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Alien Conqueror: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Sara Fields – Sample

Chapter One


Year 2456

Raiza Nix

I have the world’s most shit rotten luck.

All my life, I’ve been picked last for everything and when it came time to choose which regiment to join in the Revolution, all of them had been full except for the soldiers at the front line, which had been my absolute last choice.

The people on the front lines always died.

Even now, the joker card was burning a hole in the back pocket of my jeans. The fabric was threadbare and positively ancient. Clothing factories hadn’t been in production for at least a hundred years by now and fabric was becoming increasingly rare to come by, at least in the human sectors.

The aliens didn’t much care about us unless we were fighting against them. They gave us nothing and took everything.

A bug skittered across my boot, and I jerked away, pressing my back against the vine-covered wall behind me. The metal of the building groaned almost as if it was protesting my weight, but I knew that wasn’t it. Nature had been reclaiming the skyscrapers of New York for decades now. The pavement of the roads had long since splintered and were rocky plains of weeds, grasses, and wildflowers. Many of the buildings had collapsed under the repeated exposure to the worst of Mother Nature. More had fallen due to the continued attacks of the alien conquerors that kept coming for us when we refused to kneel for them.

A bird sang in the distance, and I looked up through the cracks in the walls to see the clear blue sky peeking through. The fluttering wings of a monarch butterfly dipped in front of me, and I reached out to touch it, only just missing it in its journey to wherever it was going. Sometimes I lost myself in the sheer beauty of it all before I remembered just how bad it was for us now.

It was hard enough to just continue surviving.

Two hundred years ago, planes, drones, and self-automated flying cars streaked through the sky like flocks of birds. The streets would have been chock full of people hurrying to work, laughing with friends, running errands alone, or whatever people did in the times before we were hunted and subdued for sport.

A shiver raced down my spine. There was no use thinking about the past. It wouldn’t save me from my current situation, which pretty much guaranteed I was going to wind up dead.

Fuck me.

God damn joker. Somewhere someone above was probably laughing at me because I’d been the bumbling fool to pick it. I reached back and pulled it out of my pocket, staring at the ridiculously happy smile of the man dressed in the happy oranges and yellows of a jester. The card itself was dirty and scratched and was probably some sort of relic from ages ago. Maybe the commander had found it in some abandoned penthouse apartment. A full deck was a rare thing to come by these days, but he’d found one nonetheless.

A series of gunshots ricocheted off what sounded like cement somewhere and I ducked down low. I swallowed hard.

The aliens were so close.

I was the first human to venture this far into their territory since the war for New York began, but that was my general’s plan. It was all about strategy and I’d been the unlucky soul who happened to pick the card that would send her straight into battle with the sole mission of cutting off the snake’s head.

They’d sent me to kill the alien leader. If I could kill or even wound him, then we’d stand a chance. The aliens would be left without a leader and then we’d strike when they were at their most vulnerable.

Everyone agreed it was a solid plan, even me. The general of our human forces, Negan, had found a pack of cards and had spread them out on a massive dining table in one of the cafeterias in an abandoned high school. One by one, we’d each picked a card and lined up around the perimeter of the room.

At the same time, we’d all flipped over our cards. There had been excited whoops and sighs of relief. Well… all except for me.

When I’d flipped over mine, a strangled panicked cry escaped me, enough so that my fellow soldier Zyla heard it. She’d peeked over at my card and gasped. I saw her look me up and down with anxious fear. She didn’t think I could do it and neither did I.

Dios mio,” she’d exclaimed. The entire room had gone quiet and General Negan had walked over to me. He’d grasped my hand and held it up in a show of support, which I wasn’t sure that I deserved. My fellow soldiers started roaring and clapping for me, but I’d just felt numb inside.

I’d picked the privilege of getting to kill the alien conqueror myself. I would either save us all or wind up dead.

With my luck, I wasn’t going to live to see the sun rise again.

I’d been rushed out of the room. To be honest, the last twenty-four hours had been a blur, up until this minute. Now it was almost time to walk before the most powerful alien in the crumbling state of New York and try to kill him, once and for all.

The bird continued to sing. I wondered if it was mocking me, as if it knew that I wasn’t the strongest soldier or even one that was a particularly good shot or anything special whatsoever. Did she know I was going to die today? Was she banking on me succeeding? Was she gathering her friends to watch my miserable defeat?

Honestly, I was probably going insane. I leaned forward and pushed myself back off the wall, peering around the corner. I was close to the center of the city. There were a few signs that remained, although none of them worked anymore. I imagined that one day a long time ago they blinked with bright lights, probably pinks and purples and blues and greens and yellows. It must have been something of a rainbow, but they hadn’t been lit up in more than a century.

The aliens had cut off electricity to the city well before I was born. I brushed some dirt off one of the signs closest to me. Everything was always covered in dirt.

Times Square.

The crunching of someone else’s boots amongst the decaying leaves caught my attention and I jerked my head up. Nervously, I licked my lips. I could delay no longer.

It was time to get moving.

I took a deep breath as I began walking toward the sound, knowing I was either walking to my glory or my doom. With every step, I tried to will some semblance of bravery from deep inside me, but I couldn’t. My mind raced through the various weapons I’d hidden inside my leather jacket, wondering which one would be the best choice.

I didn’t know which of them would kill the alien commander.

He could be weak to fire. Maybe a shot right between the eyes would kill him. Maybe he was weak to something else, like a knife wound or a laser gun.

I didn’t have a laser gun.

A terrified whine billowed in the depths of my throat. I swallowed hard and kept walking, keeping as quiet as I could. Cautiously, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my knife, tucking it into my sleeve so that I would have easy access should I need it. My gun was in my jacket pocket. It was fully loaded.

I lifted my chin and strode into the center of the square. I didn’t look around me, but I knew that my fellow humans were probably somewhere nearby. They wouldn’t be close enough so that the alien heat sensors would pick them up. I had a flare gun stuffed in the back of my jeans that would signal to them wherever they were and then they would arrive.

I was to fire it when I killed the alien conqueror. The humans would come running and finish the job if need be. Hopefully.

The real battle would begin after that.

Someone approached me from behind and I did everything I could to calm the frantic beating of my heart. I slipped one hand into my jacket and fingered the holster of my gun.

I’d cleaned and oiled it this morning, ensuring that it was fully loaded. I flicked the safety off.

“When they told me that they were going to send a human to negotiate with me, I expected them to send their general, not a woman. Especially one as tiny as yourself,” a rumbling voice spoke behind me. I swallowed a frightened squeak.

It was no use going into this afraid. If I wanted to survive today, I was going to have to depend on my courage. I closed my eyes for the briefest of seconds and took a deep breath, before opening them and turning around to face the beast that had come for me.

Holy fucking shitballs.

He was so much bigger than I imagined. I was a measly five feet tall, and he towered over me by a good two feet, enough so that I had to lift my head to look him in the eyes. His pupils were a bit dilated compared to a normal human and his irises were an unnatural dark purple. It would have been a pretty color if he wasn’t so terrifying. He could probably reach out and snap me like a twig.

Also, he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Why wasn’t he wearing a shirt?

His chest was rock hard, every inch of him perfectly chiseled and firm. His body was mostly human, but there were distinctive scaled stripes across his skin that reminded me of a tiger and a boa constrictor all in one. He was smooth, his skin like marble without even the slightest hint of hair. Every muscle was enormous. He was probably strong enough to lift me right off the ground and toss me all the way across the square. He cracked his knuckles, revealing long dark gray nails that seemed more animal than human. They were more like talons than anything else.

My gaze dipped lower, taking in the black pants that hung low on his hips. His boots were black too, military grade, probably steel-toed.

He cleared his throat, and my gaze tore back up to his face.

Despite all his alien features, he was still partially human, enough to give me pause. Honestly, I hadn’t expected that. He was the first one I’d been this close to. His basic structure was like mine. He had one head, two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears. He even had ten fingers, and I assumed ten toes, but I couldn’t be sure.

It was an unsettling combination.

He appraised me with those cool violet eyes, cocking his head as he watched me study him like I was the curious creature between us and not him. His gaze was inquisitive. I’d expected him to want to reach out and break my neck at the first opportunity, but he did none of those things. Instead, he just patiently waited for me.


His skin was a dark blood-red color. I could see the slightest hint of shadowy veins pumping beneath his skin. What color was his blood? Would he be warm or cool to the touch?

Honestly, I didn’t know. He was probably some kind of super soldier hybrid the likes of which we’d never seen before. Maybe the aliens had made him themselves and I didn’t stand a chance whatsoever.

Evolution was a funny thing, especially when you could jump it into overdrive under the guise of scientific research.

It resulted in aliens like him.

Back in the 2200s, aliens had first contacted Earth. There was no invasion, just political talks aimed at keeping the people of Earth safe. Many of the discussions had been academic and some had been medically related. The visiting aliens had shared some of their advanced medical techniques and it had been good for a very long time. They had the cure to cancer. They could stop AIDS in its tracks. They shared technologies to quicken healing. We made leaps and bounds in advancements for years. The United States had been at the forefront of it all because they’d been the loudest and the pushiest.

Other countries had grown tense over those developments. It took time to duplicate such advanced technologies and before long, things grew so strained that the United Nations dissolved, and the Great World War broke out.

It was vicious. Cities bombed each other. Some places were wiped out entirely and would probably remain radioactive for the next thousand years. With alien technology, weapons development soared and so did military research.

In a volley to strengthen their armies, scientists began splicing together human and alien DNA. They made them stronger, bigger, faster. Their wounds healed at a supernatural pace. They could run faster than any normal human. The scientists ensured that their vision, sense of smell and touch were all amplified. They made a superior race and at some point, those creations became more alien than human.

It didn’t take much longer for the scientists to lose control of their experiments. The alien super soldiers had fought back. It was the same story in country after country.

The humans lost.

The aliens took over. Completely.

Humans had become the lesser species and the worst part of it all was that it was all our fault. We’d been the drivers of our own doom.

“What is your name, little female?” the massive hulk of an alien asked. I opened my mouth once, but words failed me. My tongue was dry.

“Are you the leader of the humans here?” he continued, and I shook my head.

“No. I do not lead them,” I finally managed to answer.

“Your name?” he reminded me.

“Raiza. My name is Raiza Nix,” I replied carefully. I kept a careful watch over him, waiting to see if he would reach out and hurt me, but there was nothing about him that even remotely suggested aggression other than the fact that he was an alien, and that’s just what they did, or at least that’s what I expected him to do.

It caught me off guard. Why were we standing here chatting? I was supposed to be killing him. What was wrong with me?

“I am Commander Talyn,” he replied. He crossed his arms over his chest, watching me warily and curiously at the same time. He didn’t quite know what to make of me and I sure as hell didn’t know what to make of him.

I didn’t know any of his weaknesses and there was nothing about him that hinted to any of them. Without touching him, I wouldn’t be able to figure out if a bullet or even a knife could pierce through his skin. I couldn’t test if the grenade in my other pocket would burn his flesh. I didn’t know anything.

This was just a guessing game. I was going to have to test my luck and considering the shit week I was having, I didn’t really want to do that either because I would probably lose that bet.

I had one more weapon hidden inside my jacket pocket—a needle full of hemlock. It was enough poison to put down a horse or even an elephant.

“Why did they send you, soldier Raiza? Why not send your general to meet me?” he questioned, searching my face for answers as I gave him nothing.

I swallowed hard and finally accepted what I had to do. At that point, a plan started coming together in my head. It was now or never.

“I was sent here by my people to send you a message,” I began, and his eyes narrowed with attentiveness. It felt strange to have him entirely focused on me and I tried not to let it derail me on my mission.

I was here to kill him, not to be his friend.

“And what is that message, soldier Raiza?” he asked carefully. My hand was still in my pocket, and I slowly curled my fingers around the holster of my gun.

He didn’t move or even glance down at my arm. I found that unsettling, but it was too late for me to change course or think about anything else other than the plan I’d already set in motion.

I made several assumptions that day.

I whipped out my gun and aimed. I was a decent shot at least, and I hit my targets most days. I most certainly wasn’t going to miss at this close of a range.

I pulled the trigger.

I was prepared for the recoil, but what I wasn’t prepared for was watching what happened next. I hit him dead between the eyes as he stared back at me. His gaze was dark and mysterious, but there was some sort of amusement in there, like he wasn’t the least bit surprised that I’d done what I had.

The bullet did pierce him in between the eyes, and I learned at that moment that his blood was a dark gray color, but it was multifaceted like a gemstone. I’d seen a black diamond once and this reminded me of that in a way.

Except far more violent.

I dug deep into every well of instinct that I could manage. I slipped my hand back in my pocket and took out the syringe. I let the knife I had up my sleeve fall into my fingers, and I used my mouth to uncap the needle.

He swayed back and forth, maybe in shock or just because he wanted to see what I would do. I spun toward him, using my blade to slice across his skin. It cut deep enough, and a jolt of relief flew through me.

I could slice through his skin at least, which meant that probably this next part should work. I whirled toward him with the syringe at the ready. The needle was thick, meant to pierce through the hide of livestock. We’d found it on one of our supply runs somewhere upstate and saved it for a moment like this.

I slammed the needle directly into the wound I’d made with the knife. I pressed down the plunger with vicious force and his eyes widened as the poison surged into his veins.

He was part human. Humans could be killed by hemlock. I didn’t yet know if the alien parts of him could be.

A quiet rattling croak escaped his purplish lips and he swayed once more before he collapsed to the ground. His mouth opened once again, and he began to roar in pain.

I froze.

I’d shot him between the eyes. I’d slashed through his throat with a knife, and I’d poisoned him with enough hemlock to take down an elephant.

And he wasn’t dead. Why wasn’t he dead?

His screams began to rise in pitch and as I stared down at him, I realized something. The hemlock wasn’t killing him. It was torturing him.

I took a step back in horror. I’d done that to him.

My hand slapped over my mouth and a rattling surge of sheer revulsion poured over me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think.

In all my life, I’d never actually killed anyone before. I’d been involved in raids. I’d protected my fellow soldiers from harm by throwing grenades and firing off rounds into a group of aliens when they’d come and attacked us, but nothing like this before. I’d never done anything this direct.

It was horrific to watch. I hated every second of it.

His arms were shaking. His entire body was trembling as if he was paralyzed. His roaring cries never stopped, and it sounded like the hemlock was causing him mind-numbing agony as it worked its way through his body.

I froze, knowing what I should be doing and being unable to do it.

I was supposed to reach behind my back and fire the flare gun up into the air. My people would come. They’d rain fire down on him and ensure that he was dead before they moved onto the rest of the alien soldiers.

That was all I had to do.

And I couldn’t.

His yelling sounded so human and that tore into my soul. In those harrowing seconds, he seemed more like me than an alien. I should want him dead. I should damn his soul to all eternity, but his pain gave me pause.

I looked around. There was no one in the windows. Had he come alone? Had my people held back? Were they really waiting for my signal?

I swallowed hard, trying to figure out what to do. I knelt next to Commander Talyn and tentatively reached out to touch him.

His skin was so warm. It was as if he burned several degrees hotter than me.

I jerked my hand away and he screamed again. Something inside of me split open at the sound and I forced myself to slide my hands underneath his arms. With a grunt, I pulled him backwards.

He was really fucking heavy.

I don’t have any idea how I managed it, but I dragged him across the square into one of the crumbling buildings. I hid him in the shadows and peered out into the streets, knowing that soon they would be crawling with people and aliens alike.

As I dragged him through the door, I realized I’d pulled him into some kind of tourist shop full of dusty trinkets and moldy stuffed animals.

I hid him behind the counter, dragging him across the crumbling tile and when I finally stopped, I groaned. Every muscle in my body was coursing with adrenaline and now that I’d made it to safety, they started to ache with increasing soreness. I was drenched in sweat and when a cool breeze swept through the room, I shivered and crouched down closer to the alien beside me.

Talyn groaned with terrible pain, and I cried out. I gripped the bottom of my shirt and tore it apart before I stuffed a piece of it into his mouth. I needed to keep him quiet.

His eyes opened in disbelief and narrowed toward me. His body shook hard several times. I tore of another strip of my shirt and wound it around his throat, trying my best at a makeshift bandage to cover the wound I’d caused. I didn’t know if I did it to save him or cover up what I’d done.

Did it really matter?

I didn’t have any antibiotics or pain reliever, but to be honest, I didn’t know if any of them would be safe to use on him. The poison hadn’t worked as I’d intended, so that left me feeling terribly unsure of everything else.

I sat behind him and pulled his head into my lap, petting his brow and wiping several beads of sweat off his forehead. I wanted to make it better. I shouldn’t want that.

He shuddered hard and a wet squelching sound made me jerk my head down to look at him. I gasped. The bullet was working its way out of his head.

He was healing. I watched, captivated. His flesh began to knit back together and in seconds, it was as if the wound had never been there at all. I swallowed as his body shuddered several more times.

He yelled into my makeshift gag, and I cautiously petted across his forehead again. I brushed my fingers across where the injury had once been and felt nothing. It was perfectly healed.

I closed my eyes.

Why had I dragged him in here? Why hadn’t I run?

I felt him twitch beneath me. He groaned and his muscles jerked, making me open my eyes again. His fingers were moving, and his toes began to move too. Soon enough, he gained control of the rest of him, and I realized that even if I wanted to escape now, it would be far too late.

He sighed and I couldn’t read what it meant. What was he thinking? Would he kill me now? Had I signed my own death warrant by dragging him here?

“You are curious, little female,” he began.

I crawled back in a panic as he sat up, turning those dark purple eyes on me with mysterious intent. My back slammed against the wall behind me, and I stopped breathing.

I was trapped. The only way out was through him, and I’d already played my hand.

“I expected you to try to kill me,” he continued, and I chewed the inside of my cheek. “What I didn’t predict was you dragging me off and trying to save me. There was a secondary attack planned, wasn’t there? That’s why we’re here in this decrepit building, isn’t it?” he questioned, narrowing his gaze with suspicion.

I nodded slowly. What did it matter? I was probably going to die now.

“Very curious,” he murmured. He studied me for several long seconds, and I squirmed a bit before him, feeling like nothing more than a naughty little girl who’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Are you going to kill me?” I finally managed to get out. My voice was trembling and soft. It revealed just how scared I was.

“Do you want to die?” he asked instead. My mouth opened in shock before I closed it again.

“No. I don’t want to die,” I whispered. Maybe it was selfish to answer him like that. I should want to save the humans I’d left behind. I should try to kill him a second time, but I’d heard him scream and I never wanted to hear something like that ever again.

He continued to assess me like I was a specimen in a lab that needed to be analyzed. I licked my lips, staring back at him and trying to remain brave even in the face of such incredible danger.

“I could kill you. I could reach out and snap your neck. I could end it all for you so very easily,” he replied cruelly, and I shook my head.

“Please, don’t kill me,” I begged. My voice sounded so small.

He held out his hand. He didn’t reach out to grab me. Instead, he left it up to me. I lifted my fingers with the intent to take them, but he cleared his throat first, giving me pause and I waited.

“Little human, I want you to understand something. You attempted to kill me. In my world, that would unequivocally result in your death. But you also saved me from a second attack, which might have killed me. It might have not. We will never know now,” he paused, and his mouth tightened just a hair. My stomach dropped precipitously. What did he want?

“You will come with me and there will be a punishment for you to contend with by my hand. It will hurt. I won’t be gentle, Raiza,” he commanded.

Punish. He said he was going to punish me.

My mouth went entirely dry.

I closed my eyes. I pretended to take the time to weigh over the possibility of any other option, but I knew what I would do already.

I peered back at him with a silent acceptance and nodded my head as I reached out to take his hand.

I don’t know why, but I chose to trust him.

Chapter Two

Commander Talyn

I’d spent several minutes just watching her before I’d approached her in that square. Her body language had reminded me of a cornered animal at times and a proud warrior at others. It was obvious that she hadn’t come to the meeting unarmed, but I wasn’t particularly worried about death because I was incredibly hard to kill.

I could survive a bullet wound. My skin could be punctured, but it would heal quickly. I could walk into a fire and survive. It would be painful, and my flesh would burn, but it wouldn’t be the cause of my death. I could lose a limb and it would grow back. The only thing I’d yet to test because it would probably be particularly unpleasant for me was complete dismemberment. I was in no rush to attempt that.

I’d only taken the meeting because the humans were growing tiresome. They kept attacking at our fringes and taking out my lesser soldiers. They’d caused enough damage to irritate my reigning leaders and I’d been assigned the task of subduing them. For years, we’d ignored the city, thinking that eventually the humans would die out, but they were persistent little bastards that insisted on fucking, having babies, and surviving long beyond their welcome.

Honestly, they were just a pain in the ass, and I was hoping they’d be dumb enough to send their leader so that I could do him the honor of killing him myself.

Instead, they’d sent her. A small human woman who was probably one-hundred forty pounds soaking wet.

When I’d first seen her, I’d been taken aback. I’d felt insulted that they would send someone like her in the general’s place, but then I’d considered that they were probably banking on my sympathies, or at least trying to. Human women were pretty to look at, but I’d never cared much for them. None of them had caught my interest before.

We didn’t have much need for human women. We were more than capable of replicating ourselves without them. Since the rise of my kind, the superior species, we’d taken all the things that humans had developed and made them better, including their lab research. We could make more of us in a petri dish and we had been doing that for years.

All that considered though, we still enjoyed a human woman from time to time, but it was more for sport and our pleasure than anything else. Nothing could compare to the sheath of a human woman, the hot wet tight feeling of her clenching hard around our cocks. I’d even seen several of them with swollen bellies, so I knew that we were at least compatible in that way.

Maybe the humans had thought to distract me with her body?

Truthfully, it was a very nice body. Her jeans were ripped and thin in places, but that only made the cloth hug her curves even more tightly. Her legs were long, lean, and incredibly toned from living in the ruggedness that was human territory. Her hips were full, and her waist taut. Her breasts seemed like more than a handful as well. Her eyes were a deep blue, like that of the ocean and her long blonde hair was tied up and kept off her face in a messy bun.

I wanted to take it out. I wanted to see how long it was.

She made me curious. Honestly, it was a strange feeling. Why her?

I gritted my teeth and held my palm out to her. She would come with me. She’d tried to murder me, and she would pay for what she did. I would make sure of it myself. No one else would touch her except for me.

She’d been sent to kill me, and she’d put in a solid effort. She was well trained. I had no doubt that she would excel in hand-to-hand combat, but there was an innocence in her gaze that could not be hidden. I could see it from miles away.

I was the first she’d tried to kill herself.

But at the same time, she’d been unable to walk away. She’d saved me—maybe from the rest of her human brigade. I wasn’t sure and for some reason that intrigued me. What was she playing at? Was there another goal she had in mind?

Whatever she’d injected me with had been terrible. It had paralyzed me and scalded me with its burning flame from the inside out. I’d felt it pumping through my veins and the only choice I had was to suffer until my body processed it. Still, I felt its simmering burning ache.

I couldn’t be sure, but I didn’t think she had any further ideas about ending me. There was nothing about her demeanor that told me she did. If anything, she seemed petrified of me now that she’d tried her best to kill me and here I was, still alive.

I should want to end her for what she did. I should want to reach out for her and tear that human head right off her shoulders, but I didn’t.

I wanted something else.

I wanted to punish her. I wanted to teach her a lesson about the way the world was now.

I wanted to hear the sounds she made when she finally realized that I would conquer her completely.

That her place as a human was beneath me.

Her blue eyes stared back at me with iron resolve and there was a part of me that wanted to break her of that. My palm itched.

I’d seen my brethren deal with a few wayward human females in the past. I’d been fascinated by the pink color their hand had painted across the fullest part of their bottoms and between their legs. I’d watched handprints rise on their breasts and it had made my cock unfathomably hard when they’d taken off their belts and whipped them with the leather strap until they sobbed and pleaded for forgiveness.

I’d never felt the need to have a human female in that way.

But this one… this one almost felt like an offering for me to take and I didn’t want to walk away from that.

I’d given her a choice. I hadn’t told her how I was going to punish her, just that she would get to live if she took my hand. Her eyes had never even shown a glimmer of indecision.

When her fingers finally glanced against my own, I’d wrapped them within mine as if I was her safety blanket. She sighed almost in relief before I jerked her toward me. It was a bit ruthless, but I’d intended it to be. She fell forward and I caught her, only to throw her up over my shoulder as I got to my feet. Her gasp of surprise was delicious.

I wasn’t going to stay here. I didn’t know what her humans had cooked up for me and I wasn’t about to get myself blown up with a series of grenades or shitty homemade human bombs if I could help it. I wrapped my arm around her waist. I felt a lump on her lower back, and I reached up, finding a gun stowed away in the waistband of her jeans. I pulled it out and in a show of force, I crushed it in my hand. She cried out in surprise, but she was wise enough not to fight me.

She should have run at her first opportunity. It was too late for her now.

I strode out of the dilapidated building. There was no sign of the human forces. They were probably waiting for her signal to begin whatever attack they had planned, and my being still alive would throw a monkey wrench in their strategy. They’d probably flounder, but I didn’t much care. They might still engage in their original attack. They might not.

I’d deal with them later.

What I wanted to do right now was tear every inch of clothing of my human acquisition’s body and teach her a lesson about her rightful place in this cruel world.

I wasn’t planning on being kind either. It wasn’t in my nature.

She was going to cry for me and when I was finally pleased with how red her little bottom was, I’d throw her face down on my bed and teach her an even more thorough lesson on the end of my cocks. She would scream for me again and again. I would enjoy every last one.

I distracted myself with thoughts of what was to come as I made my way down the blocks of the crumbling city until I approached the place where I’d hidden my transport vehicle. With one arm, I swept off the brush and pressed my hand to the scanner. It would only open for me.

The door slid open, and I climbed inside. I put Raiza down on her feet and started searching her for weapons.

“Hands on the back of your head,” I demanded. She nervously obeyed without needing to be told twice.

Oh… Oh, yes.

I was really, really going to enjoy punishing her when I returned to my quarters. I was already hard as a rock just thinking about it.

I patted her arms first. I found a knife and another gun. I tossed them aside. I smoothed over her waist, and I took several long moments to fully inspect her breasts. She scowled at me, and my cock stiffened even further.

Her bra was thin. I could tell that her nipples were hard for me.

I didn’t tell her I knew. Leaving her questioning things would probably be far worse of a punishment for her. I found a few other concealed weapons before I made my way to her hips. She turned her face away as I examined her there. Every muscle in her body rattled with tension.

“Spread your legs,” I instructed, and she stiffened. I waited and she refused. I gave her several more moments than I should have before I popped her hard across her bottom with my hand. Startled, she jerked her head to me and stared at me with nothing more than a blank look of surprise.

I repeated my command. She sneered back at me before turning away again. I’d given her enough patience. I grasped her legs and forcibly made her open them for me. She went to squeeze her thighs back together, but I was faster than her. I cupped her mound.


She was hot. I could feel it through the fabric of her jeans.

Did being handled like this arouse her? My cock throbbed at the thought.

I pressed my hand against her, sliding it across her pussy as I searched for weapons. I found nothing more of consequence, but I took my time and really made sure. I could feel her body trembling beneath my touch. She was holding back. She would fight back at some point; I just had to push her far enough and she would. I’d be ready for her.

She was going to pay for trying to kill me.

When I was finally fully convinced that she had no weapons, I patted down her whole body once more just because I could. She stood before me proud and regal, even though she didn’t stand a chance against me, and she knew it.

I smirked at her as I lightly slapped between her legs. I watched the disbelief wash over her face. Her eyes squinted at the indignity of having that hot little pussy spanked and I reveled in it.

Without warning, I pushed her down into the passenger seat. She moved to get up, but I was ready for her. I grabbed a pair of cuffs and quickly captured one wrist before I passed my thumb over the power source. The cuff lit up and expanded around her wrist, binding her to the seat. I did the same with her other wrist and her ankles. She screeched, fighting her bonds, but it was already too late for her.

I patted her thigh suggestively and she tensed.

“You made your choice, Raiza. You will come with me quietly and accept your punishment like a good little human,” I told her.

Her tiny nose scrunched up in anger and her gaze darkened considerably.

“I should never have saved you,” she spat.

“No, you shouldn’t have. Now you’re going to have to pay for that choice.”

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