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Auctioned for Their Use by Ivy Barrett – Sample

Chapter One

“It’s time, trainee.”

Every muscle in Brianne Mortenson’s body tensed, and she felt the blood drain from her face. Trainee. How she’d come to despise that word in the last eleven days. It might sound better than captive or slave, but she’d been taken from Earth against her will, and she had no rights or freedom, so in reality she was all three—captive, slave, and trainee.

The staff at Exotic Pets had removed her clothes, her identity, and control over her body the moment she was delivered to this hellish facility by one of their ‘talent scouts.’ Brianne had quickly realized this organization was massive and more sophisticated than anyone on Earth could imagine. Because human pets had become so popular, hundreds, perhaps thousands of young people were stolen every day from all over the planet, and no one on Earth seemed inclined to do anything about it. Humans didn’t have spaceships, but the Ventori did, and Earth had formed an alliance with the Ventori alien race almost two years ago.

If anyone was going to be rescued from this place, it should have been Brianne. Both her sisters worked for the U.S. government, or they had before the Skarilians attacked Earth. Now her older sister, Lorna, was a private investigator. And her middle sister, Celeste, was an envoy for the Secretary of Alien Affairs. Celeste had resources and connections. So where the hell was she? Brianne knew if she was sold her chances of being rescued dropped from maybe to unlikely. But she had no way to prevent it. The ruthless owner of Exotic Pets had seen to that.

Shortly after her arrival, Brianne had been injected with some sort of microscopic tech that allowed her to understand the various languages spoken by staff members. Then they fastened a collar around her throat and informed her that stepping beyond the property line would detonate a charge concealed within the collar, so escape was impossible. An examination followed that determined not only her overall health but her sexual responses and aptitudes. She honestly thought that nothing could be more humiliating, but she’d been wrong.

Over the next eleven days, they proceeded to humiliate and abuse her in ways she didn’t want to think about. She had been naked the vast majority of the time, stripped of even her body hair. They called it training. She considered it torture, so she’d been shocked and horrified when she learned that more than half of the trainees were here by choice. They paid to learn the skills and attitudes expected of pleasure pets.

It made no sense. It was degrading, humiliating, and so damn painful. Why would anyone subject themselves to this torture voluntarily?

If your training is so torturous, why do you get wet just thinking about being controlled and punished? Why are your orgasms stronger now than anything you experienced on Earth? She forced her mind to go blank. Her inner voice could be such a bitch.

“The auction won’t take long. There are only three potential buyers. In less than a standard temporal unit, you will be walking out the door on the leash of your master.”

Never! She was not a mindless pet. She would not spend the rest of her life entertaining a perverted owner. “My name is Brianne,” she sneered between clenched teeth, knowing the bastard didn’t dare punish her now. She was about to be displayed for potential buyers. A bright red bottom or stripes on her back would decrease her price. “I am no one’s pet.”

Her trainer unlocked her cage and motioned her out. “This transition would be easier if we’d had more time together, but I expect you to be on your best behavior.”

She didn’t know his name, was only allowed to address him as ‘sir’ or ‘trainer.’ Hiding behind her hair, she glared as she crawled out. There were eight identical enclosures in this room, each large enough to imprison an adult humanoid. This was one of many punishments utilized by the trainers. She was stubborn and had a hot temper, so she’d experienced more than a few.


Struggling to her bare feet, she stretched out her back and rolled her shoulders. She’d spent the first night in a decent-sized room. There had been a narrow bed, as well as a tiny round table and two chairs. The front wall was transparent, but there had been a patrician in front of the utility station. The following morning, the first thing she did when she was introduced to her trainer was spit in his face. He spanked her soundly and shoved her into one of the cages. Despite all his speeches and painful punishments, he was still waiting for her behavior to improve so he could take her back to her room.

She hadn’t seen much of the interior of the multi-building complex, but it had appeared massive from the air. Were there really that many people in this fucked-up corner of space who wanted to keep another person as a pet? There had to be hundreds, perhaps thousands of others being brainwashed into thinking this was normal. What she had seen of the facility seemed to cross a detention center with a university. There were long, tiled hallways and similar training rooms, dormitory-style housing, and a cafeteria. Mostly, she’d seen the inside of that cage.

“Look at me.” Reluctantly, she did. His features were slightly reptilian, or maybe it was just the green-tinted skin with its subtle geometric pattern that made them seem that way. His hair was pitch black and had been pulled back from his face. His burnt-orange eyes were the only feature she found at all appealing, and too often they were filled with disapproval. “I’ve tried to adjust your thinking to your new reality, but so far I’ve failed.”

He loved the phrase ‘new reality.’ According to him, everything she knew on Earth was irrelevant. Human mores and laws no longer applied. Her personal thoughts and preferences were immaterial. She was now a pet, a plaything. The only reason for her existence was to please her master. Any command he gave, she must immediately obey. Any use her master found for her, she would allow. If he wanted to fuck her, she spread her legs, opened her mouth, or parted her ass cheeks. If Master wanted to show her off, she would be gracious and friendly. If he wanted to share her, she would eagerly fuck his friends. On and on and on, the trainer’s disgusting lectures never ended.

So she simply ignored every word.

“Whoever buys you might not be as patient as I have been.”

Patient? She wanted to laugh. This creep had been anything but patient. He’d spanked her within minutes of meeting her, then whipped her later that day. He’d used stimulators and irritants, arousing her to the point of madness while refusing to let her come. Then he would make her come over and over when she was determined to feel nothing but anger. He isolated and humiliated her, even putting her on display for the other trainers to ridicule and punish. That horrific ordeal still brought tears to her eyes, but none of it had worked. She refused to change her thinking or her behavior.

“Each of your potential buyers is rich and powerful. One is a planetary king.” He paused, apparently waiting for her to react to the significance. When she just stared back at him, he sighed and added, “They are used to having their way in all things.”

“I don’t care who they are.” Emboldened by the knowledge that her trainer’s reign of terror was over, she raised her chin and glared openly. “I am a slave to no one.”

He shook his head, and pity softened his expression. “You’ve been a slave since the Yashonty hunters captured you back on Earth. Refusing to accept the fact is not only foolish, it’s immature. Little girls frequently insist they are princesses. In most cases, that does not mean their fathers are kings. As soon as your master transfers the credits, you become his property. You are his to punish or reward, his to enjoy in whatever manner he sees fit. What you think or feel about that fact is irrelevant. You must conform to his expectations, not the other way around.”

She crossed her arms over her breasts, knowing it was against the rules. “I would rather be dead than somebody’s ‘pleasure pet.’”

“And you’re naive enough to believe it will be your choice?” he scoffed, features hardening again. “You will cost your master more than most make in a lifetime. He will guard his investment closely and ensure nothing happens to it until he has enjoyed it to the fullest.”

“Stop referring to me as it,” she snapped, but his words began to penetrate. She was still too angry to consider suicide, but—despite the collars—it was apparent everywhere she looked that measures had been taken to prevent trainees from harming themselves. Surveillance cameras and guards, motion sensors, and grilles that could be triggered remotely, Exotic Pets was more secure than most prisons. Why would it be any different for an expensive pet? She would be guarded and kept away from anything that might harm her. Except for her master, of course.

“Your defiance will amuse for a moment or two. Strong males thrive on challenge. Besides, your master will be so busy enjoying your sleek virgin body that he won’t care what you say.” He looked into her eyes and grinned wolfishly. “Of course, you won’t be a virgin much longer. I’d be shocked if you make it to your destination before your master starts stretching your tight virgin holes.” He moved around her slowly, whispering the hateful taunts into her ears. “His cock will be in your mouth before you leave the shuttle lot. I can guarantee that much. I was really hoping I’d be able to introduce you to the taste of cum, but Lord Trolyn can charge more for you because you’ve never done more than kiss. That meant no penetration of any kind for me.”

She twisted away from him. “You’re disgusting, and so is Lord Trolyn.” Trolyn Estifal was the amoral creature who owned Exotic Pets. She’d had the misfortune of encountering him the day she arrived.

Her trainer ignored the insult and went back to his verbal provocation. “Once your master’s balls are empty, he might let anticipation build. The finer things are always best if they’re savored.” He suddenly grabbed her and spun her around, then shoved her face-first into the wall. She yelped and raised her arms, barely preventing her nose from connecting with the hard tiles. “Or he might fuck your sweet little ass.” He kicked her feet apart and tilted her hips up until his hardened cock pressed into the valley between her cheeks.

She went wild, wiggling and bucking, tossing her head. He grabbed the back of her neck and pressed her upper body even harder into the wall, trapping her arms in front of her. She was angry, not afraid. If he actually hurt her, it would likely mean his life, not his job.

A terrifying realization unfurled within her mind. No such constraint would exist for her master.

Her trainer rocked against her, illustrating how easily she could be controlled. “You’ll squeeze him so tightly it will be hard to move, but the pleasure will be unbelievable—for him. If you fight and make him take what he wants, you will feel nothing but pain.” He reached around and cupped her mound as he rocked against her bottom. “Or is that what you want?” He eased his middle finger between her folds and rested it against her clit. “Do you need it to hurt? Do you want to be taken?”

The now-familiar ache erupted low in her belly. He was describing rape, utter degradation, yet part of her didn’t care. No, it was worse than that. Some dark, twisted piece of her wanted to be overpowered, to have the choice taken away, to be controlled and used. “Stop it!” She wiggled one arm free and elbowed him in the ribs.

He laughed and drew that arm to the small of her back, pinning it there with effortless ease. “I can smell your arousal, pet. Are you imagining it? Can you feel his long, thick cock sliding in and out of your nasty little hole? It’s dirty there, wrong, perverted. No nice girl would want such things.” His fingers pushed deeper, sliding easily between her folds. “So why are you soaking wet?”

She fought the image, but it formed all the same, stark and detailed within her mind.

“It stings. You’re stretched so tight, but he just keeps fucking you. You twist and fight, but he’s too strong. And you don’t really want to escape. You want him deep and hard, fucking you in the ass.”

She could feel it now, feel him, her unnamed master. He surrounded her, overwhelmed her, used her for his pleasure. Her clit twitched and her core ached. The occasional flick from her trainer’s finger urged her arousal higher. God, how she wanted to be fucked. Not just fucked; actually held down and used like a naughty little girl.

Like a disobedient pet.

She sobbed, hating what this place had made her.

This place didn’t make you like this, her inner voice argued. It just set these desires free.

“He’s pounding into you now.” His hips provided the motion, rubbing her tight nipples against the cold stones. “You don’t want him to stop, but you want his cum. You want it coating you inside and out. You want it on your skin and inside your ass. You want to be so filled with it that it drips out and runs down your legs.”

“No.” She shook her head. No woman wanted that. It was disgusting.

“He pulls out and comes all over your bright red ass. And it will be bright red because the first thing he’ll do when he sees the defiance in your eyes is to show you who’s master.”

She moaned, wiggling helplessly, knowing there was no way he’d let her come. “I’m so damn glad to be away from you that I’ll do whatever my master wants.”

He laughed and shoved off the wall, freeing her in the process.

She spun around, glaring at him.

Challenge arched his eyebrows. “I thought you would die before accepting a master.”

“Fuck. You.”

He continued in a calm, factual tone. “Open rebellion grows tiresome quickly. Do as you’re told, or you will find yourself passed from guest to guest. And when all your master’s friends have fucked you, you’ll be sold to the nearest brothel. In case they don’t have brothels on Earth, that means you’ll be chained to a bed, and you’ll spend the next five solar cycles with a cock shoved in all three holes STU after STU.”

Solar cycles and STUs, standard temporal units. It didn’t matter how he marked the passage of time, the future he painted was bleak. Maybe the jerk had a point. She’d tried stubborn defiance for the past eleven days, and all it had gotten her was a sore bottom and a locked cage.

“This was a lesson like all the others, my final attempt to break through to you.” He held out his hand, showing her the unmistakable gleam on his fingers. “Just thinking about the things I described nearly made you come. Pain excites you. Your body needs to be dominated. If that were not true, you would have been assigned to a different trainer. Our testing is never wrong.”

She shook her head. “It was wrong this time. That is not who I am.”

Much to her mortification, he proceeded to lick her arousal off his fingers. “You’ve never had sex. How do you know what you like or dislike?”

She just glared at him in rebellious silence.

“You glare each time I say this, so now is a good time for the reminder. You have arrived at a new reality. It is not a reality of your choosing, but you are here nonetheless. You must reset your expectations, or you will be utterly miserable until breath leaves your body. The life you knew on Earth is over. Adapt. You have no other choice.”

Sadness darkened his orange eyes, and she realized he expected her to fail. Shit. Was he right? Would her continual defiance lead to disaster? Were there fates worse than death? “If a pet pleases her master extremely well, does she sometimes earn her freedom?”

“It would depend on the master, but I approve of the shift in your thinking. Still, it would be more productive to find a way to be happy as a pet. You are a beautiful young female from an exotic race. Once this master has grown bored with you, it is far more likely that you will be sold to another.”

Rather than argue, she sighed and averted her gaze. Acceptance was never going to happen, so what were her other options?


Shocked by the compassion in his tone, she dragged her gaze back to his.

“Take one event at a time,” he said firmly. “Focus on surviving the auction without losing your composure. Once that challenge has been met, focus on the shuttle ride. Then the first night. Don’t allow yourself to think beyond the current situation, and you won’t become so overwhelmed. Do you understand?”

He was trying to help her, to give her coping mechanisms. “Yes.” After a brief pause, she said, “Yes, sir.” For the first time since she met him, sarcasm didn’t sharpen the word.

“Two of these buyers are known to spoil their pets. The third is strict but fair. You could do much, much worse. Show a flash of spirit, but immediately do anything they ask of you. They will not spend a fortune on a disobedient pet, regardless of how exotic they find her. And if you ruin this sale for Lord Trolyn, you will know pain like you cannot even imagine. Let one of these males take you out of here and spoil you rotten.”

Pulling a thin chain leash from his pocket, he hooked it through the loop on the front of her collar then led her down the corridor on her right. She didn’t like walking around naked, but she’d done it so often since her arrival that she was desensitized to the humiliation.

Sabotaging this sale would be foolish. This facility was like a fortress. There was no way she could escape. And even if she managed to leave the building, there was the delightful explosive collar wrapped around her neck. So she would have to endure the sale and likely a night or two with her… owner. She shivered.

On Earth, devoted owners would do anything for their pets. If she could become the ideal pet for a short time, maybe she could convince her owner to trust her. And she could use that trust to escape. First and foremost, she needed information. Knowing her exact location would be a good start.

Her trainer took her to a section of the complex she’d never seen before. The sterile white tile of the other corridors gave way to gold-veined marble. Animated pictures were inset in the walls, each scene sensual without being pornographic. Couples or groups of lovers touched and kissed, but all she could see was bare skin and passion-dazed expressions. One scene made her do a double-take. The female pet was on all fours on top of a table. She wore nothing but a white thong, bunny nose, and fluffy round tail. What captured Brianne’s attention was the tail. Unless the straps were concealed by the thong, which was unlikely, that tail had to be anchored in the bunny’s behind.

Her trainer noticed her reaction and chuckled. “Many masters like to dress up their pets. Don’t be surprised if this is required of you.”

“Is that tail actually…”

He just said, “Yes.” And motioned for her to keep walking.

Brianne shook away the disconcerting image and continued on toward her inevitable fate. This area was designed to impress buyers. And she was merchandise just as much as the bunny on top of that table. Her body was no longer her own. She must bow to her master’s will. A shiver dropped down her spine, but she refused to admit that it was excitement not dread that caused the reaction.

It was the training, she thought stubbornly. I was mentally conditioned to react this way. Once I’m away from this place, things will return to normal.

Escalating tension told her they were near their destination. “Will you tell me your name?”

He looked down at her, clearly surprised by the request. “Why do you want to know?”

She shrugged, embarrassed by the impulse. “I suddenly wish I hadn’t been such a bitch to you.”

A smile tugged at one corner of his mouth. “It’s against policy.” But he lowered his voice and whispered, “My name is Pruhet.”

They walked the last corridor in silence as she frantically tried to apply at least part of what he’d wanted to teach her. This wasn’t Earth. They were not going to adopt human values simply because she was human. Her ultimate goal might be escape, but she needed to survive long enough to devise a workable plan.

He scanned open a door and motioned her inside. “Good luck, trainee. I hope your master comes to adore you.”

Surprised by the wistfulness in his tone, she simply nodded and stepped into the room. The door slid closed behind her before she could pull it together enough to reply.

“Get over here, trainee,” a female snapped. “You’re late. That is not like your trainer.”

Brianne looked across the room and found a heavyset female standing next to Lord Trolyn. They both had dark hair, copper-tinted skin, and neon green eyes. Were they related? She tried not to glare, but her dislike for the owner was intense. He had treated her with such indifference during her testing that it was apparent he did not see her as anything other than a potential source of revenue.

“Shower, quickly. We’re behind schedule.” The female motioned toward the shower area, a corner of the room without an enclosure of any kind. Not surprising in this place.

Brianne moved to the corner, and the water turned on automatically. She tilted her head back and smoothed her hair away from her face, moaning as the warm water cascaded down over her stiff body.

“No stalling,” the female nagged. “Wash thoroughly and get out here. I need to do your makeup and arrange your hair.”

Half an hour later, Brianne looked at her reflection in the mirror with a mixture of awe and dread. She barely recognized herself. The female, who never bothered introducing herself, was extremely skilled. Brianne’s long dark hair had been arranged in thick waves. The front was secured away from her face, but the mass flowed past her shoulders rather than being piled on top of her head. The rude female had added wispy streaks of emerald green. Brianne cringed when the process started, but the effect was surprisingly elegant. Playing off the new highlights, her eyes appeared intensely green and her cheekbones had never seemed so sculpted. Her lips looked soft and full, her skin smooth and flawless. The cosmetics drew attention to her features without giving her that overly made-up look she hated. Despite the harrowing week she’d just endured, she’d never looked better.

They had even given her a dress, sort of. The filmy mint-green material flowed from neck to knees, leaving her arms bare. Her curves were clearly visible through the sheer fabric, but this was as close to being covered as she’d come in more than a week.

“You will not speak unless you are asked a question,” Trolyn insisted. “Any order you are given, you immediately obey. If they overstep what is allowed during the action, I will address it, not you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she said softly, eyes downcast. The most critical performance of her life had just begun.

Trolyn escorted her into an adjacent room a few minutes later. He didn’t use the leash, trusting her to follow along peacefully. Any other day it would have been a foolish presumption. Today, her one and only goal was getting out of this hellhole with her head still attached to her shoulders.

He indicated that she should step onto a small square platform. Soft light fell on the platform, but the rest of the room was dark. Her belly tensed and her mouth went dry, but she made herself mount the display pedestal. Let the humiliations begin.

A strange fanfare sounded, and then a disembodied voice announced, “His Exalted Majesty, High King Eltor of Rylar, Mr. Klort of Farnue, and Marshal General Sarnak.” The fanfare sounded again.

“Welcome, distinguished guests,” Trolyn greeted. “I’m glad all three of you could make it. I have quite a treat for you this evening.”

So Pruhet hadn’t been exaggerating. One of the buyers was a literal king. The knot in her belly twisted even tighter. Would it decrease her sale price if she puked all over herself? She took a deep breath and fought back the nausea. Sabotaging the sale served no purpose. The first step toward escape was getting out of this building.

It was doubtful she would have any sway over the sale, but she tried to remember their names. King Eltor, Klort, and General Sarnak, she simplified.

“I was told this would be a private presentation,” a deep voice snapped from the darkness.

“As was I,” another voice grumbled, the accent thicker than the first.

“Me too.” The third voice had a growly quality that sent a shiver down her spine. Unlike the others, he sounded almost amused by the development.

“I couldn’t decide who would see her first,” Trolyn objected, oozing superficial charm. “Each of you is incredibly important to me. The only fair way to deal with this was to—”

“Create a bidding war between your three richest customers?” the first male continued. “It would serve you right if all three of us walked out.”

“He’d just sell her to someone else. Gods above, look at her.” That was the growly one, the one who was less upset about the others being there. But was he King Eltor, Klort, or General Sarnak?

“Is she really a virgin?” the second male asked. He had a thicker accent than the other two. “I’d like to verify that fact for myself before I offer my first bid.”

“Forget it, Klort. You’re not fingering my pet,” Mr. Growly insisted, “because she will be mine.”

That identified one. The asshole was Klort.

“I sent you a copy of her scans along with the invitation to this auction. The physical indicators, as well as her memory scans, prove that she is indeed a virgin. Did you not receive the information?” Trolyn was starting to sound annoyed. He couldn’t wait to start counting his profits, no doubt.

“Scans can be faked,” Klort persisted. “I want to feel it for myself.”

Good Lord, was he expecting her to still have a hymen? Ever heard of a tampon, you jackass? It was true, she’d never had a lover, but the ‘maidenhead’ ship sailed years ago.

Trolyn looked equally disgusted. “You can examine her any way you like if you win the bid. If you are less than thrilled with any aspect of her body, I will immediately refund your credits and offer her to the second-highest bidder.”

He’d guaranteed her body, not her personality. The stipulation sent a ripple of regret through her mind. She wasn’t usually such a bitch, but nothing about this was usual.

Trolyn’s reply shut Klort up. Thank God. This was embarrassing enough without him fixating on her virginity. Who was she kidding? All three of them were fixated on her virginity. It was a possessive, primal instinct as old as time. Getting there first and staying there longest was the best way for a male to ensure any offspring was his.

“At the very least, I want to see what I’m buying,” Klort persisted.

Her dress was practically transparent. It was official. Klort was a galaxy-class asshole, and she desperately hoped the king or the general won the bid. She was leaning toward Mr. Growly. He sounded less uptight than the other two, but she still didn’t know if he was the king or the general.

Trolyn stepped up onto the platform and whispered, “Behave,” as he unfastened the shoulder clasps on the dress.

The soft material swished against her skin as it fell to her ankles. Heat blossomed across her cheeks and upper chest. She’d been naked all week, but this was different. One of these males would buy her, own her, and do anything he wanted to her. Her nipples tightened and need curled through her body, concentrating between her thighs. She closed her eyes and fought back a moan, horrified at her body’s betrayal. This couldn’t be happening, not now. Her trainer put her on display in the trainers’ lounge, and all she’d felt was anger and humiliation.

You knew there were limits to what they could do to you. Soon you’ll be at the mercy of your master. And nothing turns you on faster than utter helplessness.

Holding perfectly still, she opened her eyes and stared at a spot somewhere in the darkness. She would not allow this to turn her on. She’d go numb, become vacant. She pictured the lake her family visited every summer. This was before the accident that killed her parents, before the Skarilians invaded Earth, before life became a daily struggle just to survive. This was her happy place, the last place where she’d felt safe. These beasts could do what they wanted with her body and it would have no effect because her mind was far, far away.

Trolyn stepped down and swept his arm toward her. “Satisfied? Is she not everything I promised and more?”

As if on cue, three males stood and moved forward, stopping just inside the circle of light. She tried to ignore them, to hold on to her idyllic visualization, but curiosity drew her back into the moment. Standing on the platform put her face on a level with theirs. Buyer one and Mr. Growly were the same species, if they had been seated in the order they spoke. But there were other clues as well. They both spoke with minimal accent, while Klort was harder to understand.

The two similar buyers had deep gray skin and pale blue-gray hair. The one she thought was Buyer One looked younger than Mr. Growly. Both had strong and intensely masculine features. Mr. Growly had two scars on his face. One ran across his forehead and extended several inches into his hairline. The other zigzagged along his jaw then curved up, marring his lower lip. If she had to guess right now, she’d say that Buyer One was the king and Mr. Growly the general, but it would only be a guess. Their gazes morphed from blue to green, to gold, even pink as they stared at her. Brianne had never seen anything like their iridescent eyes, beautiful, yet so alien.

Unnerved by the intensity, she looked at Klort. He grinned, revealing long canines and pointed teeth between black lips. With long curved horns, piercing yellow eyes, and knotted gray-green skin, the only word for him was demon.

So much for her happy place.

“Is she obedient?” Klort wanted to know as he leered at her.

Trolyn shifted his weight from one foot to the other as he formulated a response. “I assigned her to my top trainer, but he did not have a lot of time with her. For the most part she will follow orders, but she is prone to occasional outbursts of spirit.”

“Easily resolved,” Buyer One predicted.

The corners of Brianne’s mouth twitched. Pruhet would beg to differ. He’d spanked her, flogged her, even strapped her, all to no avail. The Mortenson stubbornness was legendary.

As if hearing her rebellious thoughts, Buyer One’s strange iridescent gaze lifted to her face. He arched his brow and stared at her mouth before looking into her eyes. “A firm spanking is all it takes to correct misbehavior in most cases. If the female is particularly stubborn, I have other techniques at my disposal. May I see the other side?”

“Brianne,” Trolyn prompted. “Turn around. Show your potential masters the rest of their lovely pet.”

More than ready for a moment to regain her composure, she turned around, presenting the buyers with her back. She’d never thought her body was anything special. At twenty-four, she was still lean, but her boobs were on the small side and her hips too wide for many of the really trendy styles. Her face had always gotten more attention than her figure, but all these animals cared about was her body.

“Stunning,” Buyer One whispered as he stared at her ass, confirming her conclusion that she might as well have a bag over her head.

“Have her bend over and spread her legs,” Klort snarled, sounding even more animalistic than Mr. Growly. “I want to see that virgin cunt.”

Horrified at the suggestions, Brianne’s cheeks burned and tension banded her chest. Would Trolyn really make her do it?

“Go on,” Trolyn urged. “Bend forward and show them that pretty pink pussy and tight little asshole.”

Instinctively moving away from their leering stares, she momentarily forgot she was standing on a platform. Her foot slipped off the edge and Mr. Growly caught her arm, steadying her as she regained her footing.

“Najin is touching her,” Klort said, sounding like a child tattling on his classmate. “If I can’t touch her, neither can General Sarnak.”

She stared into Mr. Growly’s gaze as the puzzle pieces snapped into place. Her guess had been right. This was General Najin Sarnak, and Buyer One was King Eltor.

“I never said you couldn’t touch her. I said nothing goes inside,” Trolyn clarified.

Dread washed over Brianne as she waited for the buyers to attack. She didn’t have long to wait. The general swept her up in his arms, then set her on the floor. They surrounded her, running their hands all over her trembling body. A scream built in her throat and tears blurred her vision. She was humiliated and furious, yet powerless to do anything about it. If she struggled, they would restrain her. If she lashed out, she’d be punished. She was a slave, a pet, a mindless vessel awaiting their seed.

The general squeezed her breasts, while Klort shoved his hand between her thighs. She yelped and closed her eyes, but an image of the lake house refused to manifest. Klort traced her folds and squeezed her mound, but it was obvious the no-penetration rule frustrated him. King Eltor moved behind her, running his hands boldly over her back and buttocks. As with everyone in this horrible place, their manner was so impersonal all she felt for the first few minutes was shame. She might as well have been livestock. She felt as if they were examining her teeth and checking her hooves.

Stop. Please, stop! her mind silently protested their careless treatment, yet gradually her body warmed and melted, preparing itself for their penetration, needing one of them to take control. The lustful ache only added to her humiliation. How could she possibly be turned on by this degradation? It was wrong. Twisted. Weak.

King Eltor’s hands settled on her shoulders and he guided her toward the row of chairs. She opened her eyes, repeatedly blinking as her gaze adjusted to the dimness. The other two moved out of his way, apparently figuring out what he had in mind. Running his warm hand up and down her back, he pushed her farther forward with each stroke. He clearly wanted her to bend over. He just had a more seductive way of getting her to display herself than Klort’s crass request.

She tried to be good, knew it was in her best interest to let them think she was well-trained and submissive, but panic and anger burned away her good intentions. She would not stand here and display herself for these lecherous males! She grabbed the chair back, twisting away from the pressure of the king’s hand.

“Bend over.” His tone was quiet but inflexible.

“Please, sir, not like this.”

He let go of her shoulder with one hand and smacked her bare bottom hard enough to make her gasp. “I don’t repeat my directives.”

Heat spread across her backside as if to accent his words. She stopped struggling but remained mostly upright, holding tight to the back of the chair.

He spanked her again, even harder this time, alternating between her quivering cheeks. Each swat landed with a bright burst of pain, but the sinking heat was insidious. It curled through her, awakening desires that had nothing to do with her bottom. Her core rippled and her clit twitched, making her moan.

After a fast flurry of swats, Eltor wrapped his fingers around the back of her neck and urged her down. He didn’t hurt her, just left her no choice but to obey. Tense and resentful, she finally let go of the chair back and rested her forearms on the seat. Despite her attempts to remain distanced from the humiliation, a harsh sob rattled in her throat and tears escaped as she squeezed her eyes shut again.

Someone kicked her feet apart, probably Klort. The king stood on one side of her, the general on the other.

“We need more light,” the general said, and she wanted to crawl back into her cage and lock the bars. At least inside the cage she was safe.

Light, harsh and bright, bled through her closed eyelids. They could see everything clearly now, there was no way around it. Her lips trembled and she released another sob. How had her once idyllic life come to this? She’d been loved, protected, privileged. Then her parents died, leaving three young daughters devastated and alone. The three sisters struggled on, managing to stay together despite overwhelming odds. Their lives had fallen into a comfortable rhythm, and then the Skarilians targeted Earth. Two-thirds of the population was slaughtered when humans refused to submit to the alien invaders. Despite the devastation, once again, the sisters had managed to rebuild their lives. And then Brianne had been kidnapped by an entirely different race of aliens.

Someone stroked her inner thighs, while someone else caressed her bottom cheeks. Their touch was surprisingly gentle, coaxing and seducing her.

“Breathe,” Najin, the general, urged in his rough, yet sensual tone. “Your knees are locked and you’re holding your breath. That’s a good way to pass out.”

She drew in a long breath and blinked her eyes open. It wasn’t as bad when they talked to her. At least, that meant they acknowledged her existence.

“Much better,” Najin praised.

She was pretty sure he was stroking her bottom.

The fingers teasing her inner thighs then moved farther up. She tensed, knowing what came next. That had to be King Eltor. Klort was incapable of gentleness. The king brushed his fingertips over her folds, touching without parting them. “You’re nice and warm here,” Eltor whispered just above her ear, “but are you as wet as I think you are?” His fingers carefully parted her folds and he traced her slit, sliding easily across the slick flesh. “Oh, yes, so very wet.” He rimmed her opening, focusing her attention on the ache. “Do you want me here, pretty pet? Do you lay awake at night and imagine a long, thick cock filling you up until you scream with pleasure?”

Yes, oh God, yes! She lifted her hips, wanting more of his touch, hoping he’d caress her clit and let her come.

Suddenly, the king’s touch was gone, and Eltor snapped, “Get your fucking hands off me!”

“I want to examine her too,” Klort replied, sounding breathless and impatient. He pulled her butt cheeks apart.

Brianne yelped and twisted away from the offensive groping.

Klort smacked her ass, the swat much harder than any the king had delivered. She cried out and tried to rise, but Klort grabbed the back of her neck and held her down. Her bottom was already sore from the king’s spanking, so each swat Klort bestowed felt like fire. She cried out again and again, angry and overwhelmed with the horrible possibility that this brute might outbid the others.

When her entire rear was a throbbing ball of heat, Klort finally stopped. Tears streamed down her face, and she hated him more vehemently than she had ever hated a being in her life. As if to prove her disgust was justified, he pulled her stinging cheeks wide again and circled the pucker with the pad of one of his thumbs. “I will fuck you here first. That way you won’t care when I take your pussy and mouth. Once you’ve had a nice, hard ass-fucking, the rest is easy.” He scratched at the tender opening, then framed it with his thumbs and pulled until the stubborn muscle yawned just a little.

She was already blushing to the roots of her hair, but the heat intensified. This was so perverse, so dirty, and still her clit tingled and her core clenched. What in God’s name was wrong with her?

“Can I poke my tongue inside?” Klort started to lower his head.

“No!” the other two snapped in unison.

“Her master will want to be the first to breach all three of her openings in any way, Klort,” Trolyn reinforced. “And her master might not be you. Are you ready to start the bidding?”

Klort moved his thumbs and released her bottom cheeks, but only shifted lower, pulling her folds so far apart that she cried out and clutched the sides of the seat. She was afraid if she jerked away he would grab hold and harm her.

“You’re hurting her,” the general growled. “Ease your grip, right now!”

“I don’t take orders from you, Najin,” Klort snarled. He released her folds, but viciously pinched her clit.

Brianne screamed, rearing off the chair as pain twisted through her abdomen.

“That’s enough!” Trolyn yelled and Klort let go. “Step back. She is still my property, and your right to touch her has been revoked.”

Property. She was nothing but property. The careless statement hurt worse than the cruel spanking or painful pinch. Knowing she’d be punished for hiding her body, she covered her face with her hands as tears escaped the corners of her eyes. If she was sold to that animal, she wasn’t sure what she’d do. Klort was horrible, the personification of her worst nightmare.

But the other two weren’t much better. They stood there gawking as if she were a mindless piece of meat. A harsh sob escaped her as hopelessness made it hard to breathe. She was trapped, helpless, powerless.

The general pressed in close behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her trembling body. “I’ve got you, sweet girl. You’re safe with me.”

His unexpected compassion drew another sob from deep inside her. She turned in his arms and buried her face against his broad chest. Trusting him was irrational. Seconds before Klort hurt her, the general and the king had been exploring her body just as boldly. But she felt abandoned and abused, and she needed comfort so badly that she didn’t care where it came from.

“You claim she’s untouched, so why is her shield missing?” Klort’s voice intruded, abrasive and annoying.

“Ignore him,” the general advised, his hands running up and down her back. “He is less than nothing right now.”

“That is frequently the case with humans,” Trolyn explained, a hint of impatience sharpening his tone. “That is why I depend on internal measurements and memory scans. Her pussy has never been penetrated by a cock or even a finger. Her cunt will grip you tighter than anything you’ve ever experienced before.”

That was a sales pitch, an exaggeration of the truth. She’d fingered herself a time or two, wondering what it would feel like to have a cock thrusting deep inside her body. And how did Klort think they collected ‘internal measurements’? They’d inserted a small probe into both her passages while a clit stimulator forced her to come. If she hadn’t been a virgin, she suspected the invasive examination would have been much worse.

The king moved up behind her, heat radiating off his big body. “There was no reason for his viciousness. Discipline should be earned.”

It was the only explanation she got before he pressed his hands over her throbbing ass cheeks. She gasped, then cringed as the light pressure intensified the discomfort. But a strange current passed between his palms and her sore behind. What was he doing? It felt hot, tingly, and odd, but the pain gradually faded until only a faint warmness remained.

As the intensity eased, she was left with bone-deep aching need. She wanted to be filled, to be overwhelmed, and fucked until all she felt was brutal passion. She tried to blame it on whatever the king had done to her behind, but this had happened over and over during her training. Her lips trembled, and a fresh rush of shame washed over her. It didn’t seem to matter who spanked her or how unwarranted the pain, her body transformed even the harshest sensations into desire. A desire that never seemed to be fulfilled.

“Turn around,” Eltor directed, his voice low yet firm.

She rotated without leaving the double circle of the general’s embrace. One of his arms ended up around her waist, the other banding her breasts. Tilting her head back, she looked at King Eltor’s face. She’d been so focused on his unusual eyes that she hadn’t noticed how appealing she found his features. Even by human standards, he was ruggedly handsome. Or maybe she was just so desperate to be fucked that anyone would have looked attractive. She glanced at Klort and shuddered. Definitely not.

“Do you trust me?” Eltor pushed his hand into her hair as his gaze searched hers.

It must have been whatever he’d done to her behind, but she heard herself whisper, “Yes, sir.”

“Then part your thighs so I can touch you.”

Hating her own weakness, she moved her feet apart and started to close her eyes.

“No. Keep them open. Don’t hide from me.”

She licked her lips and opened her eyes. Eltor’s free hand stroked from her throat, down between her breasts and across her belly. She squirmed, not because she wanted to escape his touch but because the restlessness he elicited made it impossible to stand still.

“That’s right, pet. Wider. Give me room.”

As if in a trance, she opened for him, giving him assess to whatever he wanted to touch, whatever he wanted to do. His gaze held hers as his fingers explored. The general joined in, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples while his warm mouth nibbled at the side of her neck. The king skillfully caressed her slick pussy lips and circled her opening without pushing inside. She whimpered, wanting him to thrust those long fingers up inside her, to finger-fuck her until her long-denied orgasm finally released. Instead, he gently stroked her, making her shake with suppressed need.

“Please.” The word slipped from her lips, followed by a pathetic whimper.

“Tell me what you want, pet. Be very specific.”

“I want—I need to come really bad.” Hardly believing that the words were leaving her mouth, she continued, “Please, rub my clit and make me come.”

His fingers covered her clit, but he leaned down and whispered, “You haven’t earned it yet.”

She felt the same tingling heat he’d created in her backside, but the sensation soothed rather than aroused. She moaned, grateful to have the soreness eased, but wanting so much more.

“Tell Najin thank you for soothing you with his touch,” the king directed.

She looked back at the general, feeling tiny standing between them. They were both well over six feet tall and muscular. “Thank you, sir. I appreciate your touch very much.”

Najin cupped her chin and lifted her face until she looked into his eyes. He looked older and meaner than King Eltor, but she found him even more desirable. Despite the general’s battle-hardened appearance, he tended to be kinder than the king.

“Are you always this well-behaved?” A hint of challenge wove through Najin’s tone.

Remembering her trainer’s advice to reveal some spirit, she faced him as she whimpered, “Are you hoping for a reason to spank me? You’re the only one who hasn’t yet.”

A predatory smile bowed his lips. “That is one of many things I can’t wait to do to you as soon as this auction is over.”

“Not if I outbid you, brother,” the king insisted, flashing a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

Brother? She looked from the general to the king then back. “You two are brothers?” She wasn’t supposed to speak unless spoken to, but the question just slipped out.

“Some cultures would term us halfbrothers,” the king explained, “but Rylarians don’t bother with such distinctions. Blood is blood. And because he is of my blood, I might let him watch while I fuck you. That is as close as anyone will get once you belong to me.”

Without warning, the general grabbed the back of her hair and sealed his mouth over hers. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, kissing her boldly, possessively. His grip on her hair kept her head still while he plundered her mouth, taking what he wanted without hesitation or concern for anyone’s rules. His taste was as exotic as his appearance, and her head soon began to spin.

“You will belong to me, little girl, and I will teach you how to properly please your master,” he whispered against her parted lips. “I will make you come so hard and often that you will become addicted to my cock.”

“And they say Tavorians are arrogant,” Klort jeered. “If Najin is finished pawing my pet, can we get on with the auction?”

Trolyn cleared his throat and motioned Brianne toward the platform. “I must agree with Mr. Klort. It is past time to begin.”

Dazed and tingling, she moved back to the platform. The lights returned to their original configuration so that she was illuminated, and the rest of the room was dark. No matter. She knew their voices now, not that knowing who bid what would change the outcome.

Squaring his shoulders and raising his chin, Trolyn sounded very official as he said, “Sire, esteemed gentleman, and general, please enter your opening bid.”

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