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Auction House: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone – Sample

Chapter One


Auction: A sale of property to the highest bidder


“Steele Franklin is a dangerous, vicious man. Never underestimate him. The goal is for him to hunger for you, but you will refute his escalating advances. If you’re successful, the man will seduce you, track you then he will kidnap you. And when he does, you will no longer have the team at your direct disposal. Are you certain you want to do this, Agent LeClair?”

“Yes. Absolutely. I’m ready.”

As Agent Carter moved closer, she took a deep breath. “What we’re asking of you will go against everything you’ve ever been trained to handle. Once you’re deep inside his organization, you will have limited assistance. He is a vile creature. If one fifth of what he’s reportedly done is true, that places him squarely in the category of human monster. You’ll need to find a quiet place in your mind where you can retreat. In doing so, you’ll need to place a wall around your vulnerabilities, which I assure you the man has a knack of finding.”

I knew what could happen, the sexual depravities that I could face. There was no other way to provide justice for the man’s victims. “I assure you that I know what I’m getting involved with.”

A few seconds passed as she studied me, staring into my eyes as if she was able to capture a glimpse of my soul.

“Then you will do everything to bring him down. Good luck, Georgia. No one has ever gotten close to his lair.”

Everything. My boss’s words remained in the forefront of my mind. I’d prepared for this case over a two-month period, learning everything I could about the notorious man. I’d insisted I was ready to go undercover, capable of shoving my emotions and fears into a padlocked box.

He needs to capture me. Use me.

Keep me.

I kept repeating the words over and over again in my mind, although the mantra wasn’t making me feel any better. After several days of playing the game of cat and mouse, not only was I disappointed in my performance, but I was also terrified that Steele had figured out who and what I was. I couldn’t fail. I refused to fail. The man’s crimes included human trafficking and extortion, but he’d obviously grown bored lately, adding murder to his list of atrocities. Some agents had labeled him a serial killer, but with zero connections between the victims and all three methods of murder entirely different, I couldn’t add the label to Mr. Franklin’s case file.


However, the pictures of the victims had been some of the most disturbing I’d ever seen.

Not a single piece of evidence had been left at the crime scenes. No finger or footprints, no hair follicles or blood, other than from the victims, and no calling card, other than he may have taken a trophy with his last kill. I expected he wasn’t finished.

But I had no doubt he was the perpetrator.

He’d inherited a significant sum of money from his father’s estate, likely a trust fund becoming active when he turned eighteen. He’d parlayed that into a powerful empire, acquiring failing businesses, eliminating everyone involved in the process. I’d researched his parents, finding nothing of interest more than the fact they’d lost a huge portion of their fortune in the stock market crash several years before. To date, they’d yet to regain their losses, although that hadn’t put a stop to Brandon and Margie Franklin’s lavish parties or had forced them to sell off the two vacation homes they’d purchased, one of them after the crash. However, it was clear they didn’t have a close relationship with their son.

While Steele been accused of extortion and blackmail on several occasions, garnering several enemies in the process, he’d never been charged with a crime. That had been the beginning of his hunger for darkness. My instinct had told me that. Two men from companies he’d dismantled had disappeared, their bodies never found. The FBI had investigated after tips they’d received, but there’d been no evidence to indicate foul play. That was long before I’d been asked to get involved with this case.

Asked wasn’t the word. I’d been commanded to handle the investigation. A single tip had turned into gruesome discoveries. Three mutilated bodies in six weeks. All had apparent ties to one of Steele’s businesses, a special club catering to the wealthy.

And the sadistic.

At least according to the informant, although with no list of members involved, there was no way to corroborate what we’d been told without someone going inside his regime.

From the profile I’d already created of the man, Steele was a true psychopath, the absolute clinical definition of a man who was cold and calculating in his every move. However, in all three cases, different MOs had been used.

Granted, there was a strong possibility he’d left a trail of bodies that had yet to be found, but my thoughts weren’t going to help the case.

While I wasn’t a prude by any means, auctioning off random victims to the highest bidder, some even kidnapped from their regular lives was twisted on any level. Of course, we couldn’t trust the informant who’d provided the information, but at least the details he’d given were something to go on where we’d had nothing before.

Steele was also enigmatic, seductive in every word and every action he took. I’d found myself thinking about him more than once, but not in the way that had originally repulsed me. I’d fantasized about him, waking up the night before fully aroused.

And I’d been disgusted with myself.

I’d heard all the warnings, had studied the classic behavior of a serial killer for years in college. I was well aware of how charming some killers could be, able to lure their victims to their deaths without the use of restraints. Maybe that’s why I remained antsy, pacing the room as I pushed my analytical mind harder. I had to find a way to get through to him in order to make an arrest.

My favorite professor had once told the class that in order to catch a monster you had to delve into the killer’s psyche, grasping why a person could do such a horrible thing. I don’t think I’d fully embraced what that had meant until the research I’d done on Mr. Franklin. I had to think like him, to hunger like him. Was I capable of doing that? Time would tell and doing so might mean saving my life.

“He’s not taking the bait,” I admitted with zero inflection as I paced the living room of the small apartment that had been rented in my stage name. At least I was able to use Georgia, only altering my surname, everything else about my life and my past altered. I’d never felt so exasperated with a case or so helpless. The man in question had fallen out of interest with me, acting as if what little time we’d spent together meant nothing to him. I’d failed in every way.

“Give it time,” Agent Carter answered. Brooke Carter was my boss, someone I respected inside the hallowed walls of the FBI. She was tough, having spent several years in the field before being asked to handle the Philadelphia field office where I’d worked for almost five years. She’d also gone undercover herself, almost killed by one of the most notorious serial killers in modern history. “I have faith in your abilities, Georgia. Try and remember that Steele Franklin is notorious for sniffing out anyone involved with law enforcement. That’s why he’s never spent a single night in jail. However, you’re exactly his type.”

His type. That didn’t make me feel any better. Steele was considered one of the most dangerous men in America. He was a sharp businessman, parlaying his empire into billions. He owned several corporations in various industries, turning the once struggling companies into multimillion-dollar operations. One of the acquisitions had netted him a club, which he’d turned into a fancy dinner location, but that’s where it was believed he was auctioning off women to the highest bidder. I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d partaken in his salacious finds. He was everything a woman could wish for; rugged and handsome, wealthy and enigmatic, yet he managed to keep his darker side invisible to almost everyone.

Except the women he targeted.

The man was a sick sadist, his proclivities the things nightmares were made of. It was believed that he and a group of men had created a society of their own, pretending they weren’t required to follow any laws while they indulged in their perverted desires. While none of the other men involved had yet to be identified, both Steele and his vice president of operations, Forest Granger, seemed to be the prominent leaders, perhaps the men who’d formed the secretive league. What they required of unsuspecting men and women was twisted.

“How much time before you pull the plug?”

“As long as it takes. Relax. Enjoy being a star for a little while. Call me in two days if Mr. Franklin remains inactive. Then we’ll reevaluate.”

“Will do.” A star? I was using my musical abilities from years before crooning in front of a small crowd of people in a nightclub.

“Just remember your training. Mr. Franklin is stealthy. It’s quite possible you won’t see him coming. If I don’t hear from you in two days, I’ll know the investigation is moving forward. Remember your handler has been in place for over thirty days, but do not under any circumstances make contact unless absolutely necessary. Do you understand?”

My handler. I wasn’t certain how much the man could help, but at least I knew he was in the same environment. The agent was highly qualified, a chameleon in the FBI, capable of becoming anyone, trained to do anything necessary in order to bring down a criminal. His military background had proven useful in offering an entirely different kind of training in order to prepare me to go undercover long-term. Still, my nerves remained, Steele proving to be cagey by his past actions.

“I understand.”

“There’s one more thing. Another man was killed, his body found last night but he’d been dead for at least two days, maybe three.”

Exhaling, my thoughts drifted to the first night of the fake gig. I’d sworn Steele had blood on his shoes. Was it possible he’d killed someone then swung by his favorite club for a drink afterwards?

“Was there any blood or other evidence?” I asked. If the answer was affirmative, then I’d know he was getting sloppy.

“Nothing as usual, but we did have a small break. The man’s tongue was removed like the last victim’s had been.”

While some serial killers had a preferred method of killing their victims, others were just as random as it had appeared Steele had been. Now this. Why the change? My thoughts reverberated back to the notion the men’s tongues had been removed to ensure the victim wouldn’t do any talking. “When? Pre or postmortem?”

“According to the medical examiner’s report, both men were alive when they were removed, a jagged weapon of some kind used.”

A wave of heat washed over me. “He’s escalating.”

“Maybe, but with no evidence, you have to remain steadfast, at least at this point,” Brooke continued. “Unfortunately, I haven’t made any connections to Steele or the club.”

“Damn it.” Just when I thought we might have caught a break.

“I don’t need to tell you one more time that you need to be careful.”

I had no intentions of being anything but cautious. “I am.”

As she ended the call, I stared at the screen. The phone was a burner, my only lifeline to the men and women I worked with. I’d never felt so alone in my life. Even though I’d accepted the tough assignment, I still wasn’t certain I’d known what I was getting into.

I tossed the phone on the small table used for dining as well as a workstation. It was almost three in the morning, yet I hadn’t been able to sleep. A star. I’d spent five nights performing in a small jazz club, doing my best to attract Steele’s attention, which I had initially. My gut told me he’d sniffed out an issue and moved on, remaining squeaky clean every night he’d come into the club.

But I’d seen more than a glimpse of his hunger. I walked to the window, staring down at the street below. There was very little traffic this time of night, but that didn’t give me any comfort.

While I was exhausted, my entire system remained on edge from the heady round of adrenaline. I moved into the kitchen, staring at the bottle of wine I’d purchased the day before. Just one glass then I would try to get some sleep, even if only a couple of hours. Then I’d go over my copious notes one more time. I had to be missing something about the man and his provocative needs. The night was humid, the air conditioning in the aging building shit. I’d changed into shorts and a tee shirt, refusing to keep a window open. I certainly didn’t plan on being an easy mark. I laughed at the thought. I was one tough girl, capable of gunning down a man at well over two hundred yards, trained in several aspects of martial arts. Some of my fellow agents called me a killing machine.

I hoped it would be enough to keep me from teetering over the edge.


Sick fantasies.


Those were the things Steele and his second in command were capable of. Proving they’d done anything illegal was an entirely different story. I wiped a bead of perspiration from my brow, hating the fact my calf muscles ached from several hours of standing in stilettos crooning songs from a different era. It had been a very long time since I’d worn heels at all.

After pouring the wine, I took several sips, almost able to breathe easier. When I started to turn around, I sensed a presence. My hackles raised, my realization that I’d left my weapon secured in its hiding place weighed on my mind. As I turned around, I took a deep breath. I had to play this out.

The game was on.

And there wasn’t a muscle in my body that hadn’t tensed as anxiety threatened to close off my throat. However, I would fight the man just like anyone would do. I shored my shoulders as I stared for the first time into the eyes of a monster.

He was taller than I’d expected, towering over me in my bare feet by at least five inches. I’d never felt so out of sorts or caught off guard in my life. I’d obviously underestimated the man.

“Hello, Georgia. Were you expecting me?”

His voice was velvety and smooth, yet his tone sent a cold chill directly down my spine. He stood in all his usual glory, his wavy hair accentuating his chiseled cheeks and aristocratic nose. He had an unassuming yet powerful aura that captivated everyone when he walked into a room. His eyes piercing mine, he smiled.


The killer.


Chapter Two


Every detail about the man and his supposed methods of luring women into his stable filled my mind, all the time I’d prepared both physically and mentally allowing me to feel confident in my abilities. I couldn’t give in too easily or he’d know something was wrong. I had to give one of the greatest performances of my life. And no matter what he did, I had to play along, allowing him to take me if that’s what he had in mind.

Of course, if Steele found out who I was, there was a chance he wouldn’t hesitate to end my life in order to keep his secret life protected.

The fact he’d broken in easily without noise, managing to corner me in the smallest room that happened to back up to the stairwell meant he’d cased the location.

He wanted me very much alone.

He took a step closer, and my mouth went completely dry.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you have anything to say to me?” he asked, a slight growl sliding up from his throat. “And here I thought we were getting along so well. I’ve enjoyed our brief but special conversations and thought you did as well.”

“Mr. Franklin. What are you doing here?” I allowed a tremor to slide into my voice, swallowing several times in rapid succession. I didn’t have to act surprised. The asshole had shocked me. I hadn’t intended on making this easy for him. While the fact he’d broken in was enough to have him arrested, his high-powered attorney would have him out in less than an hour. That wasn’t an option. There was far too much at stake, his operation likely the reason six women had been reported missing, three dead bodies linked directly to one of his dozens of businesses.

“I thought it was time for us to meet. And I think we know each other well enough to cut the formalities. Don’t you, my sweet Georgia peach?”

The way he issued the words was alluring, the fact I was tingling all over disgusting.

He walked closer, now standing inside the doorway of the small kitchen. “You’ve intrigued me over the last week, not only with your amazing voice but also with the way you carry yourself, the light you exude. You are very special, a jewel in a sea of tarnished creatures.”

Mr. Velvet Tongue really thought this shit worked on a woman?

“I… Thank you, but you could have told me that at the club.” Feigning weakness wasn’t my style.

I’d positioned another weapon in the oven, but there was no way I could get my hands on it. However, I might be able to reach one of the few knives in the butcher block. I dared not look in either direction or he’d know what I was thinking.

“Mmm… yes, I suppose I could have, but I preferred spending some quality alone time with you. What’s wrong, Georgia? You don’t look very happy to see me. What I find interesting is that your body language this week has suggested otherwise. Hmmm… could I have been wrong about you?” His smile was as engaging as it had been at the club, yet there was a difference, a darkness that he exuded that was even more frightening that I’d anticipated. I’d spent hours researching the man. I could almost tell what he was thinking.

And what he was planning on doing.

Taking me.

Using me.

But there was something I hadn’t expected. The man wanted to possess me, like a precious object.

When he took a single step closer, my gut told me I had a tough decision to make. This was the now or never moment that I’d anticipated, the weeks of training supposed to help in calming my nerves.

It hadn’t.

Still, I was in for the long haul. It was time to move into Act II.

I plastered a smile on my face, steadying my nerves then taking a step toward him. The second I tossed the entire glass of wine in his face, I reached for one of the knives, managing to firmly wrap my fingers around the handle of the butcher knife. When I wielded the blade in his direction, his reflexes were quicker than I’d anticipated, the glass tossed against the wall, shattering into a hundred pieces.

Within seconds, he had me in a chokehold, twisting my wrist to force me to release my hold.

I refused to give in.

“That wasn’t very nice of you. I thought our relationship meant more to you than that. I can see I’m going to have to explain the rules so there is no doubt what you can expect if you don’t obey me.”

“Rules? Obey?” I hissed, still struggling to free myself. “Let go of me or I’ll scream until the police arrive.”

“I don’t think that’s something you want to do, Georgia. If you attempt to do so, I’ll be forced to become extremely unpleasant. Is that what you want?”

“You’re out of your mind. I don’t want anything from you. Why are you doing this?” I continued to struggle, undulating against him. That only fueled his anger.

And his testosterone.

“I think it’s simple. Your life is about to change for the better. As long as you remain a good little girl, then your future looks as bright as the star I know you can be. You’ve been chosen.”


Why did the single word alone make me nauseous?

You can do this. You’re a professional. There’s nothing he can do you can’t handle.

I’d prepared myself for this scenario, had even rehearsed the possibility of being taken without warning with a male agent surprising me just like this asshole had just managed. The decorated associate had caught me completely off guard one dark and rainy night, kidnapping me just outside my real apartment, managing to toss me into the trunk of his car. My service weapon had been within inches of my hand, yet it had done me no good. I’d learned a hell of a lot that day, including that if someone wanted you, they would find a way to take you away from your life. I’d played the occurrence over in my mind dozens if not hundreds of times, preparing my mind for the shock of being taken captive. I was trained. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Now I was fucking terrified, barely able to walk myself through all the steps.

“What the hell does that mean?” Keep playing. Keep him interested.

He took a deep breath, holding it for several seconds as he raked his eyes down to my bare feet. Goddamn it, I felt more vulnerable than I ever had in my life.

“That means you are about to enter my world.”

“Your world? I have no idea what you’re talking about but there is no future with you. Period. You need to leave.” I kept my defiance hot and strong, which is exactly the way I felt.

“Sadly, you don’t have a clue what I am capable of. You’re about to find out.” He smashed my hand on the counter four times, the pain biting. “If you don’t want me to break that lovely hand of yours, I strongly suggest you let go of the knife.”

When I didn’t respond immediately, he rammed it down again, the knife finally tumbling out of my fingers to the floor.

The second he released his hold, I spun around, kneeing him between the legs then issuing a hard punch to his gut. Perhaps I was playing the game too hard, but my instincts of self-preservation had kicked in automatically. When he went down, I lunged for the oven door, managing to jerk it open. Then he came roaring back, shoving me backwards and against the wall. He was a powerful man, stronger than I’d imagined.

And he was not going to let me go.

He wrapped his hand around my throat, digging his fingers into my skin. His strong fingers clamped down on my windpipe. There was no way to scream, although I doubted anyone in the building would come to my rescue or call the police. Everyone looked the other way.

A smile curled on his face, and he took a glance over his shoulder, shaking his head. As I darted my eyes toward the open oven door, I was clearly able to see my weapon taped to the side.

“Tsk. Tsk.” Steele exhaled. “You continue to underestimate me. I think you need to learn a lesson about manners. Don’t you?”

“Let go of me,” I breathed.

“I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. Your talent is exceptional, your beauty capable of providing thousands of hours of fantasies. You will bring a significant price because of your looks and talent. I believe you are singlehandedly my most precious find.”

“I’m not certain who you think I am, but I’m not a prostitute.” He’d just confirmed the auction was real. While important, it wasn’t enough to arrest him.



Entice him.

His guttural sounds sent another wave of shivers straight to my legs. I felt weak in the knees, his prowess overpowering. “No. You are not. You are a precious commodity and one that will be sold to the highest bidder.”

The man had no qualms about telling me what to expect. The fucker had balls.

“Highest bidder?” I hissed. “You’re out of your mind and I don’t think so. Whatever wrong vibes I gave you, I’m sorry, but I’m not for sale.”

“Everyone is for sale, Georgia. Every single one of us. While some might have enough humanity left to avoid the temptation, a few that I consider the very lucky ones have found the key to their freedom, which includes indulging in their greatest fantasies. And yes, that comes at a hefty price. I can tell you’re one of the few, your desire to eliminate the thick coat of armor surrounding both your body and your humanity very appealing. However, you are uncertain, even fearful of allowing that to happen.”

“And you think you’re the person capable of showing me the way.”

“Absolutely. You allowed me to know your greatest fantasy.”

He’d taken the bait. Dear God, he’d believed me. “I… Yes, but…”

“You once told me there are no risks without rewards. I assure you that you will be rewarded for your obedience.”

Without any further hesitation, he jerked my arm, shifting me until I was forced to face the wall.

“What the hell are you doing?” Goddamn it, the man was so strong, my cheek was thrust against the wallboard, the weight of his body crushing mine. Dear God, the man’s cock was hard as a rock.

“I’m giving you a taste of my world, so you know what to expect. You need to be trained, Georgia, in order to provide the services required.”

“Services? Are you out of your mind?”

“I am certain I have a list of atrocities attached to my name, most of which you will learn in the next few weeks. However, the last thing you want to do is to disobey me. You will not enjoy what happens when you do.”

Another jarring chill slithered down my spine. At least the man was revealing a hint of his underground world. He’d hunted me down, his prey. His plaything.

“Fuck you,” I half whispered.

His dark laugh pushed me to the edge of abandoning my cover, another attribute I’d been warned about. As the man’s hot breath cascaded across the back of my neck, my heart hammered against my chest. What the hell was I going to do to get out of this situation?

“Very tempting.”

He wrapped his fingers around the waistband of my shorts, jerking with such ferocity that the material ripped as it was being yanked down.

Gasping, my entire body began to shake. “Don’t you fucking touch me.”

“I am not only going to touch you, Georgia, I’m going to give you your first lesson in obedience. You have no understanding of what’s expected of you, but I’m going to change that right now. Just to be clear. You are now in my possession where you will remain for as long as I deem it necessary.”

“No. No!” I closed my eyes, willing my natural tendencies away. This was part of the plan. This was exactly what the team had hoped would occur.

Then why was it so difficult to breathe?

“Yes. But first things first. You need a stern lesson in discipline because in my world, rules will be followed without question.” At first, I had no idea what he was planning.

Then I heard the asshole unfastening his belt. Stay strong. You can do this. In my line of work, agents were often asked to stretch their limits of comfort in order to find alternative methods of hunting down mastermind criminals. The assignment I’d accepted went against every FBI rule of engagement. The director was risking her job, and likely so was I, in determining this was the only method of capturing the monstrous man. In developing the plan, the six people involved had been sworn to secrecy, working outside the usual case specifications.

The bastard was right. Rules were meant to be followed. However, this time, I had to make them up as I went along, shutting down my emotions and humanity to stay sane. I struggled, doing what any victim would do in an attempt to free themselves from the clutches of such a horrible, ruthless individual.

“You will not touch me!” I snapped, throwing my arm back and managing to claw his arm.

He snarled, lowering his head until his lips were dangerously close to my skin. “Do not attempt anything like that again or this round of punishment will be harsh, and the next will much, much worse.”

I clawed the wall, gasping in order to take a deep breath, remembering words my handler had told me.

“He will overpower you. He will terrify you. He will pull you apart at the seams. He will drag you into a level of darkness that will challenge everything you believe in. You must keep your resolve, separating what happens with everything you’ve learned. Become the ingenue the monster craves. In doing so, you will find the strength to bring him down.”

When Steele ripped the thick leather strap from his belt loops, dangling it to the side, I did everything I could to keep from whimpering. Whether he craved me doing so, or if it was the right thing to do, I didn’t care. I refused to allow the asshole to begin the arduous process of breaking my spirit.

He kept his firm hold around my neck, his breathing labored as he snapped the belt against the floor three times in rapid succession.

“I can tell you’re going to need very strict discipline in order to prepare you.”

There was no way that I could have anticipated the moment when he sliced his belt across my naked bottom, no amount of preparation possible. The anguish was instant, igniting every nerve ending. While I opened my mouth to scream, the sound was strangled, almost cut off by the way his long fingers held me in place. Stars flashed in front of my eyes, adrenaline rushing into every muscle.

I would never forget the whooshing sound or the way the air moved from the force he used in snapping his wrist. Within seconds, I was bucking against him, my urge to use everything I had to fight him becoming more difficult with every passing second.

He said nothing as he repeated the harsh action several times, slashing the thick strap rapidly. I was thrown by how much the brutal spanking affected me, tingling every one of my senses. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I shut down every emotion, including my building rage. I had to remain the helpless girl with no close family and very few friends, trying to make ends meet by performing at a has-been nightclub.

As Steele delivered six strikes very quickly, I was unable to stop my body’s reaction, but it wasn’t what I’d expected. There was no repulsion, no increase in my rage. Nothing could have shocked me more than the utter rush of sensations vibrating throughout my body.

I was electrified, which confused me, but I managed to bite back a single cry, even though the pain was increasing, the heat building in my bottom like a fire already out of control. He knew exactly what he was doing to me, enjoying every moment of taking away my control.

The next four were even more brutal, taking me to the edge of what I knew I thought I could handle. No one had dared do this to me before and no one would ever again.

He took another deep breath as he caressed my already bruised skin. “I’m very proud of you, Georgia. You’re doing very well. In time, you’ll beg me for discipline and the punishment will be sublime. You’ll also plead with me to provide the kind of rapture that only I can provide.”

“Not a chance, asshole,” I whispered, unable to stop my body from shaking. He’d been so damn alluring in the club, watching me intently, seducing me with his eyes. Maybe I’d fallen for his bullshit. Maybe I’d broken my own resolve.

“Hmmm… Let’s test my theory. Shall we?” He dropped the belt, the sound making me jump.

When he brushed the pads of his fingers down my spine, taking his time to move to the inside of one thigh, I held my breath. Then he kicked my legs apart, issuing several raspy breaths, the hot air flowing across my back. He crawled his fingers from my knee up the inside of my leg to within a few centimeters of my throbbing pussy but didn’t touch. Instead, he shifted to the other side, still squeezing my neck as he continued teasing me, trying to break my resolve.

Every whiff of my feminine wiles pissed me off, every hard clench of my muscles leaving me aching and frustrated.

“You’re so wet. As I said, when you’re properly trained, you will be given many pleasures. Tonight is only a sample of how your body will respond.” His words remained swimming in my mind as he swirled a single finger around my clit, the heat of his body increasing.

I was thrown into an entirely different world, one that shut down a small part of me. I had to find that mental location where I could retreat in order to keep me grounded. Yet as he continued taunting me, rolling his fingers up and down the length of my pussy, I found it increasingly difficult to make any sense of what was happening.

Or why I was enjoying his unwanted touch.

My mouth was completely dry, my heart thudding to the point all I could hear was the solid thump, thump slamming against my chest.

“Very wet,” he repeated then drove several fingers into my tight channel, the force he used enough I was pushed against the wall, my back immediately arching. “And tight. I can only imagine how hot your asshole will be. Soon, I’ll have the enjoyment of finding out. But for tonight, you only deserve a small taste of what I can and will do.”

He plunged harder and faster, flexing his fingers open and curling the tips, finding my G-spot almost instantly. Even though I did everything in my power to fight uttering a single word or sound, as several whimpers slipped from my lips, heat rose on my cheeks. A freaking master of manipulation had managed to excite some small part of me.

He continued his brutal act, jamming his fingers as deep inside as possible.

Only seconds later, I was thrown into a sweet moment of disgusting, amazing bliss.

“Oh…” No. I refused to acknowledge what he was doing to me. As I tried to shut down the sensations, vibrations that had pushed me to the edge of rationality, I knew I was fighting a losing battle.

Seconds later, there was nothing I could do, my body betraying me, an orgasm rushing to the surface. One turned into a second as he thrust like the true savage he’d become. He continued to thrust like a crazed animal until I stopped shaking.

“You can be such a good girl when you want to be. Can’t you, Georgia?” He removed his fingers and I almost cried out, the experience leaving me wet and anxious. “It will be my pleasure to train you.”


I couldn’t get the word out of my mind.

“But first, I think I’ll take you up on your offer,” he said as he pulled me against his chest.

“What?” The man was going to fuck me. Oh, God. Oh… My nipples immediately hardened, scraping across my tee shirt. No. No. I couldn’t be aroused. I couldn’t be… Bile formed in my throat. I was completely lightheaded, struggling to maintain some kind of sanity.

“Mmm… You are entirely too irresistible, but I don’t like your attitude. It needs a definite adjustment.” Steele fisted my hair, yanking me away from the wall and out of the kitchen altogether. Then he tossed me over the small table, raking his hand over the few items on top.

The force knocked the wind out of me. I slammed my hands against the surface, but there wasn’t a chance to get out of his hold.

He crowded closer, lowering his body over mine. The heat was oppressive, but I continued to tingle all over, a rush of adrenaline mixing with far too much excitement. I’d pushed him hard. Now I was going to pay.

“I wanted to fuck you on the first night I saw you. Did you sense my thoughts, my Georgia peach? Could you tell I was imagining this very moment?”

“What do you want from me?” I managed, furious that I’d lost total control of the situation.

“For you to stop lying to yourself. For you to let go.”

The way he said the words was as if he believed he was some kind of savior, awakening me from a long sleep.

His breathing still ragged, he rubbed his fingers along my side, crawling them ever so slowly down to my bottom. Then he squeezed his massive palm around my aching buttocks. “You look good in pink. I can envision you with my marks crisscrossing every inch of that rounded bottom.”

I was completely pinned to the table. I was helpless, incapable of fending for myself. As he unzipped his trousers, I couldn’t seem to stop shaking. This was real. This was my life. This was…

Your fantasy.

Oh, hell, no. No. No. No!

Steele rubbed the tip of his cock up and down the crack of my ass and all I could do was wiggle, incapable of stopping several moans from making him think I was enjoying this. Embarrassment rushed into my system as he pushed my shorts and panties all the way to the floor, kicking them off entirely.

Panting, I clawed at the table, pushing as hard as I could to no avail. His scent was overpowering, jetting into every pore in my body. Even his fragrance screamed of power and lust. I was almost drunk, my heart racing.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He made the statement with such authority that it almost seemed normal, as if any aspect of his life could be usual in any way. Instead of acting like the savage I expected, he took his time sliding his shaft between my legs, pushing it against my slickened folds. “So wet. You are so fucking wet.”

He was right. There was no denying my condition. I cinched my eyes closed, fighting to keep what level of sanity I had left. I pushed my mind into my safe zone, but it didn’t want to stay there. His touch constantly pulled me back, the way he was teasing me keeping me breathless.

Finally, his entire body started to shake, and he muttered several things under his breath that I couldn’t understand.

But they only added to the dark and dangerous moment.

When he finally slipped a portion of his cock into my tight channel, I was so thrown that I rose onto my toes, as if I was trying to get closer to him. I was losing the battle to ignore the vibrations dancing through me. As I pressed my face against the cool wood, a sloppy strange smile crossed my face.

He thrust the entire length inside, gripping my hip with one hand, his other still firmly tangled in my hair.

“Perfect. Just like I knew you would be.”


I repeated the words several times in my head, biting back a laugh at doing so.

After plunging several times, he pulled all the way out, throwing back his head and hissing. “Only good girls get fucked in the pussy.” The brutal man surfaced, his growl entirely different than before.

I hadn’t been prepared when he slipped his cockhead against my puckered hole, wasting no time shoving it inside.

The pain was a blinding wave of fire slicing through me, my entire body thrown by his forceful actions as well as the brazen anguish.

“Oh. God. Oh!”

He laughed softly and shifted his hips back and forth, grinding his cock until it was fully seated inside. “You are tight, little peach. I love that about you. Tell me. Were you a virgin here?”

Blinking several times, I tried to focus, even gritting my teeth to keep from answering him. He didn’t deserve to know anything about me.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes. How delicious.” The dark, evil chuckle continued as he fucked my ass, his actions brutal and unforgiving.

The force was jarring, but not as much as the way pleasure completely smothered any discomfort. Within seconds, my muscles were no longer tense.

His hard pounding continued, skin slapping against skin. With every savage plunge, he was stripping away tiny shreds of my real identity, uncovering the woman who had craved darkness for years.

Damn him.

Damn my body for betraying me.

And damn my mind for wanting it.

Harder and faster he plunged, almost knocking the table over. But he refused to stop, growling like an animal the entire time. His hold never lessened, as if the man believed I could get away from him.

As his body started to shake, I closed my eyes all over again, shutting down what had just happened altogether.

Until I felt the rush of cum filling my ass.

“Fuck. Fuck!” he snarled, the sound one I would never forget. Seconds later, he sighed in obvious satisfaction, releasing my hair then placing both hands on top of mine, intertwining our fingers.

“Now, it’s time to fulfill your ultimate fantasy. And it begins right now,” he whispered.

The touch of his hand, the simple gesture was enough to make my skin crawl. In my mind, he was the perfect criminal.




And anyone who fell prey to his desires would find out just how powerful he truly was. I’d just secured a place in his dark lair, and I wondered if my life would ever be the same.

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