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The Aliens’ Little Pet by Rose St. Andrews – Sample

Chapter One

The Aliens Little PetPenelope felt very silly. She hadn’t been to a carnival since she was twelve, ten years ago, and she would have been happy to delay a return another ten years. She wasn’t a very gregarious person, and the difficulty she’d had making friends during the past several years plus the violent relationship with her last boyfriend that had recently ended had made her even lonelier.

So, when she heard about an old-fashioned carnival coming to town, something inside her had stirred. Maybe it was her longing for the simple joys of youth, or maybe it was the desire for a distraction from her empty heart. Whatever the reason, she was there now, and strolling through the hall of mirrors.

Carnivals were incredibly rare, but she knew there had been a time, centuries ago, when they were quite common. She remembered reading the ancient histories and learning how, when First Contact occurred between Earth and the Grand Confederation of Planets in the late twenty-first century, it had been the death knell for such things. Many of the aliens in the confederation objected to animals being caged and trained, especially since some of them resembled the animals, and thus circuses and carnivals were gradually relegated to history.

Yet, Mr. Marvo’s World of Wonder (the very carnival she’d seen as a child and that was back again) seemed to go on and on. Penny could only wonder how it managed to make enough money to stay in business. Although, at the moment, other thoughts, long buried deep in the recesses of her mind, occupied her attention. Her daydreams filled with images of her across a firm lap, a strong hand or stout paddle being repeatedly applied to her naked flesh. Pleas for mercy going unanswered, tears trickling, and then a high stool for her to sit on. Another image was of her caged in a playpen-like room, her only garment a diaper, and her only food a bottle. Penny shivered. Her recent boyfriend had been the last man to indulge her and had done so poorly and in a cruel way.

Continuing to move about the mirrors, she began to see things, and not just herself distorted. No, her dreams were coming to life! Everywhere she looked, another little scene played itself out: her being spanked, her locked in a highchair being fed, her on a leash being paraded being a laughing crowd. It was too much for her. She had to get out. Racing among the mirrors, her head spun and her lungs heaved. Was that perfume in the air? There was a sweetness to every breath she took and it made her head spin faster. Her legs buckled, she flopped to the floor, and a moment later a mirror slid away to reveal a secret compartment.

Two large men emerged and gathered her into their arms. Penelope trembled. Her eyes and mouth were open, she could see and hear everything going on around her, but she was frozen and helpless. They carried her inside and laid her out on a table. Now she could see that the carnival was quite high-tech. The mirrors were one-way, she could see other people entering the hall, but they were oblivious to her.

Help me, hey; you guys, in here, help me!

It did no good. She could think the words, but she couldn’t utter them. The men were Arcturians, as shown by their large heads, flat faces, and lack of hair, and they cut her clothes away, all of them, and spread her legs wide on the table. She trembled internally, terrified that they were going to rape her.

“Excellent subject, Wingnut,” the taller said. “You’re sure she’s a good candidate?”

Wingnut, the smaller one nodded his chubby head. “Absolutely, Filch-Wood. The brain scan shows her to be ideal.”

“All right then. Check her over, make sure she’s healthy and clean, and reacts well, and we’ll make preparations to ship her out with the others.”

“We have enough?”

Filch-Wood nodded his equally large head. “A full dozen. They’ll fetch a good price with the buyer. He’ll be here tonight, so don’t muck about.”

Wingnut then examined her, making notes in a computer pad regarding her.

“Almost exactly four feet eight inches in length, ninety-eight pounds, excellent physique, and fine firm breasts. I would estimate a modest C size, according to human measurements, all of which will make her quite desirable. Her blue eyes are much like earth’s sky, quite lovely, I must say, and her brown hair is only shoulder length, another plus. Now I’ll do the internal exams.”

Penny tried to object, to shout “No,” but all she did was hiss. Wingnut inserted a speculum inside her. Her breathing sped up. It had been a while since a man (even an alien one) had touched her there. His fingers followed, caressing and tickling her clit, and then rubbed against her g-spot. She moaned, her pussy reacting strongly. Another moan, louder, and waves of humiliation washed over her. She was being forced toward an orgasm, her body betraying her by enjoying every moment of what was being done.

He withdrew his hands. “Exceptionally good reaction to stimulation.”

“She’ll orgasm easily? Remember, that’s critical for the Zumans,” Filch-Wood replied.

Wingnut nodded as they rolled her over on her belly. “Oh, yes, no doubt.”

Penny groaned at being denied a climax, even a forced one, and then shivered as the table hummed beneath her. It was moving, changing, and she found herself ass up, head and feet down, and Wingnut spreading her cheeks. Cold lubricant swirled across her anus and then a probe of some sort entered her. She tried to squeal and protest, but her body was still limp. All she could do was lie there and take it as the probe went deep into her ass. As much as she hated it, she loved it, and once more an orgasm built within her, which was totally embarrassing. She’d never done anal sex before. Suddenly, a hand was between her legs, sliding slowly in and out of her pussy.

Filch-Wood laughed. “Looks like she’s close again. Clearly anal won’t be an issue either.”

“Absolutely, and based on her colon and anus, she’ll be able to take a huge penis. We should get her secured now; the neural gas will wear off soon.”

“Very well.”

Withdrawing the probe (again before she could climax), they carried her into the next room, and Penny gasped. There was a long bench down the center of the room with eleven naked women secured across it on their stomachs. She was added to the end. A bar went across her elbows and knees, and a strap around her waist. By then, she was able to move and struggle, but it was pointless. She was trapped. Looking around, she sought out a means of escape, but there didn’t seem to be any. A tiny Japanese woman named Etsu was next to her and she talked to her, not an easy thing to do with the men around, but they did manage to communicate a little, speaking in hushed tones. All the women were single and alone, had been snatched from different towns so as to not arouse suspicion, and they were in a ‘meat market’ awaiting the buyer to come and inspect them.

Penny whimpered. Never in her life had she ever dreamed she was going to be sold to an alien creature as some sort of sex slave. The very concept made her chest tight and sweat drip from her body. Each woman was fitted with a long large butt hook with an eyelet. Their hair was pulled back, tied to a short rope, and then the other end was tied to the hook. Thus they were forced to keep their heads up so the buyer could look them in the face.

Later that night, a Gorian arrived, which further filled her with dread. Penny didn’t know much about the various races that made up the confederation, but she’d heard of the Gorians, and knew that they were banned from Earth. It was for good reason too; they were slave merchants who only cared about profit, and were completely amoral.

He held the computer pad and reviewed the data on all of them. “Looking good, my friends, a nice variety: three Asian, four Hispanic, two Middle Eastern, and three Westerners. I like that they’re various shapes and sizes. The Zumans like a variety to choose from. Do they all react well?”

“Ah, well… technically we haven’t tested them,” Filch-Wood said. “But it’s hardly necessary. The brain scan was very strong on all of them.”

He frowned. “I want them tested!”

Wingnut sighed. “Really, sir? Oh, all right.”

Penny shivered, wondering what that meant. She found out very quickly. Wingnut and Filch-Wood stuffed spider gags in their mouths, stepped around behind them, Wingnut to one side of her and Filch right behind her, and they started spanking them. She squealed through her gag as his hand smacked her bare cheeks hard. It had been a while since her last spanking, and it had been a disappointment. The swats were firm and steady, her cheeks became red and sore very soon, and her breathing sped up as her pussy grew damp. The Gorian bent down, took her chin in his hand, and stared into her eyes. Moans mixed with her yelps and cries, but she was unable to beg for mercy or make it clear she didn’t want any of this. The gag prevented fully articulate speech.

“This one will make a perfect pet. I can see that she’s already close to climax. Let me check the other one and then we’ll move on to the others.”

Penny blushed. He’d been able to tell how turned on she was, and it sent her humiliation into overdrive. What was even worse was that she was still denied a climax. Filch-Wood moved on to Etsu. Lying there, gasping for air, she hungered for more and was driven wild by the sounds of the other women getting spanked.

“Okay, good reactions right down the line,” the Gorian said and looked at her. “Lot forty-two here had the best. Oh, she’ll fetch top dollar.”

“You want us to pose them for the sales shots, Gark?” Wingnut said.

He shook his head. “Unnecessary, I have a new app on my comp-pad that allows me to do image manipulation. While you feed and clean them out, I’ll do a full spread for each and transmit them to the clients.”

“We’re on it,” Filch-Wood replied. “Wing, you get the hoses.”

“Why do I always get the dirty end of the stick?” he whined.

“Sorry, seniority.”

While Penny was hungry, she had no desire to take anything these brutes had to offer. Yet, what could she do about it? She watched as the merchant filled the air above them with lovely 3D images of her and all the ladies. Penny actually sighed in delight; she’d never looked so beautiful, and the clothes he put on her were a mix of gorgeous gowns and juvenile outfits. The sight of them made her toes curl. Then Filch walked along the line of them and locked a large baby bottle-like tube into their gags. They were forced to drink the sweet-tasting milky concoction.

Wingnut came into view and the objects in his hands made her eyes grow wide. He had tubes and nozzles for giving enemas! Penny tensed and groaned as he stepped behind her. She heard the snap of a latex glove going on his hand, her stinging cheeks were parted, and cold lube once more swirled across her defenseless flesh. The nozzle went deep inside her, the flow began, and she squealed around her bottle as she was filled. He went down the line doing the same to the others, and Penny began to sob. The humiliation, the frustration at being helpless, and the fact that everything was part of her most secret and intimate desires all drove her wild. She hungered for sex more than she’d ever known in her life.

As they emptied their bottles, they were removed, and as they were filled in the ass, the nozzles were removed and massive butt plugs were crammed inside them. She and the ladies all whimpered. Penny felt positively bloated and wanted desperately to use the toilet, but she was forced to stay across the bench while the men finished the image files and uploaded them.

“All right, the clients have the catalog and prices,” Gark said. “Get them clean and crated, and on my ship. The launch window closes in eight hours.”

Penny gasped. A launch window meant only one thing: he was taking them off-world to be sold as who-knew-what. Now she truly sobbed. There was virtually no hope of rescue once they left the system. The next thing she knew, more humiliation was heaped on them. Controls were operated, the bench rotated to bring them into a sort of sitting position, and some sort of toilet rose under each of them. Penny and the others squealed as metal claws grabbed their plugs and then the bench began to vibrate against their tummies. With a collective groan, they relieved themselves. Penny just about glowed bright red, and then she joined in a chorus of squeals as water jets cleaned them. The toilets lowered, they returned to their previous position, and warm air blew across their behinds to dry them off. Wiggling and squirming at the gentle sensation, Penny saw that a dozen small cage-like boxes were being wheeled out.

Animal travel pods! Disgusting, but this could be our chance. They’ll have to release us to put us in there and maybe we can overpower—ow! What the hell… was… that?

A moment later, as the other ladies got similar shots in their behinds, Penny realized that they’d been given another dose of the paralyzing agent. She was awake and aware, but unable to move. Once released from the bench, she was packed into one of the cages and secured. A mask fit over her mouth and nose to supply air (and a steady stream of the drug). It seemed these guys had thought of everything.

The cages were stacked on hover-pads and floated outside. Through the little mesh windows in her cage, Penny could see that it was night now, and probably very late. There was no sign of any activity around. That made sense; they wouldn’t want any random witnesses catching sight of what they were up to. Whimpering and breathing hard the whole time, Penny was transported to Gark’s ship and loaded in the hold. Her body positively throbbed with fire and excitement. Being caged like some sort of sexual pet sent her pussy into overdrive and when the ship rattled at takeoff, she almost climaxed right then and there.

When she became weightless, held in place only by her straps, she knew they’d left orbit. Penny had never been in space; she couldn’t afford it, but she’d read about it, and she knew what the next step would be. The ship would head for the nearest jump gate and then they’d be on Zuma in no time. She tried to think, to remember what she knew of that world. It wasn’t much. The Zumans were a very quiet and private race. They didn’t travel to other worlds and they didn’t like visitors. They were practically xenophobic, but they did export huge amounts of crystals that grew in their mountains. They were the best super conductors in the known worlds.

When the ship became completely calm, no shaking, not so much as a hint of motion, Penny knew they’d made the jump. She managed to shiver in fear and anticipation. It seemed the gas had been turned off and she was starting to get feeling back in her body.

A sudden jerk told her they’d come out of the gate. After that, things went in the reverse of their departure from Earth. Once they landed, she and the others were off-loaded, and she wondered how their fate would be decided. She was haunted by images of being taken to an auction block. So, when she was put in the back of a hover-car and driven away from the spaceport, she could only imagine where she was being taken.

The trip seemed to take forever, and then she was carried into a small snug home that sat on the shore of a small lake. The place was super high-tech: gleaming metal and plastic everywhere, and she could see two large humanoids sitting next to each other on an equally big couch. Gark sat opposite them and set her down on the floor between them.

“So, is that her?” the woman said.

“Absolutely, my dear, just as you requested,” Gark replied, patting the box. “Now, if you’ll finalize the transfer, she’s all yours.”

“Tannar, do it!” she said firmly.

“Just a moment, Mandau,” the man said. “I want to see her first to ensure it’s Penny. She was the loveliest human we’ve ever seen, and I’ll not be cheated at the last minute.”

Gark nodded. “Very well.”

He unlocked the cage and removed her mask. Penny shook as hard as she could at the sight before her. The couple was quite large. Even sitting it was clear they had to be over six feet tall. They were also gorgeous. Penny was never one to believe in love at first sight, but these two certainly got her pulse quickening. That was another thing she remembered about Zumans; of all the members of the confederation, they were the closest to humans in appearance. To Penny, they kind of looked like some old pictures she’d seen of fairies or elves: slender, fair skin, black hair, pointy ears and noses, long delicate hands and fingers, and Mandau (the wife) had incredible curves and firm ample breasts. Their snug gowns of blue and gold only served to remind her that she was not only naked, but also still restrained.

Mandau smiled and leaned forward, getting down on one knee before Penny. “Oh, pretty Penny, you are truly a vision!”

Tannar joined her. “You certainly are. Ten times lovelier than your portfolio. We are so happy to have you as our pet. Gark, you’ll have your fee this instant.”

Tannar placed his hand on Gark’s com-pad. It glowed for a moment, and Penny knew that the scan was complete, which meant the transaction had been carried out. She was now their property!

“Mr. and Mrs. Tau, congratulations, you are now the proud owners of a genuine human adult female,” Gark said happily. “Enjoy!”

He rose and departed, and Mandau worked to release Penny and lift her out to stand before them. She felt very tiny alongside their large frames.

“Wait, what, pet? I’m a human being,” she snapped. “I’m not an animal to be kept in a cage or tethered by a leash! I was kidnapped. I demand to speak to the Earth embassy.”

They giggled and smiled at her.

“Oh, you’re so cute, Penny,” Tannar said. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you, you are our most prized possession.”

Most prized,” Mandau added. “It took everything we had, plus Tannar’s inheritance from his parents and a gift from mine to afford you.”

“Tanner?” Penny said.

He shook his head. “No, Tann-ar, but you will call me daddy. This is my wife Mandau.”

“You will call me mommy. If you’re naughty, you’ll feel my paddle on your bottom. After Tannar takes care of your first spanking, I’ll get one of your new little outfits for you to wear, and then settle you in your pen.”

“After my what? What is this madness?” she complained.

Tannar sat back on the couch and gestured at Penny. “Sweetness, will you get her into position? I’m anxious to get started.”

“I’ll be happy to,” Mandau said, grabbing her.

Penny struggled, desperate to get free, but the woman was easily fifty pounds bigger, and far stronger. She was being dragged toward quite the massive lap, huge hand, and strong arm.

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