her bottom high in the air, still burning from his spanking, haunted her so that she couldn’t focus on anything else.

Frenzied, her moans shortened into breathy pants. She was almost there, almost, just a second longer. He just needed to press a little harder and she would find her pleasure.

Without warning, Wes moved his fingers away from her clit before edging backwards, leaving her feeling achy with unreleased desire. As her body calmed, his fingers moved back to her clit, circling it again until she was practically gasping for breath. Her fingers grabbed at his ankles and she held on for dear life. One more second and she would be there. Just one more moment of pressure. Just one. Oh, god.

He took his hand away again. Shock bathed her like a bucket of cold water. Desperation overtook her mind, and before she could stop herself, she opened her mouth and began to beg. “Please, sir, please don’t stop!”

“Ahhhh, so my kitten wants to come?”

“Yes, sir, please,” she cried out, no longer caring that everyone in the room was probably watching her wild and lusty display. The only thing on her mind was the unbearable tension that was taking over her every nerve, pleading for relief, whatever the cost. Twisting backwards, she turned her eyes to meet his, and saw the raw power in his gaze. Her pussy clenched at just the sight. Her tummy leapt into her throat as she realized what he wanted.

“Yes, your kitten would like to come. Please, let me come, sir.”

A triumphant smile growing larger by the second glimmered at the corners of his mouth as she submitted to him.

“Because you begged so prettily, you may come.”

Without a second’s pause, his hand returned to stroke her needy flesh, coiling the tension inside her to unbearable levels. She moaned as her hips rolled toward his thighs, his fingers moving up and down and all around her clit, until finally, everything inside her snapped and the only thing she knew was pleasure. The world before her eyes went white hot as he pressed her further into her lust. He held her tight as she rode his fingertips, her breathing sounding loud as it intermingled with high-pitched moans.

After it was all over and her body finally came under her control again, Wes clapped his palm over her pussy and held it there as she cried out at his mark of ownership. His entire hand spanned from her clit to all the way to the back, where his thumb rested over her bottom hole.


She hadn’t ever been touched there before. It felt especially naughty, but oddly tantalizing. Her entire body stilled at the silent threat he posed as his thumb pressed down firmly on her tight rosette. There was no question regarding his intent. She stilled and waited to see what he would do next.

“Olivia, it is time for your bath. Come, let me help you stand up. We need to get you thoroughly cleaned, both inside and out so that you are ready for your examination.”

“Cleaned?” Wariness seemed to appear from a faraway place, as passion still throbbed within her. What could he possibly mean?

“Yes, my dear. You’re to be cleaned thoroughly.”

Wes put a hand under her shoulder and helped her to rise on unsteady feet. He placed his arms on her waist, steadying her shaky legs. Her body felt like it was made of jelly. Gently, he lifted her chin with his pointed finger and stared right into her eyes. The next words that came out of his mouth had her shivering like a leaf in the wind, and if he hadn’t been holding her up, she’d have collapsed into a nervous puddle onto the floor.

“I’m going to personally see to it that your naughty bottom is completely and thoroughly washed out. Have you ever had an enema before, naughty girl? If not, I’d be perfectly happy to introduce you to your very first one.”

The smirk that gleamed at the edges of his lips was as equally terrifying as it was enticing. She had the odd sudden urge to kiss him, but held back. Why did she get the sense that he was a predator, and she, his prey? What the hell was she in for?

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