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A Unique Arrangement by David Sullivan – Sample

A Unique Arrangement by David Sullivan (Post 200x300)Chapter One

Nervousness gushed through Troy as he entered the animal shelter in San Jose’s industrial area for his first job interview. The disinfectant hit his sensitive nostrils.

A young woman in a fuchsia smock, working the floor with a mop, greeted him. “Hi, can I help you?” Her toothy smile eased his stress while stirring a sexual interest. Her jeweled blue eyes seemed magical; she scanned him from head to toe and winked.

Troy answered, “I have an appointment with Calvin Hilton, the manager.”

She matched his five-foot, eight-inch height. “Sure, I’ll get him for you.” She winked again and walked off, her long, shiny hair draping down her back.

Troy glanced at pictures and posters of animals in the cramped lobby.

“Hi, I’m Calvin.”

Troy spun around. “Hello, Sir, I’m Troy Jorden. We spoke on the phone about the part-time job.” Calvin seemed to be average height and build, sporting a dress shirt and slacks.

“I’m glad you came in. Let’s go to my expansive office.” He guided Troy down a long hall into a confined, cluttered office, and motioned to a worn padded chair. “Have a seat.” He took his own behind an antique desk.

He checked the office out. “This is small. You have to work in here?”

“If I’m lucky I get taken out for walks from time to time.” He laughed.

“Mr. Hilton, I have to be honest, this is my first interview. I don’t know what’s supposed to happen.”

“I was nervous on my first interview too; I understand and hope you’ll like working here.”

“Thank you, Sir, but I thought this was a job interview. Am I hired?”

“As a matter of fact you are. You were the only one to apply. Troy, you look nervous. Take some deep breaths and relax. Everyone here is on a first name basis. I’m Calvin. How do you like to be called?”

“Troy is fine.”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“I’m eighteen, not athletic, just started college and I can work evenings and weekends.”

Calvin templed his fingers in front of his mouth. “I’m twenty-four, been here three years. This is my first full-time job since I graduated college with a business degree. I was the only one to apply.” He laughed as he settled back in his chair. “So, how are you with people?”

“I prefer to work alone. I’m a bit shy. My parents are out-going and can’t figure me out.” He lowered his eyes as he thought about how poorly he got along with them, at least when compared with his two athletic older brothers.

Calvin nodded. “I need help Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, four hours per night, starting at 5 P.M. It’ll be you and Angela working. She’s the person you just met. If it goes well I’ll see about getting you more work time. I know those hours will likely interfere with your social life.”

“I really don’t have one. I’m a loner.” The corners of Calvin’s mouth rose, which helped Troy relax.

Calvin nodded and stood. “Angela will train you. Be careful of her sense of humor, but she’s a hard worker. Oh, and she’s a huggy person.” He smiled. Troy returned it. “I’m sorry the pay is low but we’re a non-profit and barely scrape by financially.”

“I need to save up so I can move out on my own. This will help.”

“Great. See you tomorrow. Wear clothes you can get dirty in, but make sure there are no political statements or adult humor on your T-shirts.” He stood. They shook hands and Troy left walking on clouds, knowing he had just landed his first job. He spied Angela’s athletic frame and hot ass perfectly displayed in tight jeans as he left.

The next day Troy pushed into the animal shelter lobby just before 5 P.M.

Angela handed a leash and dog over to a boy who was about eight years old. “Thanks so much for adopting him. Make sure you let your parents play with him, too.” She hugged the dog, a German Shepherd and Rottweiler mix. “You take care of your new humans. Be good to them.” She opened her arms and the boy hugged her. She stood and hugged the man and woman as they smiled and left. The woman giggled softly, “She’s so huggy.”

Angela sported a bright, contagious smile, and a blue smock with Snoopy covering the front. “Adoptions are my favorite part of the job. It’s great to see an animal get a good home.”

Troy returned the smile, quelling his nerves, and wished for a good home for himself.

“You’re Troy, right? I’m Angela. I didn’t formally introduce myself yesterday. I’m really the one who runs the place, I just let Calvin think he does.” Troy offered his hand but Angela pulled him into a quick hug. “Take a breath; you look nervous. I don’t bite… well, not too often.” She cackled.

Troy’s cock tingled. “But Calvin said he’s the manager.”

She rolled her eyes. “I’m joking.” She smirked.

“Duh, sorry. Sometimes I’m slow.”

“You have to be at least as smart as the animals, otherwise they’ll be out here and you’ll be in a kennel.” She took his hands in hers. “Good, you have thumbs. The animals don’t. That’s an advantage for you.” She smirked deeper than before, and pulled him off balance into an embrace. “Welcome to the animal shelter.”

Her forwardness, coupled with warmth, sent a thrill through him.

She wrapped an arm around his shoulder. “Come on, I’ll give you the tour. I’ve been here over two years, go to college and will graduate early because I’m so pretty. Please don’t ask to marry me, I already have a long list of suitors.” She grinned. “That was a joke, too. I take summer classes so I can get my diploma sooner.”

“I got that one.” His face warmed.

“I’m sorry; I’ve embarrassed you.” She chucked. “But you’re cute when you blush.”

She showed him around, and he found himself looking at her pretty body and ass in tight-fitting jeans. He again admired her shiny brown hair that fell almost to her waist.

“After 5 P.M. we’re the only workers.”

Angela showed Troy some of his duties of watering and feeding the animals and mopping walkways. He spied on her from a distance as they worked. Calvin was right; she had a spring in her step and worked hard.

Later, as they finished stocking bags of pet food, she checked her watch and spun around toward Troy. “Quitting time soon. Let’s get the equipment put away.” She paused. “Were you checking out my ass?”

Fear rushed through him. “No, no, I’m sorry. I mean I wasn’t, but I’m sorry.”

“Really?” Her voice softened. “I apologize. I’m way too forward. It’s okay if you were checking out my butt; I know it’s hot.” She slapped it twice on one cheek and twice on the other. “And I’m not coming on to you. I have a boyfriend.” She blinked. “Were you admiring my ass?” She pouted and put a fingertip in her mouth.

He nodded and his cock popped to attention.

Her voice rose. “Thank you! I’m proud of it. But I wish I had bigger boobs.”

Troy’s mouth dropped. He preferred petite breasts on girls, just what she displayed, but he didn’t dare say.

She laughed and let a hand fall on his arm.

“So, tell me about you.”

“I’m eighteen, insecure, got bullied a lot; my parents have a dork of a son. I was an accident, but they didn’t get an abortion. We never clicked. I feel like a tenant or something.” Damn, shut up; you’re talking too much again.

Angela leaned against a wall. “I’m almost twenty-one, cocky like a boy, have always been pretty.” She dramatically fluffed her hair like a diva, and laughed. “Sometimes I bullied others while propelled by liquid courage. Most people call it booze. Now I realize how stupid that was. After I got caught shoplifting at eighteen, I came here to do my community service and then became a paid worker. I want to be a veterinarian.” She pulled him into a gentle hug. “Don’t be afraid or pick on yourself. Despite being pretty and popular, I always felt alone in a crowd like I didn’t fit in.” Her smile ran away from her face. “I’m doing a lot better now, and I’m glad you didn’t turn into an abortion.”

“I’m working on myself, too.”

She backed away and smirked. “I was going to wait to tell you this until we knew each other better, but I was raised by a pack of wolves. That’s why I work so well with animals.”

They laughed and Troy barked, “That was a joke!”

Angela brought humor and comfort to him. That night he lay in his bed, in his undies, thinking of her and what it would be like to be with her.

Weeks passed. Troy looked forward to working at the animal shelter and taking the dogs for runs. I guess we all need to burn up energy. He especially liked being around Angela. At the end of the month he headed for Calvin’s office to turn in some paperwork. He caught himself smiling as he thought of Calvin, so cool and confident. He figured Calvin must have an array of girlfriends.

Calvin’s voice bellowed as Troy gave a soft knock at the open door. “Well Tim, there are several reasons why I don’t want to date you anymore, as I told you last night, with one of the reasons being that you keep calling me at work when I’ve asked you several times not to. We are finished.” He slammed the phone down.

Troy rushed away, making it halfway down the hall.


He spun. Calvin stood in the hall. “Did you want to see me?”

Embarrassment rushed through him. “Um, later is okay, just have my time card and inventory sheet to turn in, and a fence issue.”

“Come in, please.” They sat. “You heard?”

Troy nodded. “I’m sorry.” He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths.

“I’m sure you’ve concluded that I’m gay. I’m not out; I hope you’ll respect that. You had a legitimate reason to be by my doorway.” He extended his hand for the form. “Actually, I don’t know if I’m totally gay, but–”

“I’m sorry.”

“Troy, when you do something wrong, be sorry and don’t do it again. You did nothing wrong. I did by taking a personal call at work. Just relax man, all the world’s problems are not your fault.” He sighed. “You’re a good man. I like your work and Angela says good things about you.” Calvin withdrew a book from a desk drawer and handed it to Troy. “This is for you. It’s a book on wisdom and common sense with a lot of info on relaxation and self-talk. My uncle is the author and he gave me some to give away.”

“Thank you!” Troy took the book and calmed as a swirl of gratitude ran through him. He smiled; their eyes caught. Troy darted his gaze away. Damn, I hope he wasn’t coming on to me. Troy nodded. “Uh, the back fence is going to need some repair work soon.” He left the report and returned to work. On his way home his thoughts turned to Angela and how he liked it when she called his name. He rushed inside, bidding a fast hello to his parents, which seemed to work best these days, and headed to his room. He pretended Angela was there, telling him to drop his jeans and kneel in front of the full-length mirror. The imaginary Angela would tell him, ‘Troy, jack your cock and shoot into your briefs. I love briefs and guys who wear them.’ He imagined she’d slap her ass like she did at work. Troy palmed the head of his cock, using his copious pre-cum as lube. Damn, I want Angela. He fantasized that she would kneel and kiss him. He fisted himself with fury, and blasted into his briefs, milking the last of his cum. He tossed the undies into the hamper and fetched clean ones.

By the end of his second month, feeling more confident, Troy wandered back to Calvin’s office. He halted as he turned into the room, and caught Angela sitting on Calvin’s lap. They kissed. He jerked back; it was clear neither knew he saw them. Troy’s heart pounded. His emotions yo-yoed from thinking their conduct was unprofessional to wishing it were he that Angela kissed. He took some dogs for a jog, talking to them; it made him feel better. When he returned, Calvin had left for the day. He wanted to talk to Angela but words failed him.

She came up behind him as he washed food and water bowls at a sink, slapping his ass. “Hey, were you checking out my ass just now?”

He kept cleaning the bowls, and being accustomed to her sense of humor he laughed. “No. I’m busy working.”

“Oh, maybe it was me checking out your ass. It’s very cute you know.” She rubbed it and his cock stiffened. “It’s sexy and firm, just the right size.” She slapped it some more, easy, then harder. He stopped washing and let her. She smacked his ass several more times. She turned the water in the big sink off and wrapped her arms around him. “You do know I’m coming on to you, right?”

He turned to face her and chewed his lower lip. “I guess you are, but you already have a boyfriend or two.” He scanned her breasts before staring at the floor in embarrassment.

“I only have one kind-of boyfriend, and I’ll tell him tonight that I came on to you. Can I tell him we had sex in the break room?” She lifted his head and stroked his face as they stood eye-to-eye. “You’re so sexy.” As though in slow motion she brought her lips to his and pressed them together.

He cupped his hands to the back of her head. His breath caught, and he thrilled at the kiss wanting it to go on forever.

She moaned and pushed her groin into his. She broke the kiss then pecked his cheek, chin, and neck. Her hands wandered to his ass and fingers stroked up and down his crack; that was the first time a girl had done that. It sent a chill through him. “Troy, you are so fucking sexy. I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

They kissed again. He moaned. Her hand pawed his hidden cock, rubbing it. He covered her hand with his, humping into it as their tongues dueled.

“I want to make love to you, Troy, but not in an animal shelter. For now, I want to suck your cock until you come in my mouth.” She knelt and opened his belt and jeans. As they fell to his ankles she yanked down the front of his briefs and took his stiff dick in her mouth. His knees weakened.

“We shouldn’t. Your boyfriend and Calvin. How can you cheat on them?”

“I’ll tell my boyfriend; we have an arrangement. It’s only a few minutes from our work time; Calvin won’t care. We hardly take breaks.”

“But you and he were kissing before.”

She cranked her head up. “You saw that?”

He nodded and put his cock away and dressed, turning his back to her with modesty that was no longer warranted. “You’re cheating on your boyfriend with Calvin, and both of them with me. I thought you were a good person, an honest person.”

“I am a good girl!” She stood and buried her head in his chest and hugged him. “I’m poly, Troy, and I’m into kink.”

“Poly? Kink?”

She took his hand and led him to the break room, getting a soda for each of them from the machine. They sat at the table. She took his hand. “I’m polyamorous. That means I have sex with multiple people of both genders. I can have more than one lover at a time. I’ve never done it with a girl yet, but I want to; I’m into kink.”

“Kink?” He squeezed her hand, feeling her heat and the connection at her exposed feelings.

“Do you know what vanilla sex is?”

“Plain basic stuff.”

She nodded. “Kink is a few steps up. It can be using toys like dildos, ice, candles, vibrators, spanking and other stuff. BDSM is more extreme. I’m not that far.”

“And your boyfriend allows it?”

“He’s the same way. Part of my kink is I’m sometimes into older guys, Ryan is forty; I’m twenty. He’s into younger, but only of legal age of course.” She winced as though hoping Troy wouldn’t reject her. “I’m on my period and I get extra horny then. That’s why I came on to Calvin. He and I have done it before and Ryan watched. When I tell Ryan what I’ve done here, he’ll say I’m a bad girl and he’ll pull my pants down, take me over his lap, and spank me.”

“You like that?”

“I love it. There is so much to spanking, belting and flogging. It can be erotic or disciplinary. Oh, I want to tell you more, but we need to finish our work. Will you come to our house for dinner on Sunday?” He nodded; they stood. “Troy, please, pretty please, may I blow you?”

She palmed his boner hiding in his jeans. It would be impossible to wait to get home to jack off. He knew they shouldn’t be doing it on company time, but kept silent. She opened his belt and jeans and then knelt, glancing up at him. She pushed his pants to his ankles, and then, slowly, had his briefs join them. Her hands cupped his ass, and she slipped his cock into her hot mouth. He moaned, running his fingers through her hair. She worked his dick; he let her. Little insecure voices berated him. He shooed them away by bending and kissing her head, taking in her sexy scent.

She paused. “When you’re about to come, pat my shoulder.”

The sweet joy of a girl blowing him gushed throughout him. His cock’s sensitivity grew and his leg and ass muscles tensed, with breaths coming in huffs; he patted her shoulder. She quickened her sucking pace and he exploded in her mouth. She took it all the way, the heat of her mouth engulfing his cock. He face-fucked her and came in spasms. Then he pulled back feeling embarrassed.

She stood and kissed him with tongue and the taste of his come on it.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” She opened her jeans, and dropped them along with her panties. She fingered herself.

Troy had never seen a girl do that. His cock swelled again.

“I want you to watch me. You don’t have to do anything, just watch.”

He leaned into the wall as his body shifted to a relaxed, post-come stage. His hand fondled his dick as she kicked her shoes and jeans off, sat in a chair, and spread her legs working herself into a frenzy. Her eyes closed and her head shook. “Oh, oh, oh.” Breaths came short and fast until she exploded with a shriek. Her body convulsed; she stood and fell into him. He hugged her, her pussy scent wafting upward. She wiped her fingers on his face and smirked.

The next two days passed slower than usual. On Sunday afternoon Troy drove to the historic Willow Glen area of San Jose, with stately, Victorian homes. He parked in front and rang the bell at the front door. He shuffled his feet nervously.

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