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Alpha’s Mate: A Rough Shifter Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One

The United States, 2274


Darkness enshrouded the entire building, the lack of moonlight streaming in through the window unnerving. The ugly fluorescent lights barely illuminated the expansive room in the old building, the various shadows within the classroom entirely different after hours. I shut down the Netscape computer system before pushing away from my desk, exhausted from the long day of teaching.

I couldn’t wait to grab a glass of wine and sit out on my front porch, listening to the sounds of the river.

Butterflies suddenly filled my stomach, a lump forming in my throat.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

I shifted my head toward the door, the echo of heavy footsteps unusual for this time of day. The cleaning staff had already left for the evening. Instantly on edge, I jerked to a standing position, reaching for my things.

Thump. Thump.

I could swear the footsteps were getting closer. A moment of utter terror swept through my system, the school miles away from anything else. I’d been a fool to remain after hours in order to finish grading papers. My breath skipping, I moved silently toward the frosted glass door, immediately turning off the light. There was nothing of value within the building, at least that I knew of. However, there were always rogue criminals foraging for anything they could get their hands on to sell on the black market.

They’d even kill if necessary.

I had no weapon, no way of protecting myself. If I could manage to slip out and run for the exit, maybe I had a chance. If not, the bastards would likely assault me or worse. The moment I cracked the door, another round of footsteps echoed down the hallway. I shrank back, trying to allow my eyes to get used to the emergency lights barely illuminating the corridor.

That’s when I saw him.




He was a giant, standing at least six and a half feet tall, his broad shoulders and long muscular legs matching his massive chest.

And he was completely naked.

What the hell?

My breath catching in my throat, I closed the door, moving against the wall and praying to whatever God might be up in heaven to protect me. I wasn’t ready to die.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

He was getting closer.

Thump. Thump.

Closer still.

I pressed my hand across my lips, trying desperately to keep from screaming. The hair stood up on the back of my neck, my legs quivering. There was no way to get out, the windows in the room inoperable. Oh, God. Oh…

Then I heard his voice, the deep baritone like smooth velvet, only laced with a kiss of death.


My mind reeled from the fact he knew my name. He’d come for me.

I slid along the wall, barely avoiding bumping into one of the desks.


There was such an urgency in his tone, a longing that created goosebumps down the length of my arms. When there was sudden silence, I held my breath.


The door was kicked in, the monster entering, immediately turning his head in my direction. As the glow of the hall lighting slid into the room, his features were dimly highlighted, but I was able to see the expression on his face.




He took a deep breath. When he allowed the air to escape, the sound was a deep and husky growl, the noise sending a series of electric vibrations dancing from my heated cheeks to my toes. I bit back another cry, paralyzed with fear.

After taking a deep whiff, his nostrils flared and he dragged his long tongue across his lips. “You shouldn’t have run from me, Nicolina. You are a very bad girl.”

“Who… Who are you?”

“I am Akuma. I am your mate and your master. And you will be punished.”

Everything moved into slow motion as he closed the distance, yanking me into his arms, his cock pressing against my tummy. I was disgusted by my body’s reaction, the arousal immediate. My nipples ached as they scraped against my lacy bra, my panties instantly soaked from pussy juice trickling into the cheap cotton. My heart raced, my throat tightening, my need to survive finally kicking in. I pounded my fists against him, letting off a terrified scream.

Akuma chuckled darkly as he dragged me onto my toes, inhaling once again. “You. Belong. To. Me.”

The words were so guttural, full of possession. I’d never seen the brute before, but his shimmering eyes reflected something entirely different.

As if he’d been hunting for me.



Finally capturing his prey.

“Let me go. Let me go!” I continued to pound my fists as he lowered his head. His eyes weren’t human. They were nothing more than those of an animal, a creature of the night. When he crushed his mouth over mine, the combination of his scent and the taste was instantly intoxicating. I struggled in vain as the kiss became a dominant force, his hand wrapping around the back of my neck, his fingers digging into my skin.

I was overwhelmed by his masculine fragrance, the smell ripe with testosterone and scents of the forest, the taste of him sweet yet distinguished. He thrust his tongue inside my mouth, sweeping it back and forth as he explored every inch.

What the hell was going on?

Who was this massive beast?

When he broke the kiss, he took a step back, using both hands to rip my blouse, shredding it with absolute ease and tossing it away. My bra held no kind of hindrance, his fingers easily digging into the lace and yanking with enough force I was pitched backwards.

“Leave me alone!” I knew my screech wouldn’t do any good. There was no one coming to rescue me. I was his prisoner.

He tore at my skirt next. When it was gone, thrown several feet away, his shoulders heaved as he took a series of deep breaths, issuing several additional low-slung growls. There was no doubt what he was going to do to me.

Take me.

Use me.

Fuck me.

When he slipped a single finger under the thin elastic of my thong, I tried to bolt, able to get to the door before he snagged my arm, whipping me around like a ragdoll. He fisted my hair, his facial expression shimmering with rage.

“You will never try and escape from me again. You are mine. Mine! Now, I punish you. Then I’ll fuck you.” He tore off my panties then pushed me toward my desk, shoving me over the edge. Within seconds, he raked his hand across the surface, tossing everything I’d been working on, sending my computer crashing to the floor. The clanging sound mixed with my shrieks and I tried to claw my way to the other side, managing to kick the savage in the stomach.

He didn’t utter a growl, simply yanked me backward, his fingers entangling in my long hair.

“You need to be taught a lesson.”

Panting, I continued to try to fight him until something hard was smacked against my bottom, knocking the wind out of me. Tears immediately sprang to my eyes as pain shifted from my buttocks down the length of my legs. As he delivered two more cracks, the anguish became blinding, forcing me to gasp in order to breathe. What the hell was he spanking me with?

Then I realized.

A piece of thick metal I’d found and used as a basic ruler. Where the hell had he found it?

I was stunned as the round of discipline continued, the monster bringing the ruler down several times in rapid succession. I couldn’t think clearly or understand what was happening. Who was he and how had he been able to hunt me down?

Nothing made any sense. Shivering, every ounce of energy was drained from my body, my mind shutting down, attempting to block out what was happening.

“If you try and escape, your punishment will be worse. If you attempt to fight me again, trust me, your spanking will become something you’ll never forget.”

His frank words blistered my mind much like what he was doing to my bottom. Excessive heat coursed through every inch of skin, perspiration beading across my lip. This was crazy. This was not real. How could it be?

Another guttural sound erupted from somewhere deep in his system and for a few seconds, he rubbed his hands across my already bruised skin, caressing in a gentle manner. I sucked in and held my breath, blinking away the tears. The man… the beast would not break me.

I could feel the oppressive weight of his body as he leaned over, blowing a swath of hot air across my shoulders. When he laughed, the sound infiltrated my eardrums, skittering all the way down my spine. He was making me a promise.


He meant to possess me like he would a precious thing, keeping me under lock and key.

The word lingered in my mind, keeping my mind reeling. When he rubbed his fingers down the crack of my ass, shifting the long digits between my legs, I froze, no longer able to make a single sound.

“You are wet,” he said, so damn matter of fact.


He forced my legs further apart before cupping my mound, a single finger finding my clit. I was shaken to the core as he rolled the tip around my tender tissue, instantly igniting a fire within me. Everything became a massive blur as he rubbed up and down the length of my pussy, my body betraying me as excitement started to build.



The kind of longing that stripped me of any rational thinking.

“You are hungry. Don’t worry, my little pet. All your needs will be taken care of.” Every sound he made, the words he used were primal in nature, pushing my blood pressure to the boiling point.

When he began the spanking again in earnest, all I could do was rest my face against the cool surface of the desk, praying that someone would find me, hoping that I didn’t lose my freaking mind.

The smacks came hard and fast, each one more brutal than the one before. He cracked the metal against the tops of my thighs, forcing me to jerk up, several moans escaping my mouth. The scent of my feminine wiles floated into my nostrils. I was disgusted and humiliated. I was sick to my stomach.

And I was on fire.

Every cell.

Every muscle.

Every inch of my skin.

What was the creature doing to me? How could I even fathom craving what he was doling out? I wasn’t a bad girl. I wasn’t!

My body continued to jump involuntarily as he spanked me long and hard, his breathing just as heavy and raspy as mine. I could almost tell what he was thinking, his rampant and filthy desires floating into my mind.

He would fuck me in every hole in a merciless fashion, refusing to stop until he was sated. Then he would start over until I was left weak and exhausted.

When I heard him tossing the metal implement across the room, I tried one last time to get the hell away from him.

He yanked me backward with the kind of roar I’d never heard before. So masculine. So powerful.

And so dominating.

The brute shifted his hips back and forth, pushing his cock against my swollen pussy lips. Every sound he made was barbaric, the growls erupting deep and raspy. All I could think was he was inhuman; nothing more than a king of the jungle, a beast who consumed his prey. A bedraggled scream left my mouth when he slipped several fingers into my pussy, thrusting them deep inside.

“Ah!” My scream was almost breathless, my chest heaving as he flexed his fingers open, pumping savagely.

“So wet. So tight. Soon, you will become mine. Soon, little pet.”

I was no one’s little pet. No fucking way.

But as he drove his fingers inside furiously, curling the tips until he managed to slice them across my G-spot, I shivered to the point I had difficulty focusing. My body refused to be compliant. He was bringing me to the precipice of an orgasm. No. No fucking way.

He jerked my head, holding me partially aloft as he plunged over and over again. There was no way to hold back, no way to stop my body from betraying me all over again. As the climax swept up from my toes, shooting straight into my pussy, I opened my mouth to beg for release, to scream once again for help.

But there was nothing but air erupting from my throat.

Vivid stars floated in front of my eyes as the orgasm morphed into something incredible, taking me to brand new heights of pleasure. I was shocked, my skin exploding from searing white-hot heat. Seconds later, he let go of my hair, allowing me to drop my head as I moaned like a dirty, sick girl.

Bad girl. Bad girl.

Oh. My. God.

I’d enjoyed the beast finger fucking me. I’d climaxed, my body convulsing. He refused to stop, bringing me to another explosive wave, stealing what was left of my breath.

The entire room seemed to rumble as another wave of electricity soared through me. I could swear there was electric blue light shimmering and dancing everywhere inside the room as he gripped my hips.

No. No!

I braced for what he was about to do, my long nails already broken from digging them into the dense wood. There was no way I could stop him.

The beast drove the entire length of his cock inside, forcing my muscles to accept the horrible, amazing… exciting invasion. Lights continued to flash in my mind’s eyes even as I closed them, continuing to brace for whatever filth he was going to do.

His growls permeated the entire room as he pulled almost all the way out, slamming into me again. The force pitched my body against the edge of the desk, my heart racing as my muscles strained then clamped down. Moans escaped my mouth, a rush of adrenaline flowing into my system.

And my blood boiled.

The powerful man fucked me like a wild animal, driving his cock in rapid and savage motions. There was no stopping him, no way to get out of his clutches. And the hint of ecstasy turned into a beautiful wave coursing through every tendon and muscle.

I had no way of knowing how long he fucked me, but as another orgasm began to build, there was nothing I could do to fight it. My strangled screams broke through the air as the climax crashed into my system.

He laughed, the sound dark and dangerous, his actions becoming more ferocious. I sensed he was prepared to come, erupting deep inside and while I wanted nothing more than to deny his satisfaction, my pussy muscles clamped down like a tight vise.

The sound as he released another bellow echoed in my ears as he filled me with his seed.

Several seconds later, he slid one hand along my spine as he shoved two fingers of his other into my asshole, the pain biting.

Then he issued the words I’d never forget.

“Next time, I fuck you in the ass. After that, my little pet, you will be mine. My lover. My mate. My destiny.”

“Jesus. Christ,” I muttered, my entire body shaking, my forehead damp from the vision that had kept me stunned and locked in for several minutes. I was clammy all over, my pussy clenching and releasing. I realized the cup of coffee I’d been holding was now cold, a puddle of liquid pooling on the table. I blinked several times, trying to pull my mind back into some kind of reality.

Was it a vision or had it really occurred, the memory just surfacing? I’d been asking myself that all morning, especially given the way my pussy ached. I shifted in my seat, wincing as my skirt sliced against my bottom. My buttocks had even been a warm shade of rose when I’d looked in the mirror. I’d lost several hours the night before. Maybe dreaming. Maybe sleepwalking. I couldn’t be certain.

You’re losing your mind.

Very slowly, I turned my head, studying the room where I was sitting. I was in my own home at the kitchen table, the same location where I sat every morning drinking a cup of coffee before work. I shifted my gaze toward the window, staring out at the trees and riverbank, taking gasping breaths.

A knowing settled in, one I’d refused to accept up to this point. I wasn’t crazy. I was well educated. I had friends and a sister I cared about. There were no mental stability issues in my family, at least that I knew of.

Yet the vision had been so real, the experience leaving me with tingles all over, a desperate hunger coursing through me. As a series of sensations kept me electrified, I was finally forced to face what had haunted me for weeks.

It hadn’t been the first time the beast had taken me, nor would it be the last.

He was powerful.

He was the alpha.

Soon, he would hunt me down and he would capture me.

For I was his mate.

And soon, I would become a… Breed.

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