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The Au Pair’s Needs by Carole Archer – Sample

The Au Pair's Needs by Carole Archer (Post 200x300)Twenty-two-year-old Emily Pearson gazed out of the airplane window and watched London slowly disappearing from view. She had lived in London for the past two years and had thoroughly enjoyed splitting her week between attending college and looking after Maisie, the three-year-old daughter of doctors Matt and Jean Wilson. The job had included accommodation and the pay was very generous. Unfortunately that was all over now.

She shook her head sadly. At least Matt had used his connections and given her a glowing reference to help her find another job through an agency. She had been a bit unsure about travelling all the way to America, but she guessed a fresh start was what she needed.

Emily had always wanted to work with children and the chance to be an au pair in London had thrilled her. She loved being around children and hoped to have her own one day, but there was one thing she loved even more—being spanked. Unfortunately it had brought her no end of heartache and she hoped to bury her past as she started a new life in the US.

She had fantasized about being spanked for as long as she could remember, although her native North-East England seemed to be a bit barren as far as spanking was concerned. She had found very little action in her year at college in Newcastle and when she was offered a job as a part-time au pair in London where she could also continue her studies, she had immediately accepted.

She had been excited as London was definitely the best place to be in the UK for spanking. She was practically guaranteed to find what she desired there—or so she’d thought.

Emily sighed as she remembered her string of failed relationships over the past two years. She had made lots of contacts through internet chat rooms where she had spoken at length about her desire to be turned across a man’s knee and spanked on her bare bottom until she was sobbing. As she worked her way through her list of contacts, she became more despondent as each experience left her unfulfilled. They either spanked too gently or wanted her to participate in all sorts of BDSM activities far removed from the spanking and discipline she craved. Most of them also expected sex to automatically follow. She always declined, and her list of potential spankers quickly decreased.

Emily had been thrilled when she began a relationship with her college tutor in her first year in London. She drunkenly asked him to spank her… which he did, before taking her to bed. The next morning, realising she had lost her virginity, she was absolutely distraught. After a few more half-hearted spankings followed by quick and unsatisfying sex, she made the excuse that she was falling behind in her studies and didn’t have time for a relationship. She was disappointed that he cared so little that he didn’t even try to change her mind.

For the next few months she concentrated on her studies and looking after Maisie. She still checked out the internet spanking sites and began chatting to a guy in his 50’s who organised meetings once a month in a pub. Emily chatted to him for hours online about the type of spanking she craved from a fatherly figure. When she finally met him she couldn’t wait for the opportunity to go home with him and be taken across his knee and spanked, which he had promised would happen soon.

After several glasses of wine Emily began to flirt with him and when he whispered that she had been a very naughty girl and needed her bare bottom spanked, she willingly took his hand and followed him to his car. However, once inside his car, the kind, fatherly man she’d spent the evening with suddenly changed. He gripped her upper arm and scolded her for being a slut. Tears pricked her eyes and flowed freely when he slapped her across the face. She wanted him to slap her bottom, not her face, and when he ripped open her top and groped her breasts, she began to sob. When he stroked her cheek and wiped away her tears, she thought he was apologising for hurting her, but when he leaned closer and whispered that he was going to take her home, tie her up and beat her with a cane before fucking her hard, she punched him before jumping out of the car and running.

She ran straight into her boss Matt, who was just heading home. He comforted her as she told him exactly what had happened. When Matt drove her to a deserted parking lot and asked her to take down her trousers and bend across his lap, she didn’t hesitate. As he spanked her firmly over her panties, he scolded her for putting herself at risk and Emily smiled through her tears. This was what she needed.

Emily and Matt continued to indulge in spanking fun at every opportunity and she was blissfully happy. She didn’t care that the spanking group had ostracised her for claiming their leader assaulted her. She didn’t need them anymore. She did feel guilty for playing around with Jean’s husband behind her back, but she convinced herself he wasn’t cheating on his wife as he wasn’t having sex with Emily.

One afternoon Emily dropped Maisie off at play group and returned home. Matt and Jean were supposed to be working late and Emily was pleasantly surprised to find Matt home. She was thrilled when he took her to her bedroom, bared her bottom and spanked her soundly. She was breathless with desire as she knelt on the bed, her legs open wide and her bottom in the air as Matt firmly slippered her. It was while she was in this position with her well spanked bottom on display that Jean walked into the room.

Jean tearfully demanded Emily leave immediately and she quickly packed her bags. She wanted to apologise, but she couldn’t face Jean after what she’d done and she fled in tears. She was grateful when Matt followed her and took her to a flat they had in town, telling her that she could stay there for now.

Matt visited her once a week and would spank her before demanding she suck his cock before he returned to his wife. She felt cheap and dirty, but since he was allowing her to stay in the flat rent free she felt unable to refuse. She’d been almost relieved when he’d arrived one night and told her he’d arranged for her to go to Texas a week later to work as an au pair for a divorced man with two young boys.

The following week Matt took her to the airport. She had hoped for one last spanking but he simply collected her bags and put them in the boot of his car, telling her to hurry up. When he dropped her off at Heathrow Airport, he gave her a hug and a kiss, wished her good luck, put her bags on the floor and drove away. Emily recalled how she’d stood in front of the airport and sobbed until a kindly baggage handler had offered her some assistance.

* * *

Emily was startled when the man sitting beside her on the plane gripped her arm and shook her gently, snapping her out of her daydreams. “Are you OK?”

To her horror, Emily realised tears were rolling down her cheeks. Brushing away her tears with the back of her hand, she smiled at the gentleman beside her. “I’m sorry. I’m moving to the US and it’s the first time I’ve left England. I hope I’ve made the right choice.”

The man smiled at her. He told her he was going to Houston on a business trip. She replied that she was being collected from Houston by her new boss, who was then driving her to his home in Austin. As they chatted she became mesmerised by the man’s hands, which were so big. She found herself fantasising about being across his lap and having those large, heavy hands pounding down on her bare bottom. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and pretended to have fallen asleep. Her new start was not going to include spanking. That belonged in her past. It had caused her untold problems and she was going to have to learn to live without it.

Emily felt a little disorientated when she opened her eyes again. She guessed she’d fallen asleep. The man beside her smiled. “We’re in America. We’re not far from Houston. I wanted to wake you but you seemed so peaceful.”

Emily smiled as she looked out of the window. Less than 30 minutes later the plane landed on the tarmac and she tentatively got off the plane. The heat was stifling, in direct contrast to the rain and grey skies she’d left behind in London. She felt very nervous as she made her way inside and collected her luggage. She wondered what Daniel would be like. She couldn’t wait to meet his two boys, but she was very apprehensive about starting afresh in a new country.

As Emily struggled with her luggage, she saw a dark haired man holding a cardboard sign displaying her name. Smiling, she headed towards him. He looked much younger than she’d imagined. Daniel was 37 years old but could easily pass himself off as 10 years younger. As she approached he smiled and held out his hand. Dropping her bags, she shook his hand and smiled. “Emily Pearson. I’m pleased to meet you.”

Daniel smiled at her. “Daniel Miller. The pleasure is mine. Did you have a good flight?”

Emily nodded and looked around. “Where are the boys?”

Picking up her bags, Daniel headed towards the exit. “I’ve left them at my parents’ farm. They love spending time there and it gives me chance to concentrate on my businesses. It’s only a 45-minute drive from here. We’ll go there now and get something to eat. Kyle and Brett can’t wait to meet you, and my parents are looking forward to seeing you too.”

Emily suddenly felt overwhelmed as she followed him to his car. He put her suitcases in the trunk before opening her door and taking her hand as she climbed in. She smiled. He was a real gentleman and very handsome too, and she couldn’t stop herself looking down at the hand that held hers firmly and imagining it landing hard on her bottom. Emily closed her eyes and tried to shake off the image. She was relieved when he let go of her hand and closed the car door.

As Daniel drove to his parents’ farm, he answered Emily’s many questions. She cringed when she asked him where his wife was, she hadn’t meant to ask him something so personal but the words were out before she could stop herself. He was quiet for a few seconds before responding.

“My wife left me two years ago for another man. Kyle was only a few weeks old and Brett was just two years old. She simply told me she didn’t love me anymore, she was leaving and I could keep the children. I haven’t heard from her since, apart from through our lawyers when we divorced. She was always selfish, but I still can’t believe she abandoned her children.”

Daniel sighed as he once more wondered if she’d still be here if he’d gone with his instincts and taken her across his knee when she threw her frequent temper tantrums. Daniel had always fantasised about spanking a bratty woman, and his wife presented the perfect opportunity for him to do that, but he’d never dared discuss his fantasies with her—or with anyone else—for fear of being ridiculed.

“Has there been no-one else in your life since she left?” Emily cringed again, ashamed at her own intrusive questions. That was none of her business. She couldn’t believe she was being so nosy, but she found herself very attracted to Daniel and hoped he was single. She felt incredibly guilty when he sighed and shook his head.

“No, there’s been no-one else. I haven’t been romantically interested in a woman since she left. I don’t have the time or the inclination. The boys were too young to remember her. I devote all my time to keeping them happy. I have six car repair shops in Texas and I work when I can. I’ve decided it’s time I took a more hands-on approach in the business again which is why I’m employing you. It’ll seem strange leaving the boys, I’m so used to being around them, but my parents said it’s time to ease myself back into work.”

Emily smiled, pleased that his morose mood had lifted. “Your parents sound very wise. I can’t wait to meet them.”

Daniel turned the car down a track and smiled at her. “You don’t have to wait. We’re here.”

Emily swallowed nervously as they drove towards the farmhouse. As they reached the front of the house, a couple walked outside carrying two young boys. Emily stared, too nervous to get out. She was startled when Daniel opened her door and took her hand.

He guided her towards his parents and taking the two small boys into his arms, he introduced Emily to his parents Bill and Rita. They greeted her warmly, and then she turned nervously to face the two small blonde-haired boys who gazed at her with piercing blue eyes.

“Hello,” she whispered nervously. “I’m Emily. I’m going to look after you while your Daddy goes to work.” Emily was startled when the younger of the two flung his arms around her and planted a kiss on her cheek. She watched Daniel put the other boy onto the floor and he wrapped his arms around her legs. “Are you going to be our Mammy?” Emily looked at Daniel, whose eyes filled with tears, before she crouched down and wrapped her arm around the little boy gazing up at her. “You must be Brett?” The little boy nodded excitedly, pointing to his brother. “That’s Kyle,” he announced, before taking Emily by the hand and leading her off to play with them.

A couple of hours later, Daniel carried the two sleeping boys to his car and strapped them into their seats. “You’ve exhausted them,” Daniel said to Emily. Emily nodded. “I’m a little exhausted too, I know how they feel.”

As they left, Emily thanked Bill and Rita for a lovely meal and said it had been a pleasure to meet them both and she hoped to see them again very soon. They hugged her affectionately and Rita whispered to her that it would be good for the boys to have a mother and good for Daniel to have a love interest. Emily blushed then gasped with shock as Bill gave his wife a sharp smack on the bottom. “Stop interfering woman. You’ll scare the poor girl away.”

Emily was relieved when Daniel put his arm around her and led her to the car. “Don’t mind my parents. They’re always trying to match-make.” Emily gazed at him as he guided her into the car and thought it wouldn’t be such a hard chore to bring a bit of happiness into Daniel’s life again. She was looking forward to finding out more about him on the three-hour drive to his home, but the long flight and playing with the boys had completely exhausted her and she was sound asleep within minutes.

Emily was aware of being lifted out of the car and she stirred as she realised Daniel was carrying her. She struggled to get down and walk but he whispered quietly, “Go back to sleep. There’s a good girl.”

Emily swallowed nervously. The phrase “good girl” always sent a pleasant tingle through her. She closed her eyes as she focused on his arms wrapped tightly around her and she rested her head against his chest as he carried her into the house and through to her bedroom. She was vaguely aware of him moving in and out of the room with her cases and then she felt the bed shift as he sat down beside her and patted her on the head gently. He got up again, took off her shoes, and then pulled the covers up around her.

Emily resisted, sitting up and pushing the covers away. “No, I need to get up and unpack.” As Emily attempted to stand up, she was stunned to find herself pushed back onto the bed, face down, as Daniel’s hard hand cracked firmly on the seat of her jeans. Emily’s eyes widened and she held her breath.

“Now be a good girl and get back into bed or I’ll take you across my knee and spank you,” Daniel ordered.

Emily gasped. A sound spanking was just what she needed and she was tempted to challenge him to carry out his threat, but she was disappointed when he simply pushed her back into the bed and pulled the covers tightly around her.

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