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An Extreme Marriage by Emily Tilton – Sample

An Extreme Marriage by Emily TiltonChapter One

It began when Frank, frustrated beyond words that Jenny had once again incinerated dinner, lost in her private world as she practiced Chopin, had searched the Internet on a whim for the phrase ‘wife sabotages marriage.’

Buried deep in the search results was a note on an online bulletin board—actually on several bulletin boards, always the same note:

Is your wife unconsciously sabotaging your marriage? Does she ‘forget’ to do the simple things that would make everything run smoothly? She may have submissive desires she can’t tell you about. Our ‘“Extreme Marriage’ wife-training program may be able to help. Open the door to a world of marital harmony—and marital sex—you never imagined.

He had mailed the address given, and the Institute had mailed him back a preliminary questionnaire, and a release for an extensive financial check. The questions on the questionnaire all seemed very innocuous—they were all about his and Jenny’s background and interests. It had been easy enough, and the Institute hadn’t asked him for any really personal information, so he had played along.

The Institute had sent him the husband’s package at that point. Along with the full version of the application questionnaire, with long sections to be filled out by Jenny, as well as some to be filled out by both of them together, and a very clear schedule of exactly how much the program cost (a staggering amount), there were two pamphlets, one for husbands and one for wives, that Frank found he could not stop reading. As he read, to his slight embarrassment, he found that he always got hard, and would usually have to jerk off while he read the final paragraphs.

The husband’s pamphlet started innocently enough.

Many men enter into marriage without acknowledging their dominant desires to their brides, or even to themselves. You know who you are.

Did Frank ever.

Most of those men end up living frustrated lives with partners who are not well suited to them.

But we at the Institute think there’s a glimmer of hope at least for a lucky few. We have learned, through our long experience in training submissive women, that there are a few signs that may indicate that a wife, despite appearances and even despite her own words to the contrary, yearns to submit to her husband, and to please him, submissively, in every way a woman can please a man.

Hopefully, you are reading this brochure because we sent it to you—and we only send it to husbands whose wives, at a first assessment of the dynamics of the marriage, are excellent candidates for what we call Extreme Marriage training.

If accepted into the program, you and your wife will have an extended stay with us, here at the Institute, located in a secure and private place.

Your wife will have lessons in household chores (among other things, you will take home a gourmet chef!), and, with your participation, we will also train her to please you in your bedroom, to your specifications. At the same time, you will be taking part in the planning of your wife’s program, and learning your responsibilities as her ‘extreme husband.’ Our program depends on each of you understanding the other’s needs and desires in a way you may never have contemplated.

Do you long to have your wife on her knees in front of your easy chair, sucking your hard cock for hours? The woman you bring home will be one of the most accomplished cocksuckers on the planet, and she’ll beg to have your hardness filling her mouth, because she knows how much pleasure she can give you that way.

Is anal sex something you have always wanted from your wife, but she has refused you? Rest assured that if your wife is accepted into our training program, you will be giving it to her in the ass every night, should you so choose, because in our program she will have come to terms with her yearning to please you that way. She will be taught how to get her ass ready for you, and how to present it attractively, so that you have the anal experience you deserve.

Your wife will also be spanked regularly, both for any faults she commits in the course of her training and to put her into a properly submissive frame of mind. We will teach you, as well, how to spank her the same way we do, so that by the time you and your wife depart, you will be able to satisfy her submissive desires, and to punish her when necessary.

A few highly pornographic, but also somehow very tasteful, pictures of life at the Institute accompanied the text: a beautiful woman in nothing but a little red apron, over the knee of a hunky man in a business suit, her tear-stained face hanging to the floor as her bottom was spanked red; another young woman spreading her bottom open to show her pretty little anus as she looked back over her shoulder as if in apprehension at the approach of her husband; the same woman taking it in the ass from a well-muscled, handsome man, over a firm pillow atop what looked like a very marital sort of bed, her right cheek laid against the coverlet and her eyes closed in an expression of rapturous discomfort at the way her husband rode her, crouching masterfully astride her backside.

The Institute’s Extreme Marriage program is certainly not for everyone, but it just may be the answer to your and your wife’s problems—and your dreams!

Along with the husband’s pamphlet had come a pamphlet for him to give to Jenny. Before he gave it to her, he read it, of course.

If you’re a wife reading this pamphlet, chances are that your husband has given it to you. He’s given it to you because he’s considering enrolling you in a special program here at our Institute called the Extreme Marriage program. This pamphlet will introduce you to the program.

Before we get to any of the details about the program, we’d like you to think about some questions that we suspect you’ve probably considered before, but perhaps only briefly, because thinking about them makes you feel ashamed and even wicked.

Do you long to submit to your husband?

Do you long for him to tell you what to do, in bed and at home?

Do you sometimes wish he would spank you, especially when you do something that makes him angry?

Do you wish your husband would make you do dirty things in bed?

Do you wish he would make you take his cock in your mouth?

Do you wish he would make you take his cock in your ass?

Do you feel like you could never confess these desires to him?

We’re pretty sure that if you’re reading this pamphlet, your true answers to the above questions are all Yes. We’ve been doing this for quite a while, and we sent this pamphlet to your husband based on a preliminary profile we did of you from some basic questions he answered about your background—nothing personal, we promise!

One thing we can’t know until we draw up your complete profile, after you come to the Institute for evaluation, is how much you’ve read about your submissive orientation in secret. Most wives in your position have a few books or magazines, or even videos, stashed away, that they masturbate to—usually with fairly great frequency.

Make no mistake—if that’s you, you are a naughty girl, and we here at the Institute believe that your husband should be spanking you regularly for your misconduct. But we think that you’re naughty in a very good way—a way that will lead to happiness with your husband that you never imagined you could have.

Did Jenny? Frank wondered. He imagined his pretty, prudish wife sneaking off to the bedroom with her e-book reader—or sitting at the kitchen table on her laptop. Then he imagined walking in on her, and what, armed with the knowledge of these pamphlets, he might say, and do… Could he really spank Jenny? Could he punish her for masturbating? The thought seemed so outlandish, but also so arousing that he had to shift in his desk chair as he read the pamphlet, and especially as he looked at the pictures in it. Could he really give those pictures to Jenny? Wouldn’t she get up and run out of the house and never come back?

Even if you’ve never indulged your fantasies that way, though, we’re already reasonably sure that you need a sound spanking, for all those things you’ve been doing—probably since before you were even married—to get your husband to give you one.

More important, we believe that we can help you confess your fantasies to your husband, and that once you do your married life will be what it always should have been.

If you’re reading this pamphlet, your husband wants to dominate you. He wants to make you do the dirty things in bed you have always dreamt of. He wants to tie you up and use you for his pleasure, as you have always wanted him to do.

He wants to make you suck his cock, and he wants to fuck you in your tight little asshole.

The same way you want him to do.

We propose therefore to train you as a submissive wife, according to the desires of your husband. Your consent is essential to the process, but once you give it, you will not be able to go back on the promise you have made to submit to the training your husband has paid for.

What kind of training do we mean?

Well, first of all there’s going to be some standard domestic training: cooking and cleaning above all. We have some experts at those things who will probably surprise you with what they can teach you, but really those lessons are a means to the end of the more important part of the program: the establishment of your complete submission to your husband.

More important, your training program will be tailored to your passions: if you are an athlete, you will be training with some of the best coaches in the world; if you are a musician, you will be having lessons from world-class musicians; if you are a writer, you will be receiving critique from some of the biggest names in literature. You may think our claim outlandish, and we can’t tell you in this pamphlet with whom you’ll work, but we assure you that you will be blown away.

But just as the most vital part of your yearning to submit lies in the realm of the erotic, your husband’s desire to dominate you begins and ends in the bedroom. Therefore, bedroom training constitutes the essence of the program. Our aims require that you, as a submissive wife, not know the details of what you will undergo, but we venture to say that it will fulfill many, if not all, of your fantasies.

Both the domestic and the bedroom components of your training will have as their natural complement the disciplinary aspect of the program. We need not dwell on the matter, we think, but you can expect to be well chastised when—as happens to every wife in the program as well as in the world outside the Institute—you fall short of the standards your husband, as your Head of Household, sets for you. Many of the implements we suspect fill your fantasy life will be applied to your backside for such shortcomings at one time or another. For a few examples, you can expect to be beaten with paddle, strap, crop, flogger, and cane, to guide you in serving your husband as you know he deserves, and as we know you wish to serve him.

As we mentioned above, we know how hard it is for you to discuss these matters, and we know that you could never admit to anyone—especially your husband—that you want him to enroll you in our program. So when your husband asks if you’ve read this pamphlet, our advice is to say ‘Yes,’ and when he tells you that it’s time to pack your bags for your visit to the Institute, we recommend that you obey him, as we know you long to do.

Hardly able to believe he was actually doing it, Frank handed the pamphlet to Jenny, late one evening after yet another burnt dinner. Jenny’s strikingly pretty features, with her light brown hair gathered into a French braid, betrayed great anxiety in her blue eyes. Sitting at the piano where he had interrupted her practice, she looked down at the pamphlet, reading (he was sure) the title ‘Extreme Marriage: A program for couples,’ and then up at him, with a kind of frightened aspect in her eyes.

Frank said, “This is a program I think we need to look into. Read the pamphlet, and then we’ll talk.”

Then he walked away, trembling at what he had done, but also thinking about Jenny, how beautiful she looked when she practiced a piece she loved, and wondering whether this thing with the Institute was going to ruin everything—not that there was much left to ruin.

Frank thought back to the time when he had first met Jenny, when he had imagined that married life with her would be everything he’d always wanted. They had met after a recital, and Frank had been absolutely star-struck—nearly unable to believe that his friend Yan had known the beautiful pianist and could introduce him, even less able to believe that she had agreed to go on a date with him, when Frank was clearly so ordinary and pedantic. Yes, his family was wealthy, but there was nothing glamorous about him to attract a pianist who was clearly destined for Carnegie Hall. But Frank had always loved classical music, and in that very first conversation with Jenny, at the reception after her senior recital at Juilliard, he had been able to say things that he knew sounded—really, that actually were—smart about even the modern pieces she had played.

But maybe that had been the problem. Frank had never lost his awe of Jenny’s talent. How could he even entertain the idea that Jenny wanted to be dominated, no matter how strongly his own fantasies ran along that course? Jenny Streat dominated the piano when she played; sounds that Frank could not have imagined might be produced by wood and metal emerged from any instrument she touched. How could you spank an angel who produces such divine sounds? How could you even ask that angel if maybe she might like to be spanked once in a while?

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